Fast reading

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Good Vision

A lot of things are in the world that is worth reading.Huge, interesting world opened to the reader.But if the eyes move slowly across the page, and assumes the brain is not able to and interpret what the eye sees, then spent 20-30 minutes do not feel sorry for cultivation in this case.lots of advice was given to slow reading.One method advises: "cursory run through the eyes of the page in their middle and catches the basic essence of the author's thoughts."

It would be a huge mental strain to try to know the opinion of the author in this way, without giving himself the opportunity to express it.But what would become of literature, the beauty of her style and mastery of words, if we all do that?In addition to the method described above, are also advised to read short sentences, limiting the number of visible eye words such limit.Reading thus somewhat resembles steeplechase.Another teacher skorochteniya advises linger over every word on your way as long as you clearly do not understand its meaning.It is

the worst form of gazing.Neither of these methods will speed up reading.

Any Eye restriction or interference of consciousness in the process of reading impairs vision.Eyes - is unmanaged authorities, eager vision.They must operate without conscious control as the heart is functioning.Whenever we try to manage or limit in some of their freedom, there is tremendous pressure not only to the eye but also the psyche.Imagine the effort has to put the brain, being in uncertainty and the old idea of ​​the author only learn from the words located on the page.Limiting individual phrases eyes again leads to an attempt to curb the nature of rapidly moving organs and interfere with their functioning.This in turn leads to voltage.Nerves are normal eye retina move 70 times per second or faster.You too can learn how to let your eyes move rapidly.They want this.They are waiting impatiently view.

you slowly read, or worse, what is called "not a reader?" Many people come to our eyes training school, complaining of what they read so slowly that few paragraphs of text harassed them, and they can not catchsense of reading.These people would be happy to fall in love with reading, but feel that they do it is beyond their power."I see quite well all the words, as far as allowing me my vision, but each time the reading was happening to me at the same misfortune - I do not remember what I was reading," - they complain.

Slow reading caused by gazing-continuous reading of all that is located in a row.Such eyes do not know how to move around and try to just erase like inkblot, look every word that comes their way.This system is very similar to the type occurring in children gazing.Such a continuous reading is such a strong stress for the eyes, which puts them out of focus, and they begin to skip over words and even whole lines.That close-seed is the cause of poor eyesight, so the first thing we need to teach these eyes move, accelerate the reading of the text.To do this, go back to the method and the advice given for wearing bifocals.Often we find that even though these people, and went to school to read, they do not have the slightest idea of ​​how to look like letters of the fine print.In addition, poor readers were never taught the use of phonics in teaching reading or separation of syllables.If you have similar difficulties with reading, you can help.

1. First of all, you must learn to relax the body and eyes.

2. After this, you need to learn to relax the mind, using the memory.Since in this case will have to deal with a set of lowercase letters, then for this purpose you can use the mental representation of each letter of debco table.It helps also that "a letter nose" of each letter while palming.Look at some string, close your eyes and "write her nose," from memory.

3. Now you need to teach your eyes to move, instead of "stick" to separate words.Refer to the exercises on the page in reading lessons.Are you one of those people that like to work with any device?Then do yourself a device that is called peremeschatelem.Take a stick length of 1 foot and box drawing silver buttons.Insert the key into the wand at a distance of half an inch apart.Now put the stick in front of their eyes and begin to gradually move the nose up and down along a row of silver buttons.Close your eyes and continue to do so.Then open your eyes again, and these silvery specks really will move back and front.Then, for the development of capacity for vertical movement put the wand vertically and move along it up and down.

4. Now the mind and eyes are prepared to accelerate the pace of reading, which means teaching them to adhere to the manner of white background between the lines, instead of the words themselves.

a) Turn the training table upside down and held it so close to the eyes, so they had to make an effort to see the letters.Easy to slide your eyes and attention on the white strip between the lines from one field to another table.The font will appear to move in the direction opposite to the movement of your head.Now that you know how to look white spaces between the lines.Turn the table in the correct position, close your eyes and try to remember these gaps completely white.

b) Open the eyes and easy to glide your eyes and attention on the very top edge of your table with a short slow rocking table cloth.Soon you should see at the top edge of a faint glow, resembling a white-neon glow a faint gleam of light, making the edge whiter than the rest of the table.When this happens, quickly go down under the first text string and bring the white glow to shine a black base letters on it.Get down, reading, down as far and as fast as you can, regardless of whether the glow is with you or not.At least, there will be a feeling that the eyes stop on a white background, instead of jumping in the words.As you exercise, you can sometimes experience a sense of glow transfer from the upper edge of the table down below her line.When this happens, you will be able to read clearly and with great speed, with so much that at first the mind will have to accelerate its work in order to keep up with his eyes.

Use this increased speed, even if you do not understand or memorize what you are reading.In this case, your goal is to restore the good functioning of your eyes.As an experiment, read again what you just read, and if the context was not too difficult, it is likely that you find that you have for the first time grasped the content of the text.You just think that it is not grasped, as are accustomed to very slow reading.Remember that you can not immediately take advantage of the white stripe.This award is given by the nature of its subordination to the law.

Whenever you start reading, start to reach at the top edge of the text neon-like glow, then climbing down a line, remember it.One day you will succeed.

reason for using white gaps is that mental stress hinders a clear reading.When you are trying to interpret the printed characters that mean something, the force appears.Observation of the net at the bottom of the background of these letters does not entail any effort.When the eyes look without effort, they are relaxing, eliminate stress.As a result, returns to man his sight.

vision becomes much more clearly in bright light.Rezchayshego point of contrast is the place where the font black meets white paper.After relaxing the eye is this place has to move the center of the eye.Then the fovea (the fovea), the hunter light will move with tremendous speed over, around and through all the letters, corroding them rezchayshem contrast in the brain for subsequent interpretation.When you relax and give speed naturally functioning eyes appear white stripe, which will carry you along the lines of, unless, of course, you will not interfere with this.

Thrust exercises gradually enable you to transfer the neon-like glow to the top of the page to the bottom of the text.But even if you do not manage to achieve a given emission line similar to the one that you have reached the top of the table, the memory of this emission and search will enable you to more easily adhere to the white lines at intervals to increase the speed of your reading.Once seen by a thin white rim doing enough in the subsequent use of its memory and mental performance.