For farsighted

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Good Vision

If you first were farsighted, and now you have the so-called old man's eyes, where it is necessary to use bifocals, you should know that this process is developing very quickly and you should not waste time.Remember one wise saying that I once read: "What a wonderful thing-to do nothing and then rest afterwards!" For you, palming will be an increasingly important element of training, rather than for other types of visual impairment, except for blindness.In spite of this you still are more likely than other people to be in a hurry.At the same time you take up too much to do, to have had time for palming or relaxation.

Using eye in a relaxed state, as soon as they achieve such sensations will take you no longer than the use of a voltage to enhance vision.Yes, and you, and your eyes in such a state will hold on longer.Palming shows you the way to achieve such a state, gives you the feeling that you, in particular, it is necessary to study hard.You do not have to change your personality, you need to just ge

t rid of stress.Then you're at full speed rushed forward with renewed energy and less fatigue.You need to learn one important thing-to learn to look.Do your eyes sharp vision, they can see anything away, but set themselves the aim is not worth it.And another provision which, at first glance, it may seem contradictory to just say - you have to learn to observe.One day my student passed a large palm tree on the lawn side of the school.She was a tall palm tree casts a shadow on one side of the school.I asked her if she had noticed that the palm.She replied in the negative.I asked her to look at the palm in the next time it will pass.For four days it 2-3 times a day passing by palm trees and still did not pay attention to it.Another example: far-sighted woman who went once with me on a trip by car, which had the purpose of development.She immediately looked look ahead, seeing nothing of the fact that we drove past.I asked, "Have you seen the horses, fled at the race track, by which we just passed," "?! Hippodrome -udivilas ona.-I have not seen any racetrack," She had a good eye, which did not see, and therefore does notseen.The reason for this is that the eyes do not move, iegazing.Teach your eyes to move mentally (psychologically, mentally) not less useful than to teach them to move physically.