food Regulations

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Diagnosis Of Disease

The first thing you should pay attention - this is the condition of the teeth.If the teeth are painfully react to cold or hot, for salted or sweet foods, then it may be a manifestation of caries or hypersensitivity with bare roots of the teeth, with their hard tissue defects, cracked or chipped.All this is cause for mandatory treatment to the dentist - poor mastication of food is reflected in the work of the stomach.

When chewing food salivate, as contained in the saliva enzyme - lysozyme - gives it antibacterial properties.During the day, a healthy person stands up to 2 liters of saliva.It contains enzymes that can break down proteins and carbohydrates in alkaline and neutral media.

In the stomach hydrochloric acid is released, which creates a highly acidic environment.It is necessary to know, for creating a very acidic environment in the mouth, you exclude the necessary work of the stomach.

Vegetables and fruits - the main sources of carbohydrates - should be thoroughly chewed in the mouth, contri

buting already here their cleavage.

People who are poorly chewed food, almost always have problems with the stomach.

Speaking of eating, it is necessary to know another truth: a useful food cooked with love and joy, and of the products that nature gives us.Do not eat in the excited, nervous state.

Speaking of food, it should be emphasized that one of the costs of civilization is to create new products and especially sugar.

If you eat sugar in moderation, it is not very scary.However, as the researchers found if eat 50 grams of sugar, then after 2 h the concentration of insulin in the blood increases, increasing in 2-3 times.

The experiment proved that the addition of such insulin within 30 min at 2-fold increase in cholesterol synthesis aortic tissue.

Eating animal fat can not be ruled out - it contains vitamin D. However, the foundation of the diet should be plant foods - fruits and vegetables.

This reduces the risk of cancer and slows the rate of development of atherosclerosis.

found that a lower content of animal fat in the diet, sugar, and salt restriction, but more supplementation starch, fruits and vegetables reduces the risk of premature myocardial infarction, stroke and hypertension, as well as diabetes and cancer.

optimum is to maintain weight, which has been in 20-25 years, if the person was healthy in the years.

The choice should be determined by individual diet and individual features of human nature and a family predisposition to certain diseases.

According to the famous physiologist K. Bykov, causes of many pathologies of the gastrointestinal tract is a discrepancy between meals with the time of its readiness to accept the body.

Also, be aware that during the day the need for the amount of food in different chronotype different individuals.

People chronotype morning - "larks" - after waking up like hearty breakfast and in the evening it is enough light dinner.

People chronotype evening - "Owl", on the contrary, limited to a light breakfast in the morning and in the evening prefer dense dinner.

Scientists believe that each species in the course of life can only use a certain amount of energy.This view is confirmed in our time and IA Arshavskii.And the sooner this is achieved the energy limit, the shorter the life of a single individual.

Throughout the history of mankind is looking for the same for all, a rational scheme of power.

create different diets for the prevention of cancer, cardiovascular and other diseases.

However, people have different types of metabolism, different heredity, different tastes and other features.

All this suggests that a generalized approach to nutrition is clearly insufficient.What useful alone, it may not be desirable for others.

In recent years there have been interesting studies on communication blood group in humans and primary content of a particular food protein.

For example, in group II blood people prefer mutton or pork, and in Group I - beef and chicken.People with group III prioritize rabbit.When

apparent tendency to develop hypertension and atherosclerosis lowering cholesterol in blood plasma is expedient to a certain level.Therefore, the future of medicine - it is individual selection of diets, too.