Caries treatment of folk remedies

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Teeth

Caries called chronically leaking inflammatory bone destruction and tooth tissue.The main cause of tooth decay is a long-term effect on tooth enamel organic acids produced in the oral cavity.

Symptoms: reaction to hot and cold food and drink in the form of pain.Toothache for no apparent reason.

Toothache - a signal for an immediate visit to the dentist!

What's going on?Nagging toothache occurs when the tooth is destroyed almost to the pulp.If the tooth is not treated, develop pulpitis (acute inflammation of the pulp), which is characterized by strong, twitches, unbearable pain.In the case of pulpitis the pain can "shoot" in the ear, neck, head.Especially amplified pain at night.

What should I do? For pain relief, you can rinse your mouth with vodka, take a pill analgin.And hurry to see a doctor.

Recipes. Traditional medicine recommends to reduce pain:

• rub the gums around the tooth of the patient clove of garlic;

• gargle decoction of turnips;

• take tincture of valerian root 20 drops 3

times a day.

Attention!Patients teeth can cause many serious diseases!

prevention of caries - tooth brushing daily, morning and evening, as well as the removal of food residue with a toothpick and mouthwash after every meal.It is usually sufficient to avoid the formation of a solid plaque.A toothbrush should be changed at least once every 4 months.A visit to the dentist once a year should also do the usual procedure.Only a dentist can help you find an appropriate toothpaste.

Prevents caries and the use of healthy and varied food, containing all the necessary human body vitamins and minerals.Sweets include food, provokes tooth decay, so that it is desirable if not absolutely refuse sweets, then reduced their use to a minimum.

The disease is widespread among children and adults.It is softening and subsequent destruction of the enamel and the inner hard tissue of teeth with the formation of cavities of varying depth.Usually the first signs of caries diagnosed after the eruption of the first molars.

exact cause of dental caries has not yet been identified.The group includes the following risk factors: genetic predisposition, diet inclusion of excessive amounts of sugar, sweet products, lack of rigid fruits and vegetables.Furthermore, tooth decay often begins in chronic deficiency of fluoride, calcium and phosphorus.It has the meaning and proper dental care: if the necessary hygienic measures of disease development occurs in slow motion.

Early caries, hitting children milk teeth develops in cases where the mother during pregnancy malnourished or has experienced a lot of stress.

tooth decay usually begins with the formation of bright white or light yellow speck on the surface of the tooth crown (these changes show a progressive defect of enamel).After some time, the enamel begins to soften, develops superficial caries, which is accompanied by unpleasant sensations during chewing sugary and acidic foods.

If treatment is not initiated in a timely manner, carious cavity begins to increase, spread from the enamel to the dentine.Develops average caries requiring immediate visit to the dentist and sealing of the affected tooth.As the progression of caries captures the deep layers of dentin, the patient feels severe pain in contact with tooth cold or hot food, as well as water.In severe cases the inflammation of soft tissues of the tooth - pulp that is treated by surgical methods.

caries treatment is to remove the diseased tissue using a drill and subsequent sealing of the tooth.In advanced cases, produce cleansing of root canals, removal of dental nerve under local anesthesia.For the prevention of caries using fluoride toothpaste when family history is recommended to use ftorlaka and other protective compounds.