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Anyone whose eyes mow, or who are familiar with such a person knows that there are moments when the eyes mow less, and often look almost perfectly straight.If, as is usually said to have one muscle group was too short and in need of dissection and the opposite muscle group was too long and needed a resection, the temporary correction of strabismus could never happen to.Women with children, told me: "When my child is resting, his eyes begin to look right.When he is very tired, angry or excited, they start to mow. "Not realizing until the end of what was going on, they identified the problem: stress!

You can teach taut, convulsively curled eye muscles to relax.Then his eyes will seek to correct alignment, instead of being taken away from her.But this is only the first step in solving your problem.The fact that the eye which deviate outside or inside for a long time used to see the peripheral portion of the retina, rather than to fix the object in question macula, its center vision.To keep a constant eye i

n the correct position, you need to restore sight to the macula, as long as it does not become stronger than initially formed vision of the retina edge, or as it is often called, false macula.

After that, we must learn to combine the two images are transmitted to the brain by two of the macula, so that they have merged in the brain in one clear image.If squinting eyes for a long time, his nerves in the retina are probably kind of dormant or ceased to respond to light.However, doctors believe that if this happened to quite a good eye, it is often possible to raise the vision UNUSED eyes, t. E. The eye can be taught to see.Closing the stronger eye, relaxing and stimulating unused retinal nerves its sunshine, many people could develop the macula deviating eye to such an extent that it acquired the same visual acuity, as well as its more powerful partner.

So you wanting to get rid of strabismus, have to go through the following three stages of the program:

1. Relax and release tense muscles of the eye so that the eyes can rotate together while being in the correct alignment.

2. Build vision in his heart as long until it becomes stronger than the vision in the macula false.This should be done even with a stronger eye, since the deviating eye can pull themselves and the other eye.

3. It is necessary to combine the vision in both eyes, t. E. The image, resulting in two macula, it is necessary to merge, by reducing the same image points together in one and the same time.As soon as your eyes will achieve this fusion, they will no longer hold any other vision.Merge keeps them permanently straight.

To illustrate the process of the development of strength in the macula, I'll tell you the story of a small four-Betty.The instructor has developed its vision of the weaker eye so that she could see it in the range of 6 inches to 20 feet.One day, the teacher moved away from Betty to 25 feet and, picking up a picture book, asked her: "What's this little girl in the hands, Betty" She studied drawing staring straight eyes and said: "I do not really see well that theredrawn, but if I Scotia your eyes, I can do it. ""No, do not mow the eye - prepodavatel. said, I will gradually move towards you image for as long as your eyes can not see this."The child knew that in order to see at that distance of its centers is not yet so strong, in contrast to the edges of the retina, which she had used all her little life.

When squinting eyes seeking merger, feeling nervous relief simply stunning.As I said, one of my students, a lawyer by profession, when he first achieved fusion, it was like a new birth.

As a first step, to relax tense muscles?

large amount of sunlight falling on the closed eyelids, relaxes tense muscles.The eye never pulled after the solarization is not to the same extent as before.Sun-strongest stimulant for weakened or amblyopic retinal nerves.Therefore, let us every day as often as possible sun eyes.Little by little, but often the sun - that is the rule.After solarization tense muscles relax, and your eyes are ready for turning.Regularly doing all the turns.Add to them the following exercise more.

turns, his back to the SUN

You know, your eye is pulled inwards or outwards.If, for example, the left eye squints inwards, then become back to the sun, cover pryamosmotryaschy eyes palm of the hand and rotate the head and arm in a circle toward the left ear and left shoulder, t. E. To the left, so that the squinting eye could see a glimpse of the sunSveta.Do these turns rhythmically for 10-12 times as often as solarization eyes.If the left eye squints out, wanting to catch a glimpse of the sun, it is necessary to rotate in the opposite direction, ie. E. In the direction of the nose (right).Remember that this exercise is not of the physical plane, because you do not have to strain muscles and consciously draw them.It is rather soft relaxation exercises, the effect of which is associated with a strong desire of the eyes to see the sun at the end of your turn.Do them gently and rhythmically, but not dramatically.Each time squinting eye will look out a little further.If there is no sun, you turn your back to the mirror and catch glimpses of her reflection in the mirror.You can use any bright light source, providing that it is the sun.


If you, for example, the left eye squints inward, cover with a bandage right eye.Become, putting your right foot forward.Lean forward and point your left hand on the toe of the right foot, and then specify this by hand on an imaginary plane in the sky to the left of you.The left hand while making a 180 degree turn upwards.Thoughts while you have to be such: "Down to the toe and up to the aircraft."If you say it out loud, you can be sure that you breathe deeply.In one approach is enough to make 6 to 12 turns.

If your left eye squints outwards, you should specify the right hand down on the toe of the left foot and up the right side of the plane.In other words, run the squinting eye, pointing in the direction in which you want to rotate, and using the other hand, where it is most convenient point.If you need to turn right eye, then the equilibrium pull his left leg.Knowing the direction in which you want to turn squinting eyes, pick turns so as to align it in the right direction.Tilting forward is additional help in this process, because the eyes stimulates circulation.This is enough to relax the muscles.Now we will stimulate the macula, or the center of vision.

Returning again to the second stage of the formation of a weak eye.Wear a stronger eye while walking near his home povyazku- first for short periods of time until the vision is just being formed, and then for a longer time.Do not wear it as long as you do not cease to be nervous at the same time.When you remove the bandage, always do palming and, if possible, do more and solarization.

does all of restoring vision exercises, using only the weak eye and ensuring that he was looking at an angle that you want to teach him to use.If, for example, the left eye squints inwards, then rotate your left arm at a right angle to the table with the words.If he squints outwards, then turn to the table of the right shoulder, so that the left eye is sought to look in the opposite direction through the nose to see the words on the table.At first, sit up close to the table and slide his gaze back and forth several times under each word or phrase.

Now exercise, using the reciprocating motion and designed to stimulate the macula, the center of vision.Do yourself a table R N E.

For this exercise, hang this on the table a good light at a distance of 3-6 feet away from you, depending on your view of the weaker eye.Cover the patch over the strong eye.Pick up some pure neispisannuyu card.Did you know that the top three letters, the letters R N E. "Write" them in block letters with his eyes on the white card in his hand, using his nose as a leading member.Then, taking a deep breath, look at the table in the distance and just "write" their print several times on it.When letters become sharper swing this line from side to side, looking from one of the white area of ​​the table to the other and allowing the letters to go with the way your eyes so that you will see the first white on one side of the table, and then - white on the other side.As you exercise, you will have the feeling that they really are moving from side to side.Do palming and solarization after working with each line.Work only with the string that is given to you easily, but do not work on it for too long.A little, but often - here is your principle.

Another way to develop macular nerve is learning to read the microscopic text.Take a table entitled "Understanding the vision."Do all the preparatory part and read the weak eye down the table as much as you can do it without effort, while carrying out a short slow turns his head.If every lesson you will achieve this relaxation, what you need, then every day you read further and further down.When you can see a few words microscopic font, it means that you really become proficient in this business.Gradually you will be able to read all the words microscopic font.When you can read the microscopic print weak eye, then you can assume that you are willing to unite two points of view together.

again return to the third step.For without the help of the teacher to combine two of the center together, you need some adaptation.Take the two sticks (key) length in feet.Stepping back 1 inch from the top of rods, drill the hole in them.Through these holes thread the clothesline to 3 feet long.At one end of the rope make a bundle.To the other end of the tie some small weight.It may come from the Tin Soldier set is sold in stores.Now hold the stick from the side of the node vertically at a distance of 3 inches from his nose, and the other a stick-a distance of 8 inches in front of the first.Tin Soldier will hang freely at the far end of the rope.It will keep the rope taut.Slowly move the stick far back and forth (to the nose from him), watching as the hole you drilled in the steaming wand absorbs the rope when you move up to his wand.Fast blink during this process and do not forget about breathing.Start pulling the rope when the sticks move up close enough to each other.Close your eyes and remember what you've seen, continuing to move the rod back and forth.Then, with a deep breath, open your eyes again and continue their observation.

Repeat this exercise many times during his training, before and after doing palming.If each of the macula of your eye will be sufficiently stimulated, then one closest to you to stick your nose split in two.It will seem split tip first, perhaps only half an inch, but as fusion improvement will increase the size of splitting up until it reaches 3/2 inches.We named these two images are "gateway".Ever since I found out they can be used to improve vision, the results began to grow twice as fast.

While a person with strabismus will not achieve one vision "gate" that is the essence of training, and will not achieve stability in achieving them, until the merger will not be permanent.Do palming between each attempt to achieve a "gate".When you are able to achieve and maintain it, proceed to the workout, walking around the room and seeing objects between near bars "gate."What you see between them, will be a single image.

Of course, having an experienced teacher on hand to learn the art of merging easier, but you can achieve a great deal themselves.