Eye Treatment in schools: methods that have brought success

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Good Vision

Once again a very important principle that you can not see anything with perfect vision, if not seen this object before.When the eye does not look unfamiliar object, it is always more or less strained to see him.There is always an error of refraction.When the child looks at the unfamiliar inscriptions or figures on the board, remote geographical maps, diagrams or drawings, retinoscope always shows that they have become myopic, although their vision in other circumstances, it may be absolutely normal.The same thing happens with adults when placing their remote unknown object.When the eye looks at a familiar object, the effect is completely different.Possible not only to see it without the stress, but subsequently reduced and the force applied when viewing unfamiliar objects.

These data provide us with a method to overcome the mental stress suffered by children with a modern education system.It is impossible to see anything in the perfect moment, when the brain is under stress.If children will be able to

relax while looking at familiar objects, they can (sometimes extremely short periods of time) to keep it relaxed and when you look at unfamiliar objects.

I discovered this when my eyes examined several hundred students from Grand Forks, North Dakota.Often, children who could not read at the first check all the letters on the Snellen test, failed to do so during the second or third test.Sometimes after class children survey, which for the first time failed request for a re-test, and often read in it all the test card with normal vision.These cases are so frequent, that there was no doubt that the vision somehow improved reading checklist.

In one class I found the boy, who showed themselves as highly myopic, but after reading some excitement after all the letters on the Snellen test.The teacher asked my opinion about the vision the boy because she considered it highly myopic.When I said that his vision is normal, she was surprised and said that he could learn the letter by heart or they were suggested to him by another student.The teacher went on to say that he can not read the writing or numbers on the board, or to see maps, charts and tables on the walls, not to know the people on the other side of the street.She asked to recheck his vision, which I did very carefully and under its supervision, eliminating all possible sources of error, of which she spoke.Again, the boy read all the letters on the table.Then, the teacher wrote on the blackboard a few words and numbers, which he also read well.Finally, she asked to call time on the wall clock hanging 25 feet away.And with that the pupil has successfully coped.

In this class, it was observed three similar cases.The vision of these children, which has been found very bad for remote sites, a few minutes devoted to checking their eyes, it was normal.

No wonder that after the incident the teacher asked constantly hang the test card in the classroom.Children were asked to read the smallest letters they could see from their seats, at least once a day with both eyes together and with each eye separately.In this dead eye was covered palm of the hand so as to avoid pressure on the eyeball.Those whose vision was poor, encouraged to read the test card more often.But the need to promote disappeared as soon as they found that this practice helps them to see the board and relieves headaches and other unpleasant sensations, which they had previously encountered during visual work.

In another class, which consisted of forty children aged 6 to 8 years old, thirty students achieved normal vision during the test.The rest later also achieved similar success under the guidance of teachers, doing exercises on the development of distance vision with the Snellen test.As for the past fifteen years, the teacher noticed that every year at the opening of the autumn school all the children can see from their seats inscription on the board, but before it was closed in the spring of all children without exception complained that they could not see the board from a distance of morethan 10 feet.After it became clear benefit gained from the daily activities for the development of distance on familiar objects taken as a point of fixation, a teacher hung-in-class test card and asked children to read it daily.The result of this was that in 8 years none of the children who were in her care, has not got a bad view.

teacher of the class attributed to the continued deterioration of its pupils during the year to the fact that her classroom was in the basement, which reduced the level of illumination in the classroom.But teachers, working in well-lit classrooms, had the same problem.Once all the rooms as well-lit and poorly lit, hung checklists and children began to read them every day, blurred vision stopped.Moreover, it is almost all improved.Vision, which was below normal in most cases improved to normal levels, while children who had normal vision, for which accepted vision 20/20, improved it to 20 / 15-20 / 10.This was possible not only to get rid of myopia, but also improve vision for close objects.

At the request of the control schools in Grand-Fox, the system was then implemented in all schools in the city and was used continuously for 8 years.During this time I counted, it has reduced the level of myopia among children from 6% to less than 1%.

A few years later, the same system was introduced in some schools in New York City with a total of about ten thousand students.However, many teachers have denied the need for a verification table, unable to believe that such a simple method (and it differs significantly from the methods previously used) can give the desired results.Other checklists kept in closed cabinets, pulling them out only on the daily eye exercise, for fear that the children will learn them by heart.Thus, they not only put themselves at unnecessary burden, but did their best to destroy the purpose of the system, which consists in giving children daily exercise in distant vision with familiar objects.

On the other hand, many teachers used the system worked and with the mind, allowing them to less than a year to report that three thousand children with poor eyesight involved in this system, more than a thousand have found normal vision.Some of these children, as in the case of children Grand Fox succeeded after a few minutes.We have been successful and many of the teachers, some of them - very quickly.In some cases the results of the system were simply amazing.But in the end, it ended that the Ministry of Education and experts on points not given consent for the use of this system, and gradually the use of checklists to improve vision has been discontinued.

In the class for mentally retarded children, where the teacher kept a record of them, discovered a few years, that it falls steadily every year.However, once were introduced checklists, vision began to improve.Then the doctor came from the local Ministry of Health office, who checked the eyes of the children and all of them, even those whose eyesight was good enough, sent glasses.Using the checklist was then stopped because the teacher thought that it would be wrong to interfere in this matter, because the glasses, put on the children, have been prescribed by a physician.

Very soon, however, the children began to lose, break, or just throw away your glasses.Some said that the glasses are causing them headaches, others have argued that without them they feel better.Over the period of about a month the majority of points, which the Ministry of Health implemented a children disappeared.The teacher then felt free to resume the use of checklists.Immediately improved eyesight and mental reactions of children.Soon many of them were transferred to regular classes, since it was found that academically they are in no way inferior to other children.

Another teacher reported the same exciting results.She was a class of children that something did not look like the guys from other classes.Many of them are lagging behind in their studies, others were inveterate idlers, and all of them had bad eyesight.In the class of the test card was hanged, that all children can see it.The teacher is strictly followed my instructions.By the end of the sixth month in all children (except for two) had normal vision.The two vision has also improved markedly.At the same time, the worst of the worst truants incorrigible and become diligent students.

To remove all doubt, arise about the reasons for improvement of children, comparative tests with and without the use of checklists were conducted.In one of these cases every day for one week it was checked 6 students with low vision who are not engaged in the verification table.No improvement was noted.Then again we hung in place the test card and this group were instructed how it should be read daily.By the end of the week they all have improved vision, and vision in five was completely normal.The other group of children suffering from poor eyesight, the results were similar.During the week, when the checklist was not used, no improvement was noted.But after a week of training for the development of distance vision using a Snellen vision all improved markedly, and was completely normal by the end of the month.

In order to avoid any doubt as to the reliability of the records of teachers, in some cases, principals, which used the system, asked the Ministry of Health to send an inspector to check the view of students.Whenever this is done, the records were found to be correct.

One day, being in the city of Rochester (NY), I called the managing director of public schools, and told him about his method of preventing myopia.He was very interested and asked me to introduce the method in one of its schools.I did this and by the end of the third month there was a message that all children improved vision, and a significant number of them acquired normal vision in both eyes.However ^ the end of the story here was the same as in New York.

My method has been used in several other cities, and always seeing children improved.Many of them took on normal vision after a few minutes, days, weeks or months.Check the assumption of adverse effects is difficult, but the fact that this method has improved the eyesight of children, to use it, it follows that no one's eyesight by this method could not be prejudiced.Consequently, it would, among other and prevent myopia.It can not be said about any other methods of prevention of myopia, previously used in schools.All other methods are based on the assumption that the cause of myopia is the excessive use of the eye for at close distances, and they all are known to have failed.

It is also obvious that this method was to prevent other refractive errors.We are talking about the problem, previously even considered seriously as hyperopia, and more recently, and astigmatism (in most cases) are considered congenital conditions.However, anyone who knows how to use the retinoscope can make for a few minutes in the fact that both of these conditions are acquired.Regardless of what the eye to take, or hyperopic astigmatic, his vision always becomes normal, he looks at some empty clean surface without trying to see anything.But when children learn to read, write, draw, sew or do anything else that requires viewing at close range unfamiliar objects always appear hyperopia and hyperopic astigmatism.The same thing happens with adults.

These findings suggest that children, especially, need eye training.Before they can make significant progress in their studies, they must learn to look at the unfamiliar letters or objects at close range without straining.In each case where this method was applied, it was proved that such a result is achieved by daily training distance vision through the checklist.When this method improved distance vision, children invariably become able to use their eyes and at a short distance without straining.

method is most useful when a teacher does not wear glasses.It was noted not only that children imitate the teacher's habits of wearing glasses, but also how the nervous tension, which is a manifestation of poor vision caused them a similar condition.The classes of the same level, with the same lighting vision of children whose teachers did not wear glasses, it was always better than the vision of children whose teachers were wearing glasses.Once I checked the sight of children, a teacher who wore glasses, and found it very bad.The teacher left the class for some cases, but this time I re-checked the sight of children.The results were much better.When he returned, she asked vision of a boy, a very nervous child.As soon as I started to check his eyesight, she stood before him and said: "When the doctor tells you to read the test card, do it."The boy could not see anything.Then she stood behind him, and it gave the same effect as if she had left the room.The boy read the entire table.

Today, several million children have poor vision of the United States schools.This prevents them from taking full advantage of education, which gives the state, destroying their health and throws to the wind the taxpayers' money.If we look at the matter in the development of the poor vision for life is an obstacle to these children and lead to additional cash spending.Often, it is a source of constant suffering.Nevertheless, virtually all of these states can be eliminated and prevented the development of new, more sophisticated methods are not, than the daily reading checklist.

Why should suffer and our children to wear glasses when there is such a simple measure of help to them?It costs virtually nothing.In many cases, there is no need to even purchase the checklist as they everywhere have long been used to test the children's eyes.Teachers will be easy to hang on a wall table, and improvement of health, the nature and mentality of their pupils, achieved as a result of its application, it will greatly facilitate the work.In addition, no one dares to say that this may bring some harm.

Terms of use checklist schools to improve vision

Verification table hung on the wall of the classroom, and every day, children read to himself the smallest letters they could see from their seats, with each eye separately.In this other eye is closed palm of the hand so as to avoid pressure on the eyeball.It does not take a lot of time and enough to improve the sight of all the children in one week or eliminate all errors of refraction in a few months, a year or more.Children with poor vision significantly should encourage more frequent reading of the checklist.It should not be in this business to involve children wearing glasses, since they are required to be under the care of a physician and exercise, as long as they wear glasses, they give little or no would be useless.

Although this is not necessarily a big help would be record keeping, reflecting the vision of each student at the time of the introduction of the system and then through any convenient time intervals - annually or more often.Entries can be made a teacher.

Entries must include the name and age of the students, the vision of each eye scanned from a distance of 20 feet, and the date.For example:

John Smith, 10 years, 15 September 19

3. P. (right eye vision) 20/40.3. L. (vision of the left eye) 20/40

John Smith, 11 years, on January 1, 19

3. P. 20/30

ZL20/15 is absolutely necessary to exercise some control.At least once a year, anyone who owns this method must attend each class to answer your questions, encouraging teachers to continue using the method, and making a sort of reports, based on the right information sources.