Spurs Treatment folk remedies at home

« Spur» called overgrowth of bone in the form of a thorn in the heel bone, which occurs as a result of inflammation of the plantar fascia ligament from the front of the heel bone and the base of the toes.

Read more about plantar fasciitis, see here.

P oyavlenie "spurs" causes severe pain in the heel of the foot, so you have to invent new ways of walking to avoid stepping on the heel, or to use a stick, and in severe cases - crutches.

What's going on? The reason for this is the proliferation of flat, as well as a permanent long-term trauma of the foot that occurs in athletes, athletes and professional dancers.Provocateurs "spurs" may also serve as obesity, in which there is rapid weight gain, the body of the disease, such as gout.A sedentary lifestyle, in turn, also contributes to the emergence and development of the "Spurs".

What to do?Treatment "spur" long and requires medical supervision.Facilitate the state can use the pads of foam in a cool place with a hole in the "spurs", which placed u

nder the heel, or the special orthopedic insoles.

Recipes. Traditional medicine when a "spur" recommends:

• drink the infusion room temperature of leaves cranberries in unlimited quantities;

• for pain relief should be heated on the stove any copper object (dish, bowl, mortar), put on it a thick cloth, and put on her heel;

• for 5 consecutive days at night to pour into the plastic cover 5% iodine and lower back heel, holding up until the heel absorbs iodine;

• to do for 5 days in the heel compresses for the night.To compress mix 50 g of iodine, 80 g of honey and a teaspoon of "Extra" salt, put on cotton wool and attach to the heel.Sounding like a quarter of an hour, and go to bed.After 2 weeks the pain should go.

Syringa vulgaris.The infusion of flowers is used for rheumatism, salt deposits in the joints, with heel spurs (dried flowers to fill in 40-degree alcohol in a ratio of 1:10, insist 10 days in a tightly sealed container. Take 30 drops 2-3 times a day and at the same time rubbing ordo compresses infusion of the same diseased areas).

method of treatment based on the use of ammonia, it may be feasible only in the case when the skin on the heel at least slightly coarsened - otherwise available chemical burn.

Treatment consists of applying of overnight lotions from ammonia.These procedures are performed every day or every other day until the disappearance of pain, but not more than 30 days.If the pain during the treatment has not disappeared, the second cure is carried out in two weeks.To help the healing effects of a small piece of gauze soaked in liquid ammonia, squeeze and apply to the sore spot.Over the gauze applied layer of wax paper, and then - a layer of cotton wool, and to keep the gadgets on their heels is best sock.