Strabismus and Amblyopia : Their Treatment

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Good Vision

proved that strabismus and amblyopia, like errors of refraction, are purely functional problems.The fact that they are always reduced by stress relief, which is accompanied, it follows that their removal can be used any methods that help achieve relaxation and central fixation.As in the case of refractive errors, squint disappears and the amblyopia is corrected as soon as the person achieves sufficient to remember absolutely black dot, mental control.In this way, both conditions can be temporarily improved after a few seconds, and their permanent elimination is, in fact, the process of making this temporary state continuously.

One of the best ways to achieve mental control in cases of strabismus is studying ways to produce other types of strabismus, or a method of increasing the existing strabismus.Typical in this respect is the case of one woman who had divergent vertical squint in both eyes.When her left eye was straight the right eye turned outward and upward.When the right eye was straight the left

eye deflected downward and outward.Both eyes were amblyopic and double vision.In this image appeared on the one side, then on the opposite side.She suffered from headaches, and glasses and other treatments did not bring relief.For this reason, it is set up for the operation and went for consultation to the surgeon with the hope that he will take up the matter.Surgeon, puzzled find many muscles with a probable violation of their duties, asked my opinion as to which of them should operate.

I showed the woman how to degrade her squint, and advise the surgeon to treat her eye instead of training operations.He did so, and less than a month, a woman has learned to randomly deflect both eyes.At first, she did it by looking at the pencil she held over his nose.Later she was able to do so without a pencil.Eventually she learned to produce on request any type of strabismus.The treatment was not pleasant for her, because the production of new types of strabismus or exacerbation of existing accompanied by painful sensations, but this led to a complete and permanent removal of both strabismus and amblyopia.The same method has been successfully applied to other people.

Some people do not know they are looking directly at the subject or not.They can help if the other person will follow the deviating eye and correct people so that they more closely watched in the right direction.When deviating eyes looking directly at the object, strain to see is reduced and, consequently, improves eyesight.Closing the good eye with an opaque screen or frosted glass stimulates a proper use of the squinting eye, especially if the vision of the eye is imperfect.

In the case of children under six years of age and strabismus usually can be controlled by one percent solution of atropine, which is twice a day to dig in one or both eyes for many months, a year or longer.Atropine hinders vision child objects and makes unbearable sunlight.To overcome this obstacle, the child is forced to relax, and the relaxation cures the squint.

Improvement achieved by methods of training the eye, in the case of strabismus and amblyopia is sometimes so fast that it seems almost unbelievable.Below are a few examples.

The girl was eleven years convergent vertical squint of the left eye.This eye for distance vision was 3/200, while the near-point it was so bad that she could not even read.The vision of the right eye was normal on both distances.When she came into my office, she was wearing glasses, but benefit from them did not have any.When the girl's left eye looked three feet away from the big letter "C", she could see her better than when she looked directly at her.When I asked her to count the fingers on my hand, which I held in three feet away from the card, they handcuffed her attention that she was able to see the large letter worse.It is convinced that when she looks away from the card, she can see it better or worse, depending on her wishes, and asked her to pay attention to the fact that when she sees the letter worse her vision improved, and when she seesits better vision deteriorates.After several movements from the card to a point three feet away from it, and the letters of vision worse her vision improved to 10/200.

Her ability to move around and see worse improved as the training so quickly that in less than 10 days, her vision was normal in both eyes.After that, in less than two weeks later, her vision improved to 20/10 already.At the same diamond type was read with each eye at a distance of 3 to 20 inches.After 3 weeks, her vision was to give 20/5 under artificial light.At the same time she read the smaller font photocopies from a distance of 2 inches.Testing was carried out for both eyes together and for each eye separately.Unfamiliar checklists read it as easily as the familiar.She was advised to continue the treatment at home in order to avoid relapse.For 3 years after the treatment, no recurrence happened.During treatment in my office and at home training a good eye was covered with an opaque screen, but at other times it is removed.

A similar case occurred with a girl of fourteen, whose childhood was strabismus.The internal rectus muscle was cut when she was 2 years old, but she still pulled into the eye.The girl resisted wearing glasses with frosted glass over her good eye due to the fact that his friends teased her.In addition, it is thought that the glass is drawn to more attention than her squint.Once she lost her glasses in the snow, but her father immediately got her a new pair.Then she said that she was ill and could not go to school.I told her father that his daughter's hysterical nature, and she just writes that patients avoid treatment.Her father insisted on the continuation of treatment, but because the girl did not feel very good to come to me, I went to see it myself.

not without the help of her father made it clear that the treatment will still have to continue, and then it with such energy and wit began to work that in half an hour and the former vision kosivshego amblyopic eye improved from 20/30 to 3/200.She was also able to cope with the fine print, which is held at a distance of 12 inches.In school she returned, wearing glasses with ground glass over the good eye, but whenever she wanted to see something, she watched over them.The father followed her to school, trying to persuade her to use the weaker eye instead of better.It concluded that the simplest way out of the current difficult situation for her would be to follow my instructions.Less than a week squint was corrected and, in both eyes, she found normal vision.At the beginning of the treatment, she could not, despite the weaker eye, count your fingers to 3 feet, and within three weeks, including all the time that she spent in vain, she did not have any problems in this regard.Once told about it, it seemed only to her that kept her interested at this point, there was a question whether or not it will even wear glasses with frosted glass.The girl was assured that this would not be necessary, unless there is a recurrence, but recurrence in the future has not come.

In the third case, a girl of eight years, from infancy had amblyopia and strabismus.The vision of the right eye was 10/40, the vision of the left - 20/30.Glasses did not improve vision or one eye.Child planted 20 feet from the card.Right (weaker) eye covered with an opaque screen.The girl was asked to look better eye on the large letter on the test card and pay attention to its clarity.Then she was asked to look at a point three feet away from the Snellen test.Her attention was drawn to the fact that she did not see the large letter is as good as ever.Point fixing transferred closer and closer to the letter as long as the child is not paying attention to the fact that the vision deteriorates, she looks just a few inches away from the letter.When the girl was looking at some little letter, it is readily recognized that eccentric fixation of less than one inch impairs her vision.

Once she learned to increase the amblyopia better eye, the eye began to cover, while the other (weaker) eye began to teach visual impairment through eccentric fixation.This was done in a few minutes.The girl explained that the cause of her poor vision had a habit of looking at the objects part of the retina, located away from the center of true.She was advised when viewing checklist to look at her directly.Less than half an hour the vision of the left eye was normal, and the right eye improved from 10/40 to 10/10.The vision of the girl was normal after 2 weeks.