dull sight

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Good Vision

Relaxation can help even the most severe conditions of view, because it relieves stress from the mind, body and eyes.Relaxation will help your doctor in your treatment.So do not be afraid - relaxation can not hurt.It only adds comfort to you and nothing more.Many it has returned from the kingdom of darkness into vision.

Once I brought a nice older gentleman.Even before he crossed the threshold of the office, I received a letter from his daughter.She wrote that if I can not help it, do not talk to him, then he returned home, he would commit suicide.For seven years, he could not even distinguish light from darkness.I sent on his eyes is the strongest, which I had, light and asked him: "Do you see the light," "I feel the heat, but do not see any light," - he said.I gave him a bit of relaxation and repeat the whole process.He still could not see any light.Then I immediately presented him with a full course of relaxation, taught him solarization, palming and auxiliary exercises that he had to do at home.I as

ked him every day to do these exercises every hour for 6 months.I also asked him when he will see the light, give me a call.This gentleman was a diabetic, the old, the sick person and, frankly, giving him such a tough program, I did not expect to hear his voice again, thinking that he would do what he said, a day or two and then give up.After five weeks, the telephone rang his excited voice: "Mrs. Corbett, I saw the light!" He immediately came to my office and we started training his sight.He has worked very actively, doing each exercise at home, which I taught him.To him it was to return sight, so that at some point he was able to see not only their fists and hands, but also the individual fingers on them.

After many months, he developed his vision so that he could distinguish and draw a tiny letter height of only half an inch, however, at a short distance from his eyes, but with this vision.It may seem that the vision of small letters - achievement is not so important for the old, the blind man, but on the other hand, it was a great reward for him.He could now see the dishes and silver on the table, to see the passing cars, windows and doors, he finally got a chance to walk in the street.More than once he had glimpses of really good view.One day he came all shining on his studies in order to inform you that at the time he saw a glimpse of her two grandchildren and three to four years, which ever of all time did not see the blindness."I could not even suggest some clever faces these plutishek", - he said excitedly.Several times he clearly saw the face of her daughter, and one day, when shaved, clearly saw his face in the mirror.

For a person with normal vision, these achievements may seem insignificant, but for a man who for seven years saw nothing but darkness, they meant a lot.It is difficult to say how it will develop further, but his current achievement has been very valuable to his serious condition.First of all, it should be noted the disappearance of constant pain for years before he was persecuted.

For you people with serious vision problems, the most important part of the exercise is palming.At first, you might be too nervous, you could not do palming.So calm your nerves beforehand, making turns.

turn with "accordion»

Do you remember the movements used when playing the harmonica?Picture this game.Gently squeeze the fingers and alternately widely breed hand in hand, it brings them together.Alternately direct the tip of its nose on the one hand, when it goes to and comes back side, then the other.Humming to himself some melody, as if you are actually playing the harmonica.If you have a vision too weak to see the fingers, using his fists and hold them close to your eyes, so you can achieve a certain reaction.

TURNS mole

If you distinguish between the fingers of his hand hard, then folded his hands in the face with a prayer and turn your head from side to side, for four turn a blind eye, and the next four or opening them.Then you will be able to achieve the illusion of movement.Your palms will cross the face, moving in one direction or the other.Direct light from a bright light source, located behind your back, in his arms.At very low vision you during these rotations sometimes flashes will appear good vision.Try to achieve this.This exercise can not hurt, and brings deep relaxation, often relieves the pain in the head and eyes, regardless of whether you see their hands or not.

turn with "CANE»

You walk with a cane?Hold the stick parallel to the floor in front of his face.One hand holds a cane in one end, the other to the other.Now turn your nose and slide their attention on the entire length of the stick from one hand to the other, his eyes alternately * open and close.Cane seem moving from side to side.

All these turns can be executed on 12 times a day with good results, because they are relaxing and not exercise and do not tire the eyes.Check yourself if you really execute them as relaxation exercises, t. E. Soft, easy, rhythmic and not forgetting the deep breathing.They need to improve your health.

Now you're ready for palming.Read or have someone read carefully you the rules and objectives of palming.If you really want to help yourself, do palming daily every new hour, 10 minutes, and if it is possible, even longer.So, what do you think at the time, when your eyes are covered with his hands, it is very important.Do not think of your eyes!Instead, turn on the radio and listen to some soft music or one of their favorite programs.If you're tired of the radio, indulge yourself, having been engaged in mental performance.You can recall the face of the clock.Think of the position of the shooter during 12 hours, 12:30, 1: 0, 1:30, and so on, having thus come full circle.Then ask yourself some other task, such as to draw in mind the clock in position 2:35, 4:45, 5:10, 6:19, and so on. D.

exercises with alphabet

Remembering some formIt helps the visually impaired.Remember the alphabet consisting of capital letters.Now, "draw" nose in the air, a capital letter "D", without removing his hands from his eyes.Mentally puncture holes in the top of the letter "D" and the tips of its foundation.Draw the letter "E".Prick holes in each point of intersection of the lines forming the letter: the top, middle and bottom.Prick holes and on the tips of shoots that letter.Walk way around the alphabet, and you will see that it is not only pleasant, but also a very useful exercise for the development of mental representation forms.

mental representation

One of my players liked to pose in mind all sorts of situations.I say: "He stood in the doorway and looks around the room."My student described immediately introduced him to painting, described the look of the room, window location, the door handles, the people in the room, and so I say.. "He stood on the deck, lazily leaning against the railing under the warm sun of the southern sea."My phrase has given rise to a new flight of his imagination and life experiences.And you try to imagine such a situation: "She is walking on wet sand along the coast."Now, you do give yourself a job.You will find that such activity during palming quite interesting and awakens in mind the events that you can even forget that once they have experienced.


solarization Education - the most significant, that can make the feeble eyes to improve their vision.The sun - the greatest healer of all parts of the body, especially the eyes, which are designed to receive and use the light.If your eyes feel light-hungry and you wore dark glasses, as is often advised to do to people with low vision, you should be extremely soft, re-accustom his eyes to the brightness of the light.Look in the article dedicated to solarization.At first, do solarization, taking sunlight only on closed eyelids and making two turning in the sun and in the shade of four.If you do this every day, each new hour, during which you will be able to do it, it will take not much time until the moment when your eyes will simply require the brightest sunlight, getting pleasure from it.Immediately after each solarization do palming, time is twice longer than you solyarizovali.Solarization Stop as soon as you feel any discomfort.Remember the rule - a little, but often, ieModeration should be around.

palming with the views

find in the room of some well-lit object.Sit in front of it so that the light fell behind you, and close enough that you had quite a bit to see this object.Now do palming, counting slowly to five.After that, remove your hands and, turning his head from side to side, slide your eyes back and forth on the project.Do this before the count of five.Repeat this many times, without moving from his seat and making alternately palming, then glancing.Do not make any effort and do not try too.Your business is just to help the visually impaired.Five minutes will be enough to have fun in this exercise.And maintain yourself during this exercise easy and pleasant feeling of the game.