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All methods used to eliminate refractive errors, are only different ways of achieving relaxation.Most people, though not all, are the easiest to relax with your eyes closed.This usually reduces the effort to see, which is accompanied by a more or less long-term improvement in sight.

Most people simply closing the eyes helps.Interleaving in this manner resting eye for several minutes or longer to opening the eyes and in looking at the test for a second or less allows usually flashes quickly achieve improved vision.Some people are making such a way for a while almost normal sight, but in rare cases, and achieved full recovery of (sometimes less than an hour).

However, a certain amount of light still streaming through closed eyelids.Therefore, an even greater degree of relaxation can be achieved in almost all, with rare exceptions, cases, to prevent such a possibility.To do this, we must put on the closed eyes palms of the hands (fingers crossed on the forehead) so as to avoid pressure on the eyeballs.Thi

s technique, which I called "palming", as a method of stress relief is so effective that we all instinctively resort to it from time to time.Most people in this manner can achieve a significant degree of relaxation.

But even with closed eyes, covered with palms, which eliminates the light, the visual centers of the brain may still be excited, and my eyes are still straining to see.Instead of seeing the field, so black that can neither remember nor present, nor see anything blacker (which would normally be visible when the optic nerve is not exposed to light), people will see me all the time illusions of light and colorfrom not quite black to kaleidoscopic displays.They are so bright that it seems as if the eye actually sees them.As a rule, the worse the condition of the more numerous, vivid and stable, these manifestations.However, some people with very poor vision from the outset unable to do palming almost perfect and very fast cure through it.Any deviations in the activity of the mind or body, such as fatigue, hunger, anger, anxiety or depression make it difficult for the patient's vision of a black field while palming.People who under normal circumstances can perfectly see the black, are often unable to do so without the help from the outside, when they are sick or are experiencing any pain.

See absolute black is not possible if vision is flawed, since it is possible only when the mind is at rest.However, some people can easily get close to black an extent which is sufficient to improve their vision.People who during palming can not even see something close to black, seeing instead floating strips of gray clouds, flashes of light, red, blue, green, yellow flies, and so on. D. Sometimes, instead of a stationary black field black clouds are visible,moving across the field of view.In some cases, black is visible only a few seconds, and then it is replaced by some other color.In practice, the reasons for which people at the time palming can not see the black box, are very diverse and often very strange.

Some people are so impressed by the brightness of the colors, which they saw in its submission that no arguments could not convince them that they do not see them actually.When other people, closing her eyes and covering them with his hands, saw the bright light and color, they assumed that it might be an illusion, but when they do under the same circumstances, have seen things they thought their reality.They do not believe in it until we are convinced that these illusions arise from the imagination, released from their control.

In such difficult cases, successful palming usually involves the use of all methods to improve vision, described in the following articles.For reasons which will be explained in the following articles, most of these people can assist recollection of a black object.At this place you need to see from a distance, from which the color can be seen best.Then you need to close your eyes and remember the color, repeating as long as recalled will not be equal to what they see.Then, still holding the memory of black, it is necessary to previously described method to cover the closed eyes palms of the hands.If the memory is ideal for black, and the entire background is black.If it fails and becomes background after a few seconds, so it is necessary to open our eyes and re-examine the black object.

Many people in this manner can for a short time to see almost perfectly black.But most of them, even those whose eyesight is not very bad, has difficulty in vision black for a long time.They may not remember the black more than 3-5 seconds.These people will help central fixation.When they learn to see one of the black object blacker than the whole property as a whole, they will be able to remember the smaller area for a longer time than would have remembered a great size area.This will give them a chance when they do palming, more time to see the black.The benefit also brings a mental moving from one black object to another, or from one part of a black object to another.

impossible to see, remember or represent anything, even for a second, without having to move from one part to another object or some other object and back again.Trying to make it always leads to stress.Anyone who thinks that he remembers a black object continuously, in fact subconsciously compares it with something not so black, or color and position will be constantly changing.Even something as simple as a point, it is impossible to remember perfectly black and perfectly still for more than a split second.

When the move is not done unconsciously, it should be done deliberately.For example, think of one after another black hat, black shoe, black velvet dress, black plush curtain or pleated black dress or curtain, keeping in mind every thing no more than a split second.Many people helps bust in memory of all the letters of the alphabet one by one, remembering them completely black.Others prefer to move from one small black object, such as a black dot or a small letter to another, or "rock" means an object which will be described later.

In some cases, the following method proved to be successful.When a person sees some object that, in his opinion, is perfectly black, let him remember a piece of white chalk on the background, and chalk the letter «F» as black as a background.Then let him forget about chalk and only remembers the letter «F» (with one part of it better than anyone else) on a black background.In a short time the entire field can be as black as a black part of the «F».This process can be repeated with a constant increase in the black field.

One woman, when she closed her eyes and covered them, palms of hands, so bright Gray saw that she was in full confidence that he sees it with his own eyes.Rather than simply be black, she learned to erase from the memory of almost all gray, representing the first one black letter "C" on a gray background, then two black letters "C" and, finally, a lot of overlapping letters "C".

Remind black can not be clear if it was not clearly seen.If a person saw a black fuzzy, the best thing he can do is just as clearly remember it.All human beings, without exception, able to see or read diamond in the near-point, no matter how great the degree of myopia and the degree of damage the internal parts of the eye, can see the black during palming more easily than people with hyperopia or astigmatism.This is due to the fact that myopic, despite the fact that they can not be seen perfectly, even in the near-point, see it is still better than those with astigmatism or hyperopia can see at all distances.However, people with high degrees of myopia often find palming very difficult, because they are not only very bad seeing black, but also because of the effort that they put to see, can not remember the black more than 1-2 seconds.

Anyone else that interferes with a person clearly see the black eye condition also hampers palming.In some cases, what should be black never seen such looks gray, yellow, brown or even bright red.In such cases usually best to improve vision other methods which will be described later, before you start trying to do palming.Blind people usually experience great difficulties in the vision of black than sighted people.But they can help the recollection of a black object familiar to them to vision loss.A blind artist who at first, trying to do palming, saw all the gray time, was able to see the black later, remembering the black paint.Any perception of light he was completely absent, which caused him terrible suffering.But when he succeeded in a vision of black, the pain subsided and he opened his eyes, he saw the light.

useful not even a very clear recollection of the black, as it can be will see even darker hue, and this, in turn, will lead to further improvements.For example, look at any letter on the card from a distance, from which the visible color of her best, and then close your eyes and remember her.If palming leads to relaxation, it will be possible to visualize deeper than has been seen, a shade of black.Remembering the black during re-examining the letters, you can see it more black than it was before.Then blackness can visualize even greater depth, and deeper black is, in turn, can be transferred to the letter on the test card.Continuing this process, sometimes very quickly manages to achieve the perfect perception of black, and, therefore, a perfect view.The deeper the shade of black to visualize, the easier it is to remember when looking at the letters on the Snellen test.

Some people do palming the longer, the greater the degree of relaxation is achieved and a darker shade of black can remember and see.Others, however, it should be noted, are able to successfully do palming a short period of time and begin to experience stress if you do it too long.

Reach the goal effort or attempt to "focus" on the black impossible.Under the concentration is usually understood doing or thinking only about one thing.But it is almost impossible, and the attempt to do the impossible, and there is tension.The human mind can not think only about one thing.He can think of one thing better than all the rest and be at rest only when it goes well.But only think of one thing he is not capable.One woman, who was trying to see only black and neglected kaleidoscopic colors, arbitrarily interferes in its field of view, the set is larger, the more she ignored them, even he fell into convulsions due arising under this stress.A month went to her family doctor, before she was able to resume their treatment.The woman was advised to stop palming and opened his eyes to recall as many flowers as you can, remembering everyone as best as possible.Thus, deliberately making his thought more wandering than it was done unconsciously, she was able to do palming for short periods of time.

You may find that certain types of black objects are remembered more easily than others.For many people the "optimum" in comparison with black velvet, silk, cloth, ink and letters with the checklist turned black fur, though he is black is not more than just listed black objects.Anyone familiar black object recall patients more easily than the less familiar.A dressmaker, for example, could remember a string of black silk, but remember some other black object she could not.When

before palming seen any black letter, the patient usually remembers not only her black, but in addition, and white background.However, if the memory can not save black for a few seconds, the background usually fades and the entire field of view becomes black.

On the other hand, people often say that they remember black perfectly, though in fact it is not.Whether or not it can generally be said analyzing palming impact on vision.If does not come any improvement in vision when the eye is opened, then raising a black closer to the patient, it can be shown that it is remembered not quite perfect.

Despite the fact that the black color is usually the most easy for the memories, if you can not remember, the goal is sometimes achieved by using the following method.Remember the number of color-bright red, yellow, green, blue, purple, and in particular, all white- maximize color intensity, which will be achieved.Do not attempt to keep some of them more than a second.Do this exercise for 5-10 minutes.Then think of a piece of white chalk around a half-inch in diameter so white as possible.Note the color background.Usually it will be some shade of black.If so, did you check out, you can remember or see the eyes open something darker.Whenever white chalk recall perfectly, background is black so will be something to remember or to see with open eyes blacker than anything will be possible.

When palming is successful, it represents one of the best ways that I know of, to ensure relaxation of the nerves of the senses, including vision.When this method is possible to achieve perfect relaxation (which is noted the ability of vision of an ideal black), it is fully retained after the opening of the eye.human vision while improving for a long time.At the same time, permanently reduces pain in the eyes, and headaches and other pains even body parts.Such cases are very rare, but they do occur.At a lower degree of relaxation, a large part of it when the eyes open, lost, and the part that remains, is held for a short time.In other words, the greater the degree of relaxation achieved by palming, the more it persists after opening his eyes, and the longer it lasts.If palming do bad, you save only a part of the achieved and only temporarily, perhaps only for a few moments.However, it is useful, even the smallest degree of relaxation, because through it, you can achieve an even greater degree of relaxation.

people, from the very beginning have achieved their goal in palming, are to be congratulated, as they always quickly cured.A very remarkable case of this kind occurred with a man aged about 70 years old with a complex hyperopic astigmatism and presbyopia, complicated by incipient cataract.Over 40 years, he wore glasses to improve their distance vision and 20 years wore glasses for reading and working at a desk.But even with glasses due to lens opacity he could not see well enough to do their job.The doctors, whom he consulted, did not give him no hope of improvement, besides the operation to complete the maturation of cataracts.When he discovered that palming helped him, he asked: "Did I do it too?" "No, - said I. Palming is the only way to give a rest to your eyes, and give them too much, you can not rest".

he came back to me and said a few days later: "Doctor, it was boring, very boring, but I still did it.""What was boring?" - I asked."Palming, - he answered I did it continuously for 20 hours.""But you could not do it within 20 hours, - I said to him skepticheski.- you had to stop to eat."Then he told me that from 4 am to 12 pm he had not eaten anything, just drank a lot of water, almost all the time devoted palming.It really had to be boring, as he said, but it turned out to be simultaneously and helpful.When he looked without his glasses at the test, he read the bottom line on it from 20 feet.In addition, he was able to read the fine print and 6, and 20 inches.Clouding of the lens is much diminished, and in the center it is completely gone.Over the next two years, never relapse was observed.