reading Lessons

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Good Vision

Do the exercises listed here read:

When reading you must observe the following rules:

1. If the eye is covered with a bandage, be careful that while reading it remained below the open.

2. Read aloud to be sure that you breathe.People with eyes that are prone to stress, usually hold their breath during the visual work.

3. Keep the font in front of his face and his nose move from field to field an easy, gentle turn of the head.

4. It is not necessary to coordinate the rotation of the head with his reading.They are only a means to an eye relaxation.Follow the twists and turns slowly, with short movements and rhythmically, but let your eyes move as fast as they can.The nerves of the retina need to move with the frequency of 70 times per second.

5. Try to close your eyes and give them a rest, and then do the head turns at the end of each paragraph.If you vacation in advance, even before the onset of fatigue, you never drain itself.Minute holidays never takes time, as the rest extends the operating per


6. Beware cheat your eyesight!Do not make a fool of yourself by trying some unnatural way to make the font more clearly, such as squinting, tilting his head, looking sideways and in many other ways, which is a busy eye-enhancing visual acuity.These tricks will lead you to ruin.You only need the free, wide, open and easy looking, ierelaxed look.If you feel that you are using tricks, then close your eyes, relax, first the upper, then the lower eyelids, and then relax back of the eyeballs.Then, with a deep breath, open your eyes and you will see the letters.Perhaps you will be surprised in a manner that allows for vision.

7. Remember that what will the font beads or vague, depending on how you look at it.Look at him tensed, and he will seem illegible.Take a look at it lightly, taking a deep breath, and the font will become clearer.

8. Our rule for successful reading - blink at each point of the text and turn a blind eye at the end of each paragraph.While you are working with a table for exercises make long eye closure at the end of each paragraph for a real, effective stress relief, turning his head from one shoulder to the other.Then take a deep breath and opened his eyes, looking at the last word on which you have finished reading.These words have become clearer.

practice reading their table every day.Every day you have to read the font smaller and smaller.The last line to which you have come, will never be immediately visible.However, you can check your progress by returning to the lines with larger letters, which were previously somewhat vague.Now they have to be sharper than it was for the first time.If you find that one eye sees (reads) is better than the other, give the weaker eye more work, making regular frequent short periods of rest during exercise by solarization and palming.To get rid of all types of stress, the eyes should be the players of the same team during both the near and the far distances.After working individually eyes always make solarization and palming before you merge them together.

Every time you finish your work with the training table, read the very fine print that you can see without any tricks.After that, relax and reward yourself with some good text, normal size.At the same time it found that the greatest difficulty you have a font when reading a newspaper.