How does the normal eye

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Good Vision

Many people have good eyesight, but their eyes do not work correctly.This mode of operation will weaken their view, matter how good it was originally.I once had a student who had severe cataracts.He considered it the result of hereditary factors, since his entire family by the father had the disease.Further discussion revealed that there was a family with all the same story.All of them were very far-sighted and had a telescopic sight distance.They have a brilliant intellect, and when the time comes to go to school, study hard where it becomes necessary, each of them studied seriously in order to maintain a high level of family education.Due to the intensive work in close proximity, and inability to take off at the same time produced farsightedness voltage, each of them because of this tension developed cataracts.Through relaxation we were able to help two members of their families, turn to us for help in order to clarify their vision.


Normal eye moved with a frequency of 70 times or more per se

cond.It was found that the eyes of the Lord Ma-Cowley (Lord Macaulay) moved 10,000 times per second, which allowed him to read, modify and remember 500 words per second.This means that, leafing through the pages, he managed with the same speed read to them every word.One of my students had begun to doubt this statement, but it is literally a second later remembered that one of his friends, a prominent statesman, could do the same things.Another man remembered that in his class at school studied the girl who so quickly memorized the 12 stanzas of the poem that the teacher suspected that she knew them before.The girl denied it, and to prove it, in just a few moments to remember them in the reverse order.

These phenomenal results achieved by this development vision, which allows the eye to move without any obstacles as fast as possible.This so-called "movement" is not turning the eyeball and represents the vibration of the retinal nerve deep inside the eye, especially the nerve center of with a group of his nerves, providing a person most keen eyesight (this area is called the fovea (pho-tRMUs or pit). These nerves can not lead to vibrate consciously. They vibrate on their own when (and if) relaxed. Therefore, learn to maintain eye in a relaxed state both during rest and during visual work.


normal eyeblinking frequently to evenly distribute the tear fluid secreted lacrimal gland, on the surface of the eyeball. Tear not only constantly moistens the cornea, but also disinfects the eye, protecting it from germs and other stuff, wearing the air. blink also gives lasting moment rest periods are constantlylocated in the retinal nerves, stimulating them through it, as recreation strengthens the nerves.Blinking also helps to relax tense muscles, thus helping the eyes to focus better and improve their alignment (alignment).If normal eyes blink often, there is no need to rub their hands and squeezed out of their sockets, raising germs from dirty fingers.The consequence of strong rubbing is often loss of eyelashes.


normal eye loves the sun and bright light, literally blossom under them and become strong, healthy and relaxed in the perception of brightness with no resistance to it.


normal eye likes to work and greedy view.After a full-fledged working day it would be desirable to go in the evening to an exhibition of paintings, play cards, enjoy reading a book or watching TV.Lack of work for eyes would be a voltage, harassing them.


When normal, eye sight is a natural unconscious process that the rest of the body muscles relax, despite the fact that the eye works.This applies to the pectoral muscles, that provides deep natural breathing.When the eyes are strained, there is usually a good curb breathing, it becomes constrained due to excessive conciseness pectoral muscles, reducing thus the flow of much-needed oxygen throughout the body.


normal eye is never clean gazing, but always stands ready to move and is in the motion.Neither the owner of the good eye, moreover, is not trying to see anything on the side of himself, straining his eyes and holding his head and neck still.Instead of having to turn his eyes and strain to see anything apart from himself, a man with good eyes, nose turns toward an object of interest for him.It prevents stress and tension of the eye muscles.Eyes, so moving, but using its own free vibration, which are for them to rest.In the

say you can see for yourself.Keep your head still, try to see something very right away.Do you feel the tension?Now point your nose at this place.Eyes obediently in motion, but without any efforts and at their own pace of work.Our rule is: turn your nose in the direction where you want to look at.This gives the eyes may naturally use their vision centers.

mental relaxation

People with normal eyes, apparently, should be more relaxed, to, as they say, calmly relate to all sorts of events, but not to worry because every interference, real or imaginary.Get rid of the "virus" of anxiety and excitement that you experience.Is the majority of them does not stress your eyes?

Encourage movement through the eyes relax.This expands the blood vessels and blood flow will provide unobstructed eye, stimulating thus the optic nerve and retina nerves.Relaxation also stimulates mental activity, because the visual centers of the brain need to be interpreted through the eyes of the perceived image.

When normalized relaxation and deep breathing also so necessary for vision.