Functional test Klippel

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Diagnosis Of Disease

This trial also includes holding your breath, but it is used and counting respiratory rate:

• for 2 minutes, counted breathing frequency for 1min;

• immediately after the breath again make a calculation of respiratory rate;

• then follow the standard load (squats or slopes);

• then re-do the breath hold;

• 1 min counts respiratory rate;

• then holding the breath is made after 2 and 5 minutes and also after each delay is determined by the frequency of breathing.


• the level of fitness of the body is estimated to be good if after each breath emergency remains unchanged or after a maximum of 2 minutes, returns to normal.

This test is recommended for those who are regularly trained and has a sufficient level of physical fitness.

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20-25 years, despite the fact that vibrations occur in physical activity, and diet, and socia

l life, body weight normally remains stable.

However, as indicated by VM Dilman, if physical activity decrease, and diet leave as it was before - the body weight begins to increase.

With age, a person is a violation of the regulation of appetite.For 30 years already the accumulation of fat in the body.

reason of loss of appetite center - center hypothalamic correcting blood power substances and particularly glucose, is that this raises the threshold of sensitivity of the satiety center to the stimulating action of glucose.

The average age of people are starting to eat more than is necessary for his body.There is accumulation of glucose in the blood, and with a decrease in motor activity, it is already beginning to poorly absorbed by muscle tissue, turning into fat.

Even at a young age with overeating body weight begins to increase, however, if you just take action and limit itself to the amount of food, especially sweets, then the weight is normalized.

is noted an interesting fact: many people with negative emotions, appetite disappears, while others, on the contrary, increased appetite, and thus the weight of the body.