The basic principles of eye relaxation

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Good Vision

Before you try to normalize your vision, you need to master four relaxation exercises: solarization, palming, swinging and mental performance.Make them carefully 2-3 times a day for one week, before you begin to exercise on the development of vision.During all sessions remove the glasses.


sun-and the food and drink for the eyes.The Bible says: "Light is sweet, and it pleases the eyes to see the sun" (Eccles 11: 7.).

recently at the international congress of ophthalmologists in New York, a German physician G. Meyer-Shvikerat (G. -Meyer-Schwickerath) from Bonn reported that patients with serious eye diseases could help those that they looked with open eyes in the sun during hissunset.After it was noted this improvement, the doctor tried to replicate this treatment in terms of their office, using artificial "sun".For many years, the Bates method defends the need to use sunlight to enhance any eye, whether they are healthy or sick.The practical implementation of his theory has given excellen

t results.Eyes that are too sensitive to sunlight, similar to greenhouse plants.They are not exposed to any sun or air, especially if a person wears dark glasses.These eyes have to gradually accustom to bright light.When the eyes recoil in horror at the sudden and vivid, unusual it sunlight, the cause of pain in these cases is not the brightness of the light itself, and something like a shock that a person experiences a sudden change in light intensity.In this situation, you need to soothe and relax the eyes to light.

right way: First of all, you need to take off the glasses.Stand on the edge of the dense shade.This may be a corner of the house and lit doorway.Place one foot on the shady plot of land, and druguyu- the illuminated bright sun.Now close your eyes and taking a deep breath, begin to turn his head from side to side so that the closed eyes alternately passed through the unlit portion and on which the incident sunlight.The head of this should be raised high enough to beat the sun directly into the gap between the edges of closed eyelids and eyebrows.During cornering think: "The sun comes out the sun."Repeat these turns as long as the eyes closed will not cease to tremble in the sun of the pain.

STEP TWO: Stand facing the bright sunlight, the eye while still closed.Now start a free, stress-free to turn his head and body to the right and left, taking her to make this heel of the process from the ground and thinking as follows: "The sun is passing me left, then right again, again to the left - and again and again, alwaysin the direction opposite my turn. "So, what do you think at the time of solarization is very important because it prevents the aspiration of sight under the closed eyelids the sun and "sticking" eye to it during your rotations.Allow the sun to pass by you.

THIRD STEP: When the eyelids will no longer wince and squint against the sunlight and are really good feel for them during the execution of turns, cover one eye with his hand so that no ray of light could not penetrate it.The palm should therefore be applied to a closed eye could open underneath.Now start to make turns, sliding naked eye hand eye on the ground at his feet.At the same time it should continuously blink.Now, raising his head and elbow, turn from side to side and quickly blink, looking directly at the sun.You will be amazed by the fact that no matter how gentle your eyes, this exercise does not cause you pain, but the sun does not seem too bright.Repeat with the other eye.And finally, do this exercise, combining both eyes together and making turns, eyes closed looking directly at the sun.This is your job with the sun over.You'll notice that in your eyes literally dazzled by all the solar spots, dotted lines and dashes, etc., so step back into the shadows and do about palming twice longer time than you did solarization.

As soon as your eyes begin to perceive the sunlight easily, you will cover the pleasant feeling of physical comfort that gives you sunshine.You will not leave feeling of lightness and soothing mental relaxation.Even half of those feelings that you reach in the sunlight, you will not get in their dark rooms.Once I came to the reception a young woman, a former student of mine.She was very depressed and was on the verge of hysteria.I persuaded her during our conversation, go for a walk in the bright sunlight.Almost unconsciously she began to turn from side to side of his head, closed his eyes, as taught to her at the time.Soon her face disappeared all sense of tension.She turned to me."I even do not remember why I came here today, - he murmured ona.- After all, I had no vision problems, and now I feel myself very well.""That's what makes his sun rays relaxing with mental health issues", - I reminded her.

From a physiological point of view of strengthening the light-sensitive eyes is priceless, because they no longer suffer from the sun's glare on the surface of mountain lakes or the ocean coast, sparkling on the snow the sun or blinding sun shine in the desert, not to mention the achievement of a comfortable feel in the conditions of city lifewhere full illumination and car headlights.One only this comfort is worth it to do relaxing retinal nerves, allowing to perceive any light, no matter how strong he is, unlike the case when we are dealing with a strained eye.

Add to that the increased power of the visual, which gives the sun nerves of the retina and the optic nerve, and you realize that the sun is something with which to be reckoned.When a person realizes that Sun supports healthy eyes in good condition and strengthen weak eyes, increasing the metabolism in them, thus purified them from toxins, it can hardly overestimate the usefulness of sunlight to the eye.Doctors always deeply amazed healthy pinkness well solyarizovannoy retina, in contrast to the usual pallor of suffering from a lack of solar light eyes.From an aesthetic point of view of the sun gives the eyes liveliness and brilliance, which can not give anything else.

Not always you will be able to take advantage of sunlight.Then get yourself a lamp power of 260 watts with a balloon-type "Nalco» ( «Nal-with") and bright reflector.The lamp must be placed at a distance of about one meter from his face.It is used in exactly the same.

However, be aware that no light can not substitute for the eyes and the sun for your health!


Remember that the eye is the body created for the perception of light.Your eyes need light to see, and they see the best in good light.The weaker eye, especially in the more light it needs.Sunlight falling on the object of a chance to see even a weak eyes.Worn bifocals have repeatedly told me that they could read a newspaper in the sunlight, but even to read large print under artificial light was for them a daunting task.With the strengthening of the eye, the need for such a strong light is reduced, but even strong eyes, who have to do the work at close range in low light, gradually tired, and their growing power.

Therefore, whatever visual work you are upcoming, take care of the eyes, give them a strong, directional light while performing heavy work, not scattered, reflected or painted.If, as is often the case, you can not adjust the lighting fit your way, ask for forgiveness from their eyes, and compensate their stress by giving them as much health-improving, soothing, relaxing sunlight as you can.

Weak eyes, despite the fact that they need a strong light, often can not take advantage of them.Strengthening the retinal nerve sunlight will allow them to work in low and under strong light.So use every window of opportunity to substitute the eyes to sunlight.It will give you and the beauty, and strength.Good solyarizovannye eyes sparkle and shine!