senile vision

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Good Vision

Do you wear reading glasses or bifocals?If you really want to get rid of them, you can do it, because, according to Dr. Josephine Jackson (Josephine Jackson) in his book "outsmart our nerves» ( «Outwitting Our Nerves»), «the human body adapts to the requirements of thehim. "

Nowadays vision in middle age, usually gets worse.The so-called "senile vision" with bifocals we perceive as natural.Subsequently, one can expect senile cataract, glaucoma and some other diseases worse.There may be troubles like premature weakening of view, the appearance of pain and the occurrence of the need for surgery.However, there are many people who have lived up to 90-100 years and have good eyesight.Grandma Reynolds (Reynolds), actress and a former student of mine, and his '94 was equally sharp mind and vision.She still continues his studies without using any points.

Far from civilization, and improper use of eye contact today, is causing them damage.It is often said that the eyes are not designed to work in close proximit

y, which require modern living conditions.But our ancestors had too much work at close range.City resident always been proud of its fine embroidery.Peasant after hard work on the farm in the evenings doing decorative stitching and decorated with openwork clothing, and their husbands long winter nights reading a book by the light of an oil lamp.Moreover, if you look closely at some old book or almanac, you will notice that the paper was often rough and uneven, and the font is small and not very clear.However, at that time the percentage of serious problems with eyesight was not as high as we have today.What then spoil our eyesight?The reason for this is an unnecessary race undertaken by us, the vision, the conviction instilled to us from childhood, that the more we try, the more success we achieve.The vision at one distance should not be in the least more difficult than the vision in the other.All that we need - is to keep the eyes in a soft, relaxed and agitated state.You are not able to read without glasses, it is necessary to relax the body, nerves and eyes, then learn to relax four straight muscles of the eye and, finally, to increase the strength and endurance of the two oblique muscles of the eye to such an extent that they could hold the eyeball is elongated in its axiswhen you are reading.But how to do that?

1. First of all, prepare their eyes to a new test.Make solarization, palming and povoroty- large and finger.

2. Sit in a good light, preferably in the sun, whose rays should fall over your shoulder.

3. Close one eye with his hand or a bandage, but to the eye beneath it was opened.The palm of the other hand hold the face on the nose at a distance of about 1 foot from your face.Now, gently and easily fanned (ie approaching, then remove) the plane of the open palm of the hand naked eye bandage, trying to do it so that the palm of the hand was fanned in front of the covered eye bandage.Zoom in and out her hand, at the same time giving the opportunity to rest your sight on it.Do the exercise gently, rhythmically 20-30 times.Now move the blindfold and repeat the same with the other eye.When the eye is relaxed and gets used to looking in the near and far points without any effort, because he does not see anything interesting for viewing and interpretation, the four rectus muscles strained eyes will agree to relax the eye and can be extended as palm approximation.Now you're ready to go.

4. Set the alarm at a distance from himself, so you can see it.If you do a good vision for distance, it can be put on the opposite wall of the room.Covering one eye any bandage or plaster, look at the number 1 on the dial of the alarm, then the number 1 on your wristwatch.See softly, calmly, without effort.For a moment, cover your eyes and breath, exhale look again at his watch.At first, you will have a lot of help, good strong illumination dial watches.Close your eyes and gently turn your head from side to side.Now look at figure 2 on the alarm clock, and then on a wristwatch.The number on the wrist watches, this time should be a little clearer.If it does not, then do not worry.Close your eyes, take a turn of the head and relax before you make the next breath and look at the number 3 on the alarm clock, and then the same number on a wristwatch.If you do this simple exercise to relax in a circle to the figure 12, it is likely that the watch will be visible after this much clearer.Do not strain your eyes, but only if I may say so, invite the sight to intervene.At first, keep watch at any distance that is most comfortable for you, because only the ease of execution brings success!If the first wristwatch will not be seen clearly, then worry about it not worth it.The numbers on them, at least, will be similar to themselves, even though their vagueness.

5. Now make palming and have fun for a while the mental representation of yourself something that you once saw, and that will give you pleasure.

6. Then substitute the closed eyelids for some time under the sun, turning at the same time from side to side head or, if you use artificial light, let the light in just a few minutes falls on the closed eyelids.

7. Repeat the exercise with the other eye as described above.Then do solarization and palming for both eyes.

8. Now you're ready to read!Take two of his table to read: table "debco" with a set of lowercase letters and the table "Basic information about the vision."Cover one eye bandage.

a) Put debco table in front of her face to one side, so that the letters are vertical rows of steel.Doing small head movements, cross the mind's continuation of his nose, these series of letters as if they were a palisade, back and forth six times.Introduced Do you have a sense of movement, such as if these lines do cross your face first to one side, then the other?

b) Now turn the table to reverse itself (clean) side, with one eye must still be covered with a bandage.Now fanned (the hold, it moves away) of the blank side face, using it instead of the palm of your hand, as you did before.When the eyes begin to perceive this change in distance comfortably, turn the table face up and read the top line, making little head turns from side to side.

c) Now close your eyes and mentally lengthening his nose, write them a letter in the air so what you saw them: debco.

g) Then, a deep breath, and turning his head from side to side, read the second line.Close your eyes and "write" her nose.Continue this way down the table as long as you manage easily.

d) Now take the article published in the table "Basic information about the vision" and making little turns his head from one field to another field of the page, read (going from top to bottom) as many lines as you can do without effort.Then relax.Try to blink on each point briefly closing his eyes at the end of each paragraph.

e) To achieve the smallest font possible in this way: turn the article published in the table upside down so that the row with the small print was on top.Covering one eye bandage, close your eyes and begin to fan the table his nose, presenting at the same time is approaching, then receding a clean white sheet surface.Open your eyes, continuing to do to fan movement, and look at the white background, translucent between the lines of the letters.These white spaces during obmahivaniya become greater or less: larger when approaching the table and downward when removed.Your eyeballs are now lengthened and flattened.

g) Now turn the table right side up, to read it, making the head turns from side to side.Post it should be from the paragraph on which you had to stop earlier reading.At this time you should be able to read a few lines more.Now look at the row with big letters at the top of the table.They need to be much clearer than they were when the exercise started.

This will be enough for the first lesson, read this eye.Remove the bandage to do more turns, if possible, in the sun.The sun's rays at the same time should fall on the closed eyelids.Make palming for both eyes.Then do all the exercises with the other eye as described above.Finish the lesson read long palming, preferably by soft music.This will give your eyes a good rest after unusual for them to work.

If you do these simple exercises for a few minutes each day, you will be amazed at the progress that you have reached.Several changing Spencer's words, we can say that the authorities are strengthening the independent exercise of their work, and not due to the fact that this work is done for them.Age is not important.My oldest student was 96 years old.She died, reading the Bible before going to bed.At the same time she did it without any points under artificial light.She came to me a few years earlier with a very severe cataracts.