Recollection , mental representation and your eyes

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Good Vision

secret to any relaxation lies in the psyche: pleasant, happy memories bring relaxation.This clearly was demonstrated by one of my patients.She fell into a state of deep depression because of her husband's death, which was strongly linked.The woman told me that her only consolation left to read the diary, which she kept for many years and who revived in her memory the happy days spent with her husband until the tragic end.Only memorable memories of happy events and socializing with friends brought her relief and nervous relaxation and allowed to escape from the painful thoughts.Not only sorrow, but also the excitement and tension of any kind can be reduced through the recollection of interesting, joyful events.For example, a musician can get a pleasant relief, remembering some very successful concert or mentally walking up to the score of your favorite concert.Typists can be an enjoyable mental representation of printing what some familiar lyrical or even nursery rhymes.Golfer would be happy once again to

mentally relive the most successful svdyu game.Seamstress can enjoy the view of different types of fabrics and textures that will be able to remember a time when she spends it with his fingers.It could also think about those that have been used to sew what some very beautiful costumes.Mental representation, regardless of how much you are tired, nervous or bored (in short, whatever form stress you have not experienced), will bring you relief.Do not underestimate the fact that the memory brings relaxation.In a moment of need (and during palming always) ask him for help.

Suppose you are too tired or unwell, to revive the memory of some pleasant memory.Then, instead of mentally do any mechanical process, for example, draw pictures.You are not an artist?Imagine that you have a large white sheet of paper and a pen.Draw in the top right corner of the square sheet with a side of 1 inch.Now with him draw the same box, but standing on one of its vertices.Then draw a rectangle with the longer side horizontal.Draw another rectangle, but standing upright on its short edge.And it will look like a triangle in different positions?Then draw a circle.Now it would be interesting to consider various combinations of your images.Enter the circle into a square, put it on top of the triangle, the upper edge of the rectangle or enter it into the box.Can you imagine that your circle rolls inside the rectangle from one short edge to the other and back?And it's not very interesting to you?Still, if you try to do it, you will achieve your desired response, and this is what you need.

Every time you seem such a possibility, do palming, at the same time delivering the excitement mental representation.

day to me for help turned gloomy, depressed and rather nervous man, a former sheriff.I tried to find some mental representation, which would remove it from the tension during palming."You are out of the desert, to be there you have remained a favorite horse" - inspired me."Yes, - he says to me-but her shot under me!" "Do you have family?" - I said."They all died," - he said the man sadly."You must have many times crossed the desert, enjoying the expanse of the horizon and a view of the mountains in the distance.""No, I was forced to look into every bush, in every bump due to the possibility of an ambush.""But you fell asleep under the stars clear sky of the desert" - I have found."Oh, yes, - he said, priobodrivshis.-I love the stars and nowhere they are not perfect, as in the desert."Then he began to talk about their favorite stars and where they can be found in different periods of time.When he finished and took his hands from his eyes, it was a completely different person.His eyes shining, he smiled and was ready to further studies.

If you're looking for, then you will find yourself pleasant memories that will bring relaxation.

Try to make it!