Health and psyche

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Diagnosis Of Disease

famous psychologist IP Volkov described the very volume psyche, which, according to him, contains in itself the whole world, full of life and mental manifested in our body sensations, conditions, thinking and imagination, it is presentour pain and joy, but his secret is revealed to man only at the moment of dying, when he can not tell her living.

In the new century, there is still much to understand and much to study, because of the human psyche, of its identity depends largely on his health.

Mental, psychic manifestations of our lives are determined essentially and condition of the body.Psychological factors can maintain health, or, on the contrary, lead to psychosomatic diseases.

Canadian physician William Osler-writer noted, for example, that the cure of tuberculosis depends more on what the patient's head, than on the fact that the breast.

Indeed, in the literature there are many examples showing how important the installation of the patient to recover.

A case of a seriously injured man who

felt unbearable pain, and the doctors could not do anything.The patient overheard the doctors that the pain can lead to death.

Then the wounded man he decided to deal with the pain and began to suggest itself, that does not feel pain.With a lot of effort, it has ceased to perceive it, and then when he did a second operation - it was enough to just samoprikaza to no longer feel pain.

But there are other examples.The woman decided to end their own lives and not knowing what took quite harmless medicine, lay down and died ... thinking that took an overdose.

Thought is the most powerful energy in the cosmos of having both creative and destructive force.

bright and good, envious and evil thoughts never completely do not pass.Good thoughts have a beneficial effect, and evil - are harmful.Thought can injure a person and may heal, to comfort.

Thinking anyway, man creates for himself a certain atmosphere, which largely determines his actions and behavior in life.

strength of evil thoughts is great and becomes dangerous if it is sent to deliberate.For a person with heightened suggestibility such thoughts can be disastrous, they can push on bad deeds according to the will of another person.

Unfortunately, at the present time on the psychological preparation of the population, on his education in this area is still very little attention is paid.

Religious people go to church and listen to sermons about good and evil.But the media is a massive negative impact of energy (murder, rape, and so on. P.), Which has a strong influence on the psyche of people.

in 1912 E. Pisarev wrote:

«In our time has grown a whole literature, teaches" how to harness the power of thought and how to direct its currents, to achieve the desired results. "There are various "recipes" "how to have success in the society", "how to expose people to different enticings", "how to break their peace intently fixed on them" magnetic gaze "

This -. violation of the sacred human right to an internalfreedom, and if it is not punishable by the laws of the earth, it is only because such crimes are committed in the physical world and the invisible. because it is in the invisible region are psychic forces with an ax to grind. »

E. Pisarev concludes his quote thethat "these people still receive their wages».

Now is XXI century, but these warning and revealing the evil that can be applied to the power of thoughts, words, sounds quite modern.

In 1993 a book was published I. Vinokurov and D. Gurtovoy "Psychotronic war: from the myths - to the realities»

authors synthesize available on the subject of publication, as well as personal experience, believe that psychotronics - an interdisciplinary area of ​​scientific knowledge, which studies energy and information displays distant interactions..

Even in 1875, got the start electromotive hypothesis interactions.

AMButlerov, the famous chemist, raised the question of whether there can not communicate "nerve currents organisms" just as the interaction of electric currents in conductors.

This hypothesis already in 1887 proved the professor of philosophy, psychology and physiology Yu Ohorovich, but she explained the interaction of organisms only at close distances.

Next began to develop a theory of telepathy. It started in 1892.This is the question at the beginning of the 20s of the last century began to study ALChizhevsky - the famous Russian scientist.

He wrote the book "On the transfer of thoughts at a distance", but even more he was interested in the question of individual and mass suggestion.Scientists explain this phenomenon is the influence of the electromagnetic excitation centers of the individual to the respective other centers.

currently under intensive research on the transmission of thought at a distance.

IP Volkov writes about "sensory waves", perceived by our senses in a state of consciousness and wakefulness, and "psychic wave" perceived sensuous and most unconscious and the dream state.

This perception is carried out remotely.Thoughts and images of one person can be perceived by another located away thousands of kilometers.

Convincing data on the possible transfer of image information over long distances have been obtained in recent years in Yakutia, Bulgaria, Serbia.Global experiments conducted Novosibirsk scientists in the Far North.

AV Trofimov, Director of the International Institute of Space Anthropology, summarizing the numerous studies, concluded that the channels distant interactions between people are already fairly well understood at the individual level, researchers in Europe and America, working in the field of psychology transpersonalnoy.

We stood at the limits of ordinary reality, followed by classical science is losing its scientific potential.

IP Volkov in his excellent book "The body and the mind," says that the thinking brain - psyche carrier material, but mental functions are not reducible to the functions of the brain.

psyche - it is also the ideal power penetrate any matter like the CMB, or cosmic neutrino flux.For a man as a rational thinking being to know the mind means to know yourself, the scientist says.

Tolstoy wrote:

«Our life is good or bad matter what our thoughts."

Scientists have found that you can help yourself by thinking and self-hypnosis.Unfortunately, many do not know how to use these effects, and many do not want to, because I do not believe in their reality.

Divine Mother (Mirra Alfassa) says the use of self-hypnosis for the prevention and treatment of disease:

«Do not love your disease, and the disease will leave you.Awaken the will to win.Not only will the mind, but in every cell of your body.Without it you can not do anything, t. E. You can take hundreds of drugs, but they do not cure, if you do not have the will to overcome physical illness. "

If a person thinks a lot about the disease, about their illness or one which is a neighbor, but for myself, it is a bad assistant to the organism.It is necessary to give the program the body to health and to convince oneself, "I am absolutely healthy!»

idea of ​​love and goodwill can help loved ones turn to them with words of consolation, and they will feel your support.

In a foreign institution for seriously ill spent such studies: Patients were divided into two equal groups according to severity.

Over one for many days, the group of close friends and relatives prayed in the church and asked about their recovery.In the end it turned out that the deaths were not observed in this group, which can not be said of the second group.

can also help and contact the dead, which are invisible to us in the world.The founders of religions have established prayer for the dead with full knowledge of all the values ​​of these invisible relationships.

It should be said that the people can be a creator and his endless excitements, alarms that maintains a constant stimulation.