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Prepare good kvass at home is not easy.The main difficulty is, perhaps, the lack of commercially available malt.And for those who want to try the real Russian kvass (it bears no resemblance to the one that is sold in the store), it is necessary to prepare their own malt.

To prepare the malt can be used in almost every grain cereals, but the current practice in Russia was used for the production of kvass barley and rye malt less.Barley malt advantage over others in that during the germination of barley and lighter "freer" diostazy are formed (organic substance which converts starch into sugar and other soluble products).

Dignity malt obtained is directly dependent on the quality of the grain taken."Kindness" barley, for example, by the following terms and conditions: the grain must be "fully and gravely," which shows a good content of starch.Barley must be no older than three years and is homogeneous, ie. E. To harvest consisted of one year.

so-called "thin" variety kvass malt prepared from several kin

ds of cereal.

flavored kvass various additives, mainly of local origin:.. Mint, sage, St. John's wort, hops, juices of various fruits, berries, lemon peel, etc.

few words about the dish, which is prepared kvass.Knead the dough from flour and malt is best done in an enamel saucepan and insist leavened wort in a special wooden vat.It is important that

infusion chan was with a lid, a false bottom and drain cock kvass wort.False representation bottom, one to a conventional stretched over a hoop stainless metal mesh (sieve), which are placed in a pan on a wooden crossbar and firmly embedded in its walls, so that the gaps are not held wort.

Crane for pumping the wort is disposed between the bottom and the grid to hold the grounds.The clarified wort is drained through the tap into a special bowl for fermentation.

During infusion mash (mash) chan should be well wrapped with a cotton blanket that did not cool down the wort.

now turn to practice, ie. E. A description of some of the most popular in different times, bread and fruit kvass.This will help us a wonderful book DA Queen "Russian kvass", as well as old books.