Exercise " from front to back "

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Good Vision

(for those who have lost their previous distance vision)

RNE Place the table in a good light at a distance from himself, so you can see the top line.

Take a needle in the arm.Hold it for you at a convenient distance so that the eye of the needle point to the tip of your nose, and cutting edge - on the letters in the table.Close your eyes and have a clear sense of relaxation in the eyes.Taking a deep breath, open your eyes and blinked, turned his attention away from the ear needle to its tip a few times, and then quickly and take a look further on the letter.Do this for each letter, closing his eyes and turns his head making the transition from one letter to another.At first, do not hold the needle too close to his nose, or eyes at the same time may cause a pulling feeling.During all his exercises accent attention on bringing holiday cornering light views, deep breathing and apathetic, sluggish, lazy feeling the absence of any coercion.

mentally palming

in a quiet place at home in the evening do a

t least 15 minutes or more palming.Soft music will help you to achieve the desired state of total relaxation.At some point you feel that you have a truly successful palming.Remember this feeling.Lower your hands and try (with eyes still closed) to reproduce this sensation without the help of hands.I have had students who stress period during the working day could shut down for a while and so clearly reproduce that feeling, it seemed that their eyes were covered with palms.In the following problem was solved by hand is easy for them.

real comprehension of knowledge and creative thinking are possible only in a relaxed state of mind.In your case - the case of people with hyperopia eyes - relaxation method described here will make for your nervous system as much as your vision.Do your exercises, mindful of this dual purpose.If your distance vision has deteriorated, and then do the exercises given here for the myopic eye.


Work with each eye separately, as long as you will not be able to read all my training table, in addition to microscopic font.Keeping the font while reading before the bandage, you stimulate the center of vision and prepare it for the better fusion (fusion), when you look with both eyes together.Never attempt to remove the bandage and combine both eyes together without the benefit of palming.After palming do the exercise "Two pencil."

EXERCISE "two pencils»

Take two pencils of different colors, such as red and yellow.Keep your red pencil vertically at a distance of three inches from his nose, and the yellow-arm's length (length so that you will not experience any inconvenience while).Put his outstretched arm on a table or on the pillow.Now, using his nose like the engraving machine, "prograviruyte" they left the remote pencil from the bottom up, then walk across the top of the eraser of a pencil and then go down the right side thereof.Then repeat in reverse order.Do this 3-4 times.Then several times "prograviruyte" similar to a red pencil in his nose.Alternate engraving CIS and pencils for one minute, not forgetting the need to close your eyes for a short holiday, when you go up or down the pencil.Be aware of breathing and often blink.Soon you will notice that the pencil, which you see, is still single, while the other seems to be divided into two (split in two).For some people more easily given forking near the pencil, other first starts to fork the far pencil.

Do this exercise for short periods of time as long as you will not get ghosting pencil, which you do not see.Then you will have what we call a "gateway" ( "gate pillars"), and you no longer need in the future in the far pencil.Since that time, you will make your driving reading two eyes, looking between the two neighbors gate pillars to hold the eye in a better alignment.If you hold a pencil close to the nose, the front of the goal expands.If you postpone a pencil of 4-5 inches from the nose, the gate will be narrowed.During the reading of the gate keep close enough to its pillars covered training table: one column must be in the same field of the table, while the other is on the other.It will also limit the length of the head movement, performed during the reading, which should be smooth, short and slow, while the eyes move rapidly.Now both eyes together read the training table, starting with the top-line and making slow, short turns his head within a split pillar.

centralization and EXERCISES FOR MOVE: dots, dashes and arc

to rivet their attention to the white lines under the text, pay it to the point of contact of these white strips between the rows with the bottom of lowercase letters.The bases of these consist of letters, as we call them, dots, dashes and arcs.Thus, the base letter "A", "b", "c", "d", "an e 'composed of arcs, the letter" f "-from the point, the letter" g "-from the arc," h "letters -from twodots, letter «i» -from one, the letters «j» - from the arc, etc.Take any string of letters and draw a pencil point under each letter, bar or an arc, depending on what is in their base.Then re-read the line.Sharper?Close your eyes, take a turn of the head, not forgetting about the breath and do the same thing with the next line.Then read it quickly.This is an exercise in centralization.As soon as you achieve greater precision in dealing with dots and dashes, the font will become clearer.


To help develop your ability to move, keep a text that you read a page of text with bold so that the line on it is positioned vertically.Move the view on this article and quickly move the eyes back and forth across these vertical lines, providing that this is a kind of stockade.Then again look at your text.It should be clearer.