August 12, 2017 17:50 | Good Vision

Starting position: straighten the fingers of one hand and put his hand on his face.Put the little finger of your other hand across the base of the four disclosed fingers of the first hand (the hand while forming something like an inverted V).Place intersection little fingers bases forms a kind of shackle points and must, accordingly, be located where the nose is usually located on the earpiece.Depressions palms which automatically will be located just above the orbits of your eyes.While palming keep your eyes closed.Eliminate stress in the fingers, loosen the wrists, elbows.To do this, place them on your lap or on a table so that the neck was on the line with the spine.You can put a pillow on his knees and elbows on the pillow already.If you need to lean forward, bend at the waist, but keep the straightness in the neck and spine.Position hands each person will be different from the position of hands of another person.Try to find a suitable position for you to them.When palming sun spots and dots disappea


Use this exercise is necessary because it gives the eyes rest.Rest relaxes eye muscles and simultaneously activates the nerve cells of the eye.This results in relaxation of the muscles and the napryazhno that pulled his eyes in one direction or another, violating their alignment.At the same time you pour new energy into the optic nerve and retinal nerve.If you do palming after irrigation sunlight eyes, you like to lock him up in them as long as the retinal nerves do not absorb it.This gives them strength and health, contributing in many cases restore vision partially sighted eyes.

Do not try to "realize" (feel) of the eye.During the execution of these exercises should not pay attention to the eye as the physical, material bodies, because they are almost impossible to volitional control, and even more out of control than the heart, the will, too uncontrollable body.If you sit, mentally looking into your eyes, you will destroy the purpose of their studies.Some people claim that they see while palming brightly colored or colorless spots, dots and sequins.Instead of thinking about them, try to think of something pleasant, honeymoon, beautiful scenery, interesting cases that have occurred to you, and brought you joy or events described in any book or an exciting movie interesting.When you take your hands from the eyes of the world must seem to you brighter.

On the question of how much time and when you have to do palming, the answer will be that, little by little, but often.Even closing his eyes with his hands in the ten seconds, you will return to them in the course of the day loaded a feeling of relaxation.You want to keep your eyes remember the feeling experienced by them during palming.By doing so, you will help ensure that the feeling of relaxation becomes a habit for a lifetime.