Psoriasis (psoriasis )

August 12, 2017 17:50 | People's Treatment Of Allergies

Psoriaz- chronic inflammatory allergic disease, accompanied by the appearance of inflammatory lesions of the skin and peeling.Typically, it looks like a convex rough red patches covered with thin silver scales.In reality this is a pathological condition in which the upper layer of the skin dies much faster than normal.If in normal skin division cycle and the maturation of the skin cells occurs in 24-25 days, psoriasis, this process takes only 4-5 days.Often the rash first appeared on the extensor surfaces of the elbows and knees.The rash can appear simultaneously in other parts of the body, especially on the scalp.When scraping of papules appear 3 diagnostic phenomenon:

1) stearin spots (scales) as stearin, easy to fall off from the surface of papules;

2) terminal film (after removing scales revealed reddish shiny surface);

3) blood dew (pinpoint bleeding) appear on the smooth surface of a wet red.

psoriasis most often occurs in people of middle age and is a hereditary disease that is found in the t

wins, relatives and traced

in several generations of the same family.Tips for patients with psoriasis:

1) give preference to clothes made from natural fibers;

2) rarely use soap containing triclosan;

3) apply creams containing vitamin D, which in winter time in the human body is in short supply;

4) taking a shower or bath, use a soft sponge or cotton cloth, a little oil to soften the skin.Do not use a solid soap, gasoline and other solvents for cleaning skin.After water procedures it is important to put on the skin emollient to the skin was smooth;

5) briefly cut the nails, this will help avoid skin injuries.Try to protect your skin from cuts and injuries because they can cause the appearance of new lesions of psoriasis;

6) of fabric clothing with bright and mixed colors help camouflage the clothes falling on the scales;

7) while the sun's rays and act favorably on many patients, careful not to burn in the sun;

8), try to lead a healthy lifestyle, avoid alcohol.Wounds heal faster winners than the losers.