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August 12, 2017 17:50 | Good Vision

from all over the country, we get a letter with a request to give advice and to virtually the same questions.It is also likely that some questions have appeared among you after.So I selected the most frequently asked questions.Perhaps you are among them, look for answers to some of your concerns.

Q: I live in the desert, where the sun shines very hot.Should I be in this heat for 10 minutes, necessary for solarization?I'm losing consciousness.

ANSWER: The intensity of solar radiation depends on the climate and the time of year.The duration of solarization is not regulated.You must be guided by the degree of comfort of your condition.When excessive heat in the desert, sit in the shade of the edge and stick your head out in the sun with closed lids only for short periods of time.Take turns, crossing the illuminated surface.After that, go into the shade (or premises) and do palming.

QUESTION: Should I during palming keep your eyes open?

ANSWER: None.Palming - is a time of rest.Eyes are the best rest, as

they gently covered.

QUESTION: Large rotations make me dizzy.Why?

ANSWER: You do not "take away" all of himself with you when cornering, and leave behind your eyes.Head and shoulders should move together, while everything around should slip past you.Think about the move - all in front of you passes by.Then his eyes begin to move its tiny, repeated many times during the second movement, which improve eyesight.When the eyes move, they see.

QUESTION: I recently became a widow.My eyes feel terrible, probably from crying.Whenever I do palming, I was attacked by sad thoughts.Do I have to do palming?

ANSWER: Yes, you have.Now your eyes need rest more than ever, but your psyche also needs rest.Catch some pleasant broadcast and listen to the good it.Or let someone read to you aloud.If you are one, relive the happiest days from the date of the meeting with your husband.Pleasant, happy memories will bring mental and emotional relief.Try just before the bedtime do palming.

QUESTION: If I "blink on every point and turn a blind eye at the end of each paragraph", because I can never read enough?

ANSWER: See how many times you blink one takes.The duration of blinking, in fact, negligible.Reduce the time of closing of the eyes, but make them long enough for you to notice the difference between them and blinking.

QUESTION: My little girl swayed in the car.Can I do something?

ANSWER: Teach her a big turn and help her to feel the movement, allowing objects to slip by.Nausea caused by diligence "stick" to the objects in the foreground, such as telephone poles near the road.It must be said that she looked away from him.Then the objects that better, will no longer bother her.

QUESTION: It seems to me that at times my six-month child mows left eye.Can I do anything to help?

ANSWER: Make every effort to all that attracts the attention of a child, going to the left side of it.Most rock the baby to the mirror to his left.Several times a day the baby swing through the bright sunlight, then do it with your hands palming, placing the child on her lap and propped his back on itself.At the same swing and lulls him like this he wants.The eyes of children are still in the stage of development, so in this period a lot you can do to improve their vision.

QUESTION: Is not the great strain to read the fine print?

ANSWER: Very fine print is a means of stress relief, because reading it is impossible to carry out with the naked eye if the eyes are not relaxed.The effort in this matter, which is harmful, will never bring success.

QUESTION: If I'm almost completely closed his eyes, I can see better.Is it good?

ANSWER: None.This puts pressure on the eyeballs, and the pressure - this is the state of stress, leading in turn to any eyestrain.

QUESTION: Will I have to do these exercises always?

ANSWER: This is not a physical exercise, and relaxation exercises.They must be carried out as long as you will not form the right vision habits and they become unconscious.Then you can forget about your eyes, with the exception of solarization for maintaining eye health and of palming to prevent fatigue.From time to time, or after a trial any stress or illness spend a refreshing treatment.

QUESTION: How do you get your eyes moving while mental representations?

ANSWER: It is not necessary to do anything with my own eyes.Mental representation is memory.If you remember any hill or a tree, you do not have to consciously do with my own eyes.Mind occupied memory.The fact that at the same time make the eye does not depend on the will of man.Do not stop yourself from thinking about the physical (material) eyes.

QUESTION: Why do you say that sunglasses so harmful?It seems to me that I was good at them.

ANSWER: Sunglasses starved eyes, which is not enough light and that it should receive in order to function well.Fueled his eyes sunlight, and they learn to feel good in any light.

QUESTION: When I go to lectures, I have headaches.Why?

ANSWER: You are likely to "pyalites" in the face of the lecturer.Let your gaze travels across his face from ear to ear, and then from his face to the floor and back.Do not forget to blink, breathe and make short closing eyes, just listening to the voice of the lecturer.After that, if you look back back, the eyes will feel relaxed.

QUESTION: I was given a book with a very large font, but it spoils my eyes and impairs their eyesight.Why?After all, it should be easier to read.

ANSWER: To see any letter or word, the retinal nerves must bypass it entirely.Bypass all large print - very hard work.Therefore, to deal much easier with the small print.

QUESTION: My friends say that my eyes were some sunken, teary and generally look awful when I take off points.Is it always will be?

ANSWER: Many people, when they first take off points is "spectacled" look.But as the improvement and development of the eye, eyeballs back into place in orbit, having moved ahead of their sockets.Sun normalizes watery eyes and give shine squirrel eye and the cornea, at the same time intensify the color of the iris.Good solyarizovannye eyes are beautiful.Persuade your friends and do these exercises.

QUESTION: I'm short-sighted.I was advised never to go without glasses, or I go blind.It's true?

ANSWER: None.Carefully experiment with your vision.In his private room, remove the glasses, do palming, and then walk around the room, looking at familiar things without any effort.Again, do palming.Do your eyes feel relieved?Sight Without Glasses with relaxation completely different from arbitrary or forced use of the eye without glasses with stress.

QUESTION: I am 75 years old and I have a real "old man's eyes."Does this method help me?

ANSWER: Age does not matter.My youngest patient was 18 months old and the oldest 97 years old.Help can be anyone who can learn to relax.

QUESTION: With my glasses I have good eyesight.But whenever I read or sew, my neck is stretched and causes me such pain that I am forced to give up these activities.What can I do to reduce the pain?

ANSWER: This effect on the neck can provide certain types of eye strain.Try to do relaxation exercises with the appearance of such a trouble.

QUESTION: When I leave the building for lunch, the blinding light of the sun is literally killing me, but on the beach under the sun with the comfort I could spend the whole day.Why is this happening?

ANSWER: No blinding light on the street is causing you pain and the shock of the sudden change of the contrast between what was inside the building and the fact that there is a brightly lit street.On the beach there is no shocking contrast, so your eyes adapt to the long-term brightness.As a result, you do not feel any pain.

QUESTION: Can I improve my vision, using only your technique?

ANSWER: We've got a lot of pleasant allegations of return of people who were engaged on their own.Of course, a well-trained teacher could take you a short cut to good eyesight and could suggest such a thing, which would ensure a maximum degree of relaxation for your rapid improvement.If within your reach is such a teacher, it would be good to take him a few lessons.

Q: While working in his establishment I have the opportunity to do a short time solarization through window glass.Is it good?

ANSWER: The brightness is about giving rest and strengthen your eyes.Glass is not in this case any obstacle to success.

Q: I live in a harsh climate, where in a few weeks, we do not see the bright sun.Can anything compensate for the lack of light?

ANSWER: Take a good bright electric lamp.If possible, wear a reflector on it.Stand or sit at a distance of three feet in front of it and use it instead of the sun, following the articles devoted to solarization.Try to turn your head from side to side, alternating open and closed eyes.This activity, of course, slightly worse than if you had used the sunlight, but still better than nothing.