What kills teeth

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Teeth

factors affecting the health of teeth, divided into internal and external.Among the external factors, which form the teeth of the disease, are part of write, water, soil characteristics, climate, living conditions, social conditions, etc.The internal factors include the individual physiological and anatomical features, age, heredity, immunity, and other parameters.Is it possible to protect against diseases own teeth?Oh sure!To do this, follow the level of fluoride, hygiene and eat rationally.

For example, frequent eating of sweet foods kills the teeth in two ways.Primarily, sweets - food for microorganisms which effectively destroy the teeth enamel.Also, the teeth are not used for other purposes (such as chewing tool), whereby they are attenuated.Of course, there is no sense to ban sweets entirely - but they need to eat moderately and in different forms (for example, eat more fruits and vegetables), as well as brushing your teeth, which would remove the remnants of food from the mouth.

Good nutrition must be ensured even in the framework of pre-natal development of the body through proper nutrition mother.After the birth of the best means by which to care for oral, becomes the mother's milk.Today the emphasis is on the natural long feeding - it can be used not just to get all the substances necessary for growth, but also to protect against diseases of the oral cavity.After the baby teeth appear, it should immediately eliminate the so-called "chewing the deficit."If you do not use your teeth to their core function, then over time they grow decrepit and broken formation of dentition and jaw.Another important point - the connection of chewing and digestion of food the stomach.This relationship is stored on the reflex level, so as excessive or insufficient chewing adversely affects the condition of the stomach and the whole organism.

separate topic - oral hygiene.However, today the dentist in any children's hospital will tell about the proper care of your teeth.The only problem, which is difficult to solve on their own, is the regulation of the fluorine content.However, in many regions, it decided at the state level - implemented fluoride toothpaste, operate state programs fluoridation of salt and water, as preventive measures include fluoride varnish and fluoride tablets with drugs.

short, healthy teeth today - it's real, and requirements that are related to their conservation, are simple, they can do both children and adults.