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August 12, 2017 17:50 | Good Vision

Many people complain that their eyes in the morning look like "two smoldering holes in a woolen blanket," and passes an hour or so, before you can do to make them feel good, or at least make it possible to use them.This condition can be caused by the fact that the eyes of many people dream tighten more than during wakefulness.Here are some exercises to help your condition.Do they have to be on waking, before you get up out of bed.

1. Stretch in bed and poperekatyvaytes from side to side, breathing deeply during exercise execution.It helps relax the spine and tightened muscles during sleep, if you sleep in a state of stress.

2. Widely open eyes and mouth 4 times.Many people sleep with clenched jaw and tightly clenched teeth and eyelids.As you know, any animal for awakening stretches.

3. Firmly zazhmurte 6 times, then do 12 lungs (similar movements butterfly wings) blink, the eyelids to prepare the work for the day.Eyes during the day should blink frequently and easily.

4. «Letter nose."Much of the str

ess attributable to our nervous system, rests in the back of the neck at the base of the skull.We all read so much, writing, typing, we drive a car, and so on. E., That at some point the neck starts to pull back his head and hunched shoulders.We feel at this point that "perhaps tired."Eyes with misalignment lead to the same consequences.To alleviate this condition, close your eyes and use your nose as the elongated handle, write them something in the air.What is it to write?Remember the alphabet and write the names of cities, starting with letters of the alphabet in order (for as many letters, how many you can remember).For example, for A - Atlanta, for B - Boston, for K - Cleveland, etc..The next time, to avoid boredom, give yourself another task.Write the names of countries, colors, gems, occupations, food and so on hereinafter each lesson is different.It will entertain you, and you lose a sense of fatigue at the base of the skull, leading to eyestrain.This exercise, as you draw the contours of letters, among other things, sets in motion your memory and mental representation that brings relaxation."Letter nose" can be used as first aid when a voltage in the course of the day, wherever it arose.Of course, people discreetly use your nose as an elongated handle and move at the same time can not be the head, but you can then close your eyes and mentally writing tip embroidery needle any letters on the head of a pin.No one will notice it.Even this exercise can reduce stress because it provides an opportunity to vibration eye.Keep your eyes during the execution of the "letter of the nose" gently closed, and under the eyelids begin the involuntary movement of the eye with a frequency of about 70 times per second.Vision, after you open your eyes, you will find more clearly.

5. Exercise eyebrow.Have you noticed, standing in front of a mirror, that the heavy fabric of your eyebrows literally hang over the centuries, so that they are barely or not at all visible beneath them?In highly stressed heavy eye brows as if falling down on the lashes.However, it should not be (and is not), when you were a kid and were free from stress.You can get rid of the weight of their heavy brows and help as their vision, and their appearance.Raise your eyebrows conscious effort.Appeared you have any sensation in the top of the ears?Try to do it as long as it does not appear you.Now train yourself as long as you will not be able to reproduce the same sensation in your ears without lifting his eyebrows and forehead morscheniya.we talk in his studio: "Squeeze the ears back."When you can do this (and with a slight smile, to help this upbeat feeling), all of this severity will automatically rise to the eyes, the eyes will get rid of its pressure, and you will look younger for years.

6. Now, do the finger turns, holding them in front of his nose, turning his head from side to side and convince yourself that your finger moves, as long as you do not appear such a feeling.This is the first step in stress relief.Do this exercise before the bill 20-30, alternately opening and closing his eyes.This exercise will remove from your eyes "mote" voltage.

7. While you are lying on your back, do palming for about 5 minutes, palming off the elbows pad.Now you really feel fresh and ready to work during the day.

8. When you get out of bed, do more turns, wearing slippers or just standing with bare feet on the floor.Do this exercise for 2 minutes, and that's good will your eyes and nerves, even if during the busy day you will no longer be possible to give them attention.

Although the description of these eight exercises seem long, for their performance, you will need only 10 minutes.So do not get upset, thinking that you do not have time for all this.Try to do it, and time will be.You'll be surprised at how little time it is necessary to start the day with fresh eyes.After lifting, do their big turns.Many people find it a great turn promotes good sleep and perform a relaxing exercise and before going to bed.Once you're off the light, always do palming for a few minutes, which will ensure that your eyes will rest.When you go to sleep, smile, and not only with his lips, but the eyes.In the morning your face will look younger and more beautiful.