Floating particles : their cause and treatment

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Good Vision

very common manifestation of imperfect sight is the phenomenon, which has already been mentioned and which is known as muscae volitantes, or a symptom of "flying flies."These floating particles are usually dark or black, but sometimes seem and white bubbles.In rare cases, they may be almost all colors of the rainbow.They move fairly quickly (usually in a curve path) in front of the eyes, and always seem to be located outside of the fixation point.If people try to look directly at them, it seems that they are slightly moved away from the observer.Hence their name.

literature on this subject is full of speculation as to the source of these manifestations.Some authors have attributed them to the presence of the floating particles of dead cells or cell debris in the vitreous humor, a transparent substance that fills the eyeball 4/5 .pozadi transparent lens.It was believed that the presence of such particles on the surface of the cornea as is their appearance.In addition, it is assumed that they can be cause

d by the passage of tears on the cornea.

These "fly" so common in myopia that was assumed that they are one of the symptoms of this condition, although they can also be observed in other refractive errors, as well as in the eyes of normal in all other respects.Their appearance is attributed to disorders of blood circulation and digestion, as well as kidney disease.Due to the fact that a huge number of mentally ill people also suffer from them, it has been suggested that they are a testament to the initial stage of psychosis.They flourished drug manufacturing business.It was difficult to assess the mental torture they cause.This is well illustrated by the following case histories.

One priest, who greatly annoyed continual appearance of floating particles before the eyes of his eye doctor said that they are a symptom of kidney disease and retinal disease that often can be an early symptom of any trouble with the kidneys.This was the cause of his regular visits to the optometrist.When the doctor died, the priest immediately began to look for someone else who would periodically check his eyes.The family doctor sent him to a priest to me.

I was not as famous as his previous ophthalmologist, but it so happened that I learned somehow that the family doctor using an ophthalmoscope, while others could not do.From this, he concluded that I had quite a lot to know about the use of this tool.Moreover, the priest particularly wanted someone could carry out a full examination of his fundus and immediately detect any signs of kidney disease, which can cause the appearance of floating particles.That's how he got to me.After meeting with him, I carefully examined his eyes.The priest went away happy because I was not able to detect any abnormalities in his eyes.However, he occasionally came to see me with the sole aim to double-check.

Once, when I was out of town, he got the ashes to the eye, and it is to remove it, and went to another optometrist.When late at night I got home, I found him sitting in the doorway of my house in the hope that I can come back.His story is pathetic.The new doctor examined his eyes with an ophthalmoscope and suggested the possibility of glaucoma, describing the disease as a treacherous, which can lead to blindness, and it is sometimes excruciatingly painful.He called attention to what the patient has said before, namely, the possibility of kidney disease, noting that this may be affected by another liver and heart.The doctor advised the priest to carefully check all these bodies.

I spent one more general examination of his eyes, focusing on the intraocular pressure.He was given the opportunity to compare their eyeballs with mine, so he could make sure that they do not become solid as a rock.In the end I managed to calm him down.

In another case, a man returning once from Europe, looking at the white clouds, and noticed that his eyes appeared before any floating particles.He consulted a ship's doctor, who said that this symptom is very serious and can be a precursor to blindness.It may also be indicative of the initial stage of psychosis and other nervous disorders or organic nature.He was advised, as soon as it comes on shore, consult your family doctor and any specialists for eye diseases, which he did.

Since then, 25 years have passed, but I will never forget the terrible state of nervousness and fear, which in itself cast this man once visited me.This condition was worse than in the case of a priest who was always ready to admit that his fears were groundless.I checked the man's eyes very carefully and found them absolutely normal.Vision it was beautiful both in the near-point, and for far objects.The perception of color, the field of vision and intraocular pressure, everything was in order.Under a strong magnifying glass, I could not find any opacities in the vitreous humor of his eyes.In short, there was not any symptoms of any disease.

I told him that with his eyes all right, and showed a newspaper advertisement divination tools.A significant part of the description of the advertising took terrible things that are likely to follow after the appearance of the sight of floating particles, if a person does not start immediately to take the medicine in question.As soon as the medication vial for one dollar.I noticed that the ads, which appear every day in all the major newspapers of the city and possibly in other cities, should be worth a lot of money.Therefore, it should and bring such income.It is obvious that the suffering this symptom should be very much, and if it really was as serious as he is considered, it would be totally blind and crazy in the world.But it is not so!

My patient left quite hopeful, but by eleven o'clock (and his first visit was at nine o'clock) returned.He still saw the floating particles, and they are still excited him.I rechecked his eyes as carefully as before, and again assured him that they were in order.During the day I was not in the office, but I was told that he had been there twice - in 3 hours and 5 hours.At 7 o'clock he came back, taking with him his family doctor, my old friend.I said last: "Please make him stay at home.I have to take money from him for his visits, because it takes me a very long time, but I am ashamed to do it, because he's all right. "I do not know what my friend said to him, but more than that I have not seen person.

I did not know about muscae volitantes as much as I know now, otherwise I would be able to keep both of the above people from excessive excitement.I could tell them that their eyes are normal, but I do not know how to save them from these symptoms, which are just an illusion caused by mental stress.The appearance of particles is strongly associated with a significantly poor vision, as well as those whose vision is imperfect always make an effort to see.But people whose vision is usually normal, and may from time to time to see the floating particles as draw the eye have normal vision at all times.Most people will be able to see muscae voSi-tantes, if you look at the sun or any bright uniform surface such as a sheet of white paper on which the incident sunlight.This is due to the fact that people strain when looking at such surfaces.

other words, the particles are never visible when the eyes and the brain is not strained.However, they always disappear when the voltage fails to remove.If a person can recall some little letter on the test, using the method of central fixation, the particles immediately disappear or cease to move.But if people try to remember two or more letters equally well at the same time, they will appear again and resume their movement.

Usually the voltage that causes muscae voli-tantes, very easy to remove.One teacher, suffered from their appearance for many years, came to me because of the substantial worsening of the condition.After half an hour I was able to improve her eyesight to normal, which was a little myopic.As a result, the particles disappeared.The next day they re-emerged, but a return visit to my office brought relief.After that, the teacher learned to do the exercises at home and never encountered any problems.

One doctor, constantly suffering from headaches and muscae voSitantes, when looking at the checklist was only 20/70 vision.This retinoscope showed mixed astigmatism, and the patient is seen particles.When he looked at a blank wall clean or pure white card, retinoscope still showed mixed astigmatism, and he could still see particles.But when looking at the surface, so well I remembered the black dot, that if he had seen it with my own eyes, the particles have completely disappeared, and the retinoscope stopped to show any error of refraction.A few days later, he completely got rid of astigmatism, muscae voli-tantes and headaches as, indeed, and chronic conjunctivitis (inflammation of the conjunctiva of the eye).His eyes, which were half closed, opened wide, and the sclera was white and clean.It is without any inconvenience could read on the train, and that impressed him the most, he could now spend the night away with their patients without any problems with his eyes the next day.