Moving , swaying and eyes

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Good Vision

When the eye with normal vision sees any letter near or far away, it may seem a vibrating or moving in different directions: side to side, up and down or inclined.When a person looks from one letter checklist to another or from one edge to the other letters, not only the letter but also the entire string of letters and all the checklist may seem like moving from side to side.This apparent motion due to eye movement always occurs in the direction opposite to its motion.

If one looks at the top of the letter, the letter is below the line of sight, and therefore seem journeyed down.If one looks at the bottom of the letter, it will be on sight line and displays having moved up.If you look to the left of the letter, it will appear to the right of the line of sight and journeyed seem right.If you look to the right of the letter, it will be on the left of the line of sight and seem journeyed to the left.

People with normal vision are rarely aware of this illusion and may meet with difficulties in its demonstr

ation.But in all cases, that occurred to me during the research, it is always through a more or less prolonged period of time could acquire the ability to produce this illusion.When imperfect vision, letters or even remain stationary moves in the same direction as the eyes.

eye can not fix some point a fraction of a second.If you try to do so, the eyes begin to strain and vision deteriorates.This is easily seen, trying to keep one eye of the letters within sensible period of time.Regardless of how well the vision, the letter very quickly begin to fade or even disappear.Sometimes the effort to keep it will cause pain.In exceptional cases, the point may appear to be held for a considerable period of time.Users thus think they hold it, but it's only because the eyes move unconsciously.Movement in this case so quickly that all objects appear to be visible at the same time.

Moving eyes with normal sight usually unnoticed, but direct examination with the ophthalmoscope it can always be identified.If this tool to examine one eye, while the other sees a small area directly in front of the examinee eye that follows the movements of the other, it will be seen to move in different directions, which are typically unstable, from side to side, up and down in a circle.If the vision is normal, these movements are extremely fast and are not accompanied by a display of force.Moves eyes with imperfect vision, on the contrary, slow, the amplitude of the movement is broader and they abruptly made a visible effort.

can also be shown that the eye is able to move at a speed that can not be tagged with the ophthalmoscope.The normal eye can read the 14 letters of the bottom line of Snellen test card at a distance of 10-15 feet in the dim light at such a speed that they seem to be visible all the time.Furthermore, it can be demonstrated that in order to identify characters in such conditions, it is necessary to make four movements about each of them.In the near-point, despite the fact that one part of the letter seen better than anything else, the residue can still be seen well enough to be recognized.But distance letter impossible to identify if the eye moves from top to bottom and from one side to the other part of the letter.Eyes, in addition, must move from one letter to another, producing about 70 moves a fraction of a second.

string of small letters in the Snellen test card may have dimensions less than the length of the foot in the quarter-inch height.If, in order to see it, as it seems, all at once, it takes about 70 eye movements in a split second, then to see the size of a cinema screen area with all the details of the images of people, animals, houses, trees, requires thousands of such movements.To see the 16 such areas in the second, what we do when watching movies, you need the speed of movement, which is difficult to imagine.

It is not only the fact that the human eye and brain are capable of such action speed without any effort or stress, but that the rest state of the eyes and the brain is a prerequisite for a maximum speed and efficiency of their work.It is known that any movement of the eye produces an error of refraction, but when this movement is short, the value of the anomaly is very small.Usually these moving so fast that a deviation from the norm of refraction does not last long enough so that it can be seen using the retinoscope.Its existence can be noted only in reducing the number of movements to less than 4.5 second.The period during which the eye is at rest, substantially exceeds the period of production of refraction.Therefore, when moving the eyes is normal, it does not appear any error of refraction.The higher the speed of the unconscious movement of his eyes, the better the vision.But if a man will try to realize any individual is very fast moving, the voltage will be displayed.

Normal vision is impossible without the continuous movement.This movement is a shining example of mental control necessary for normal vision.This control must be perfect in order to have time to think about the thousands of things in a split second.At the same time each fixation point is necessary to understand separately, as well to think about two things, or two parts of the same thing at the same time is impossible.Eye with imperfect vision trying to do the impossible, trying to look fixedly at one point for a sensible period of time, ie,closely.When he looks at the strange letter and did not see her, he continued to look at her, putting effort to see her better.This effort always ends in nothing, and serves as an important factor of deterioration.

One of the best methods to improve the view, as we discovered, is a conscious imitation of the unconscious movement of the normal eye and awareness of apparent movement (swinging), produced in such a movement.Normal vision or not, consciously moving and swinging the eye have great help and benefit.This method can improve not only poor, but also normal vision.When the vision is imperfect, movement, if it is done correctly, gives a rest to your eyes as palming and always leads to a reduction or correction of refractive errors.

eye with normal sight never tries to keep the point of a fraction of a second, and when he moved, he always sees the previous fixing point worse.When the eye ceases to move quickly and sees the point at which it moved, worse, vision ceases to be normal letters pitching either not occur or it is delayed, or else sometimes the opposite to what it should be.These facts formed the basis for treatment with the method of travel.

To see the previous commit point worse eye with poor vision should look away from her more than it does the eye with normal vision.If the eye, for example, will move only a quarter inch, he can see a previous fixation point as good or even better than before, and instead to rest as a result of such movement, it will further increase the voltage.There will not be any pitching noted letters and vision deteriorates.When he was two inches might be able to get rid of the first point, and if the point will not be held more than a second, as a result of eye movement get rest.This illusion of pitching letters can be reached.The shorter the movement, the greater the benefit, but even a very long movement - for example, 3 feet and more- will help those who can not make shorter movement.

On the other hand, when a person is able to make a short move, long movement impairs vision.Muscled My letters is an indication that the movement is done correctly, and when that happens, the vision always improving.You can move your eyes without vision improvement, but to create the illusion of pitching letters without improving it is impossible.When this can be done with a long movement, the movement can gradually reduce as long as the person can not move the view from the top of the smallest letters on the test card to the bottom of them (or something else), while maintaining the illusion of pitching.Later, he will be able to recognize the letters pitching without consciously moving your eyes.

Regardless of the degree of perfection, yet previous locking point seen worse, there is always the possibility to move and produce rocking.Even diplopia and poliopiya (or double vision and multiple images) does not prevent rocking with some improvement in vision.Usually eye with imperfect vision is able to move from one end of the checklist to another or from any point on its top to a point at the bottom of the table and observed here that in the first case, the table seems to be moving from side to side, and in the second case,-verh down.

When people suffer a high degree of eccentric fixation, in order to see the previous commit point worse after removal from it, you can use some of the techniques.However, normally the people who can not see worse during movement at remote sites, it can easily achieve near since their vision at this point is better than any other, not only for myopia, but often with hyperopia.When the rocking effect will be achieved in the near-point distance can be gradually increased, while the same can not be done from a distance of 20 feet.

movements and the illusion of rocking often more successfully manage to achieve, giving rest to the eyes, closing them or making palming.This method of alternation of eye movements with the rest breaching, people with very imperfect sight sometimes sought temporary or permanent vision improvement within a few weeks.

movement can be done slowly or rapidly, depending on the condition of vision.At first, people probably will tighten, if will make moving too fast.In this case, the point at which it moves, there will be less visible.There will thus be seen and no pitching.With the improvement of speed can be increased.However, pitching usually realize object, if the movement is faster than 3.2 times a second, it is impossible.

mental image of any letter, as a rule, it can be exactly the same as the swinging and the letter from the checklist.For most people, the mental object swinging at first given easier than visual (although there are people who do the opposite).When they learn to rock the letters in such a way, easier for them to become, and the buildup of letters on the Snellen test.Alternation of mental and visual swinging movements and sometimes can lead to rapid progress.With the deepening of mental relaxation amplitude swing can be reduced until it becomes possible to imagine a rock and letter size of a period in the newspaper.When this can be done, in fulfilling it is easier than swinging a capital letter.Many people seem to be of great benefit.

All people, regardless of the magnitude of refractive error, correct it partially or completely (which is confirmed by the retinoscope) for at least a split second, when they are able to successfully carry out moving and swinging.This time may be insufficient to man realized improvement in vision, but he could imagine it, which will facilitate the preservation relax long enough to realize an improved view.For example, looking first to the side of the checklist, a person can look back on a great beech "C" on it.At the same time a split second refraction may be reduced or corrected, as shown by the retinoscope.However, he can not realize improve vision.However, providing that the letter "C" seen better relaxation can be extended sufficiently in time to realize it.

When swinging, mental or visual, is successful, the person may experience a feeling of relaxation, which manifests itself as a feeling of universal sway.This sensation is linked to any object that is perceived (felt) man.This movement can be present in any part of the body to which attention is directed.It can be linked with a chair on which a person sits, or any object in the room, or even with anything that comes to mind.Rock the building may seem, the city, the whole world.When a person is aware of this universal sway, he loses the memory of the object from which it started.But as long as he is able to maintain a sense of such a movement in the opposite direction to the true movement of the eye, or the movement of representing mentally, relaxation will be maintained.However, if the direction of the movement system, the voltage will be displayed.Provide universal swinging with your eyes closed easily.Some people manage to do it soon and with open eyes.Later, the feeling of relaxation that accompanies swinging can be achieved without the realization of the latter, whereas the effect of rocking can always be achieved only when a person thinks about it.

There is only one reason for the failure to achieve the illusion of rocking.This reason - stress.Some people try to make an effort to sway the letter.Such efforts always end up with nothing.Do not rock the eyes and brain letters they swing themselves.The eye can move freely.This is a muscular act, which is the result of the motor pulse.Rocking will come by itself, "gravity", if the movement is normal.It does not create a relaxing, but it is his testimony.Despite the fact that in itself it has no value, it is valuable because, like the point serves as an indicator that the relaxation is maintained.

In various cases, the following useful travel methods have been found:

N 1

a) look at any letter on the test;

b) move to another letter on the same line at a sufficient distance from the first, so that it was less visible;

c) re-look at the first letter, the second seeing worse;

g) alternately looking at the letters in a few seconds, seeing worse than the letter, which is not directed gaze.

When manage to do this exercise, the vision of both letters is improved.They appear thus moving sideways (sway) in the direction opposite to the movement of the eye.

N 2

a) look at any large letter;

b) look at the letter of the smaller far enough away from it.Most of the letter will then be visible to worse;

c) re-look at the large letter and see it better;

g) Repeat 6 times.

When it is possible to exercise the vision of improving both the letters and the checklist seems to moving up and down.

N 3

Moving the methods described above, allows a person to see a letter on the line better than the other letters, and usually allows it to distinguish between flashes.To see the letter continuously, you must learn how to move from its top to bottom and from the bottom of the letter to its top, seeing the worst part is not considered right, and creating the illusion of rocking:

a) look up over the letter to the point, it is sufficientremoved from the top of the letter to its bottom to see the entire letter or worse;

b) look down from the letters on the point, quite distant from the bottom of the letter, to see the top or the entire letter is worse;

c) Repeat 6 times.

If it successfully manages, the letter will appear swinging up and down, and improve eyesight.This movement can then be reduced until the fail move between the top and bottom of the letter, keeping rocking.The letter will now be permanently visible.If this method is unsuccessful, give your eyes a rest, do palming and repeat again.

can also practice moving from one side to the letters on the point on the other side of the other side or from one corner of the letters on the point for a different angle.


a) look at any letter from a distance, from which it is seen best.In myopia, this distance will be less than a foot, and that of the face.Move from top to bottom until the letter until you can alternately see each one worse, the letter does not seem darker than before, and the illusion will swing;