August 12, 2017 17:50 | Diagnosis Of Disease

irritation is the most common mental energy absorber person.Figuratively speaking, in a state of irritation human body releases "poison" that begins to rapidly absorb his psychic energy and even energy of the people around him.

Such a person becomes vulnerable to the onset of disease.When a person becomes irritated unpleasant for the people who are with him at the moment, and they are also beginning to experience anxiety, a desire to get away from him, irritated by his presence.

EI Roerich in a letter warned:

«It is necessary to constantly think about and understand the destructiveness of irritation.Of course, everyone is free to destroy itself, but criminally sow this terrible infection. "

The pictures of the human aura in this state scientists clearly looked through the destruction it inflicted irritation (called imperial).

Tolstoy said:

«No matter how distasteful to others angry, it is heavier for the one who experiences it.What started in anger ends in shame. "

Irritability often a

ppears in people drank.

to support their mental equilibrium and, consequently, their health, a person must necessarily learn to control yourself, your emotions, your mood, or how the wise Chinese saying, "to keep the heart in the chest."

In anger, irritation man considers himself strong, because irritability is nothing but a weakness.

One professor thought that if he was discontent with the wild asses will knock on the table, stomping their feet and yelling at subordinates, that will save yourself from a heart attack.He did not think about the harm it causes surrounding health.

to maintain their health and the health of others have to learn to stay calm, steady attitude towards others, and this is enough to work.

work hard, but necessary, because it is, it can lead to success.

man himself can do a lot for yourself and your health using self-hypnosis.

However, in dealing with other people, you probably noticed that some of them affect you in words or look?Do you have these effects (charm or irritation) Do not disturb?

Not to mention the "great" psychic, which we have repeatedly seen on television before, and we can talk about those people who in everyday life and the nature have a certain power of influence.

These people are easy to acquire your location, you pleased to be in their company, you feel that between these people and you set some invisible benevolent relationship.

Such a person can make you obey his will, but not always does, for more desirable to receive from others only by their location for it.With such people nice to talk to.

But we must avoid those who make a bad impression, and acts on you, causing irritation.

Such a man talkative, constantly talks about his troubles, diseases, trying to take on your own worries.His presence will oppress you, if you are unhappy with something, your discontent may increase.

Comparing these opposite personality types, take a look at yourself, do to a conclusion: not to dwell on their troubles and illnesses, not woos and avoid flattery, do not forget that in every person there is a hidden force that can affect you, providingsome effect.

politeness, attention, kindness, famous stealth and calm will help you find real friends and keep balance in life.

Psychologists say that those who claim that they are not amenable to any suggestion, is best suited for him.

fatigue from physical exertion, excitement and concern, sadness and disappointment increase susceptibility to suggestion.

Those who are accustomed to obedience and submission, faster and easier to obey the suggestion.Such people, psychologists recommend the use of self-hypnosis .

Using this unique opportunity to a person, you can correct your character, increase energy and activity in the work, reduce stressovospriimchivost, to get rid of anxiety.

French researcher and composer F. Maman believes that each has its own frequency (its vibration): a man "sounds" like up, other - as mi etc.

Sound la and impact..this frequency is perceived favorably by all people, and even recommend to use for medicinal purposes.

Sound re used by shamans in rituals - it also affects all people.

In this connection the question arises about the impact on human psychics.Among the people there are opposite opinions: some say that they are not acting Kashpirovskiy and cured Chumak, others appealed to the Bulgarian healer.

The fact that people have psychic abilities, the researchers do not doubt, although currently there are many lzheekstrasensov.The respective laboratories, using different instruments, has already learned to identify the real and imaginary.

If we look at the theory of wave human body, which is offered for understanding the nature telopsihicheskih processes, and compare it with the research F. Maman, you can explain why some psychics are useful for some, while others - for other people.

chronobiology claim that the disease changes the frequency of oscillation processes of an organ.Using the exposure at a specific frequency for a given organ, you can restore normal operation.By the way, scientists have been working in this direction and create the appropriate instruments, such as "Hero" and others.

positive in the direction of scientific research is that the use of the instrument will stop the influx of charlatans and accelerate the introduction of non-drug therapies.

mysteries of the human psyche and human abilities, different from ordinary people, is still poorly understood!

Currently we learn about people who see through the safe armor or human insides are visible through his skin.Remember on Kulagina, which could freely move objects without touching them, even if they were under a glass cover.

Meanwhile, many people live and not even suggest to their existing abilities.Some hide their abilities, believing that if they talk about, they can recognize abnormal.

Sometimes these abilities appear in people after the shock, such as from the famous Yu Vorobevoj in our country, which was not only to see the inside of a person, but also can treat people for its healing power.

There are people who are without any devices to see the aura.

Some people use their unique opportunities for profit.Use your hypnotic abilities are on the street, referring to the selected person on some minor point, but checking his victim's voice - it is suitable for the treatment or not.And then disappear, taking away another's good in their pockets.

Animals are capable of taking human mental orders, and it clearly showed a well-known trainer VL Durov.

If you are observant, and have in the house a dog or cat, you can test its capabilities to non-contact communication and to submit them to mental commands.

studying themselves, their capabilities, you can find ways to improve the recovery of the body and its energy power.

Scientists from Novosibirsk GG Mikhailov and N. Cherednichenko conducted feasibility studies on people who consider themselves psychics.Of the 63 people strong energy had only 23 people, 18 - failed to comply with the program completely.12 people were the owners of bioenergy negative - their impact on human could harm.

These studies confirm that all psychics can not be trusted, because they not only help, but and harm.Not casually now adopted a law on mandatory testing and licensing of practitioners.

previously mentioned psychologist IP Volkov believes that psychic abilities a person has in principle.He studied the history of parapsychology and got acquainted with the facts, as recorded by scientists.

For example, psychic GA Smith could feel the taste of the liquid or substance which mentally represented by another person, he looked for small objects that were not seen before, and who were in the most unexpected places.

This mental contact. Telepathy - is the transfer of mental activity of one individual to another without any contact with him by any other means.

established that there are people capable of other unusual manifestation of the psyche - clairvoyance.

If you look closely around, and in everyday life we ​​can see people with sverhobonyaniem, sverhvideniem.

I had a colleague who could smell on the phone, but she was afraid to tell everyone about it.There is still a lot of discoveries and mysteries of nature.

There are people having skin vision.And a lot of them - many hands can sense colors, especially red.With some training it is possible to develop quality.

In certain circumstances, people can be sverhzorkost, which is especially evident in some of our astronauts.

Some suddenly inexplicably begin to experience anxiety, worry about their loved ones, unaware of their ability to receive signals from a distance - infrasound waves that also cause anxiety.He turned his attention to itself, can suddenly learn about their unusual abilities.Having assessed their level of anxiety and compared with the reason for its occurrence, you can also discover something in yourself.