Frostbite Treatment of folk remedies and methods

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Search For A Recipe For Disease Name

Frostbite - tissue damage that occurs as a result of low temperature.Frostbites also promoted by high humidity in combination with a strong wind, even at temperatures above freezing.

Symptoms: frostbite is divided into four degrees of severity.In first-degree frostbite affected area turns white, and after warming becomes bluish-purple and swollen, but skin necrosis does not occur.In second degree frostbite to exfoliate the surface layer of the skin.When third-degree frostbite appear big bubbles with bloody content and mortify the whole thickness of the skin on the affected area.Fourth-degree frostbite necrosis characterized the entire thickness of the skin and deeper located tissues, often gangrene begins, the outcome of which is often the amputation of fingers.In addition to the four degrees of frostbite, there is also such a thing as "total freeze".

What's going on?As a result frost damaged tissues.Frostbite occurs faster in people suffering from physical exhaustion, hungry exhaustion, lost as a

result of injury large amount of blood, and in a state of alcoholic intoxication.

What to do?The first thing you need to put the victim into a warm room.Well drink it with hot tea or coffee, it is also suitable hot milk or water.

If frostbite or toes can not rub them with snow.You can rub alcohol or alcohol-cologne, moisten it cotton.Then the victim limb or limb is dipped in warm water (such that the patient can move, even as the first room temperature water may seem like it hot), gradually bringing it to the hot (36- 38 ° C).Then again rubbed in the same manner as before the warming bath, and wrapped.

If frostbitten nose and ears, they can be gently wipe with alcohol and then lubricate some grease.

With a total freezing of the victim should be warm.As soon as he got into a warm room, it should wrap up in blankets.You can then use hot water bottles to warm water.If the person is conscious, you can warm it in the bath, since the temperature is 20 ° C and gradually bringing the water to hot.

If the skin is not blistering, can be neatly and gently massage the skin numb.Trituration used are the same as already described.On the affected skin need to apply a sterile dressing.If serious frostbite, the victim should be sent to hospital.

Recipes. Folk medicine recommends for the treatment of frostbite:

• take a bath and do compresses infusion of chamomile;

• applied to the affected area soaked in urine cloth, lay compress paper and tie a woolen cloth;

• lubricate the affected areas rabbit fat;

• lubricate the affected areas of the propolis ointment with vaseline;

• grated raw turnips mixed with goose fat in a ratio of 2: 1 and lubricate the affected areas resulting paste.

Preventing frostbite - is, first of all, a warm and comfortable shoes and clothing for prolonged exposure to the cold.For those who have to work in the cold outdoors, do not be amiss to lubricate the face, hands and feet fat, it is best suited for this purpose badger fat.The skin must be lubricated with a special fat-containing cosmetic creams, even for a short stay in the frosty air.Then not only will not be frostbite, but the skin of the face will look young for longer, which is especially important for women.The frosts without exception, must be at least 2 times a day there are hot, even if it's meatless soup for lunch and hot boiled potatoes for dinner.Useful in cold broth.You can take a small amount of alcohol.