Exudative- catarrhal diathesis

August 12, 2017 17:50 | People's Treatment Of Allergies

Commonly referred to as a disease in which the child's skin and mucous membranes are very sensitive and sore.Explaining the reason for such displays, doctors usually refer to hereditary susceptibility to allergic reactions and protracted

disease.As a rule, state the fact of unfavorable conditions of fetal development: irrational maternal nutrition, inadequate medical therapy, fasting hypoxic fetus (conceived in a drunken condition, conceived in madness - in a frenzy born disease).

After giving birth, symptoms of allergic reactions associated with food allergens, which are cow's milk, chocolate, strawberry, citrus, egg protein, river fish.

disease can occur rapidly in the first days of life, certainly it manifests pronounced symptoms.Drug treatment is exacerbated by the symptoms of the disease.Diathesis passes in atopic dermatitis, and cough - in asthma.The disease may be anemic that language practitioners is favorable.And parents are waiting for, when the child will outgrow the disease.

manifestation of exudative-catarrhal diathesis: skin lesions - gneiss, diaper rash, cradle cap, eczema, pruritus and strofulyus.

Gneiss - in infants appear brown greasy scales on the eyebrows and scalp.The skin beneath them inflamed.This is seborrhea.It can expand its area and turn into eczema.In the folds of the skin diaper rash appears.

On the cheeks thickens the skin and begins to flake - is cradle cap.On the skin of the face and body appear smaller bubbles with a liquid - is rash.The skin becomes inflamed, the bubbles burst, follows yellowish liquid.When drying of the crust formed.Rash accompanied by itching.Weeping eczema lasts long.Sometimes weeping eczema alternated with dry, scaly and itchy.It appears neurodermatitis.

older children skin lesion appears as a small nodular rash - strofulyusa, or in the form of small, dense itchy nodules on the hands and feet -pochesuha.

exudative-catarrhal diathesis cause excessive uneven sloughing tongue epithelium (geographic tongue), inflammation of the eyes, upper respiratory tract, often turns into asthma.Manifest urinary tract inflammation.Diarrhea alternating with constipation.A large amount of mucus.


1) established a diet with restriction of carbohydrate foods;

2) introduces an early complementary feeding meat;

3) in the case of antigen detection is carried drugs Injection series Tavegilum, suprastin, Peritol, Phencarolum, ketotifen;

4) is assigned to a drug which enhances digestion: mezim forte, Festal, pancreatin, as well as preparations for the body to adapt to the situation of contaminated organism - adaptogens - Dibazolum, pentoksil;

5) children with severe itching prescribe medication, calming the nervous system (phenobarbital);

6) is often to relieve external symptoms used extracts - chamomile, oak bark, thyme, viburnum, celandine, Dog rose oil, sea buckthorn, cedar;

7) the child is not scratched on the elbows impose tires made of cardboard.Wear cloth gloves, a mask is applied clay to the affected areas of the skin with eczema;

8) need to bathe the child frequently - 3 times a day.In Russia, there was a custom to prepare

for children infusions of willow (willow), consecrated on Lazarus Saturday.Bunches of young shoots brewed and bathed in the water of children;

9) water the patient with allergic manifestations and infusions of the bark from the plum tree.This bark is good to wash the eyes and ears of the sick child.

Simple Tips with exudative-catarrhal diathesis:

1) feeding mother's milk as long as possible - it helps to form the immune system, and enzyme systems of the body;

2) start to give different lures as late as possible.The more you will delay the start of contacts with the new materials, the lower the probability of the development of their intolerance;

3) quenched child!This will help to make the immune system stable and to colds, and allergies;

4) do not forget the obligatory daily airing of the room and fresh air;

5) less contact with household cleaning products.Make sure the child is thoroughly washed off with soap and shampoo itself, and if it helps you at home - dish detergent, etc .;.

6) Wash children's things up to 5 years, only children's soap.What is more important to you -bezuprechnaya white or health of the child?It is advisable to wash the same soap

and parental things, at least, exclude powders with enzymes.A very common situation when a child in the little things, Wash children's soap, rubbing attractive face of the mother's gown after washing powder with biological systems.As a result, on the causes of skin irritation guess no one can;

7) must iron the baby bedding and underclothes things.The high temperature will destroy the remnants of the detergent molecules.However, this also applies to clothing their parents;

8) try not to dress the child up to 5 years in woollens;

9) do not start any pets until your child is 5 years;

10) is not grass kid passive smoking!Otherwise, all the other measures are simply useless.