Treating hay fever , or seasonal allergic rhinitis ( runny nose ), folk remedies and methods

August 12, 2017 17:50 | People's Treatment Of Allergies

Spring - awakening of nature from winter sleep.The trees appear the first leaves.They begin to bloom flowers.This is the main cause of seasonal allergic rhinitis, or hay fever.

allergic reaction causes the pollen, which has certain properties, - a plant pollen vetroraspylyaemyh the size of pollen grains is not more than 0.04 mm, which allows it to move with the wind for tens of kilometers and

deep enough to penetrate the mucous membranes.

Pollen nasekoopylyaemyh plant has larger dimensions and remains near the plant:

pollen must have allergic properties.For example, pollen allergy coniferous

causes, while the pollen of alder, poplar, birch and maple in our area is the cause of disease from mid-April to May.In early summer can cause hay fever pollen willow, hazel, and various herbs, and at the end of the summer?pollen wormwood, quinoa, cereal.Seasonal hay fever disease terminated in October, November, and are not registered in the winter and early spring.Especially dangerous for allergic ragweed b

loom, this treacherous weed, imported in Russia in the 60s of XIX century.from America with wheat grain.Napoleon allergy suffers.Mad attack, "flower" rhinitis happened to him during the famous Battle of Waterloo.The Emperor was simply not up to fighting, maybe that's why the French and lost the war.

After the start of flowering nose, palate, eye, back of the throat or susceptible people gradually begin to react immediately itching.Then there are watery eyes, sneezing and clear watery discharge from the nose.Some people may appear headache, cough, they lose their appetite and sleep, become irritable,

can get depressed.These symptoms persist during the flowering period.What causes a runny nose pollen, pollen allergens to which the patient reacts, can determine in all medical institutions that have specialized allergological offices or branches.Usually, the doctor prescribes a skin allergy tests or blood test to determine the IgE to different allergens.

following measures can facilitate the patient's condition hay fever.The patient feels less dry at sunny weather outdoors than indoors.Therefore, in this period of acute disease should try to visit as little as possible on the street in order to avoid contact with the allergen.

recommended home often do wet cleaning, hang doors and windows with a damp cloth to prevent pollen from entering a room.When you exit to the street wear glasses, to lubricate the entrance to the nose oily solution.After coming from outside the patient should change their clothes, take a shower, rinse your mouth, rinse your eyes.

How to treat.Rather than treat allergic reactions, it is best to avoid contact with the allergen.

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