The sample Genchi

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Diagnosis Of Disease

This test is done with a single breath after exhalation.

• Take a deep breath and exhale at the same time start the stopwatch after exhalation.

• Hold your breath and stop the stopwatch after the cessation of breath.

This test largely depends on the willpower of man.Delay after exhalation breath may be in the range 20 - not "razdyshalsya" immediately.

Continuing initiatives KP Buteyko, a researcher VF Frolov also supports the proposition that the benefits of breathing the higher, the less oxygen is absorbed.

This hypothesis initially aroused a storm of indignation among some scientists.

turns out that the "endogenous breathing" people absorb oxygen 10-20 times less than the norm.

and VF Frolov and KP Buteyko argue that the wear of tissues due to the effect of hypoxia is less than normal breathing, and treatment, and recovery is slow.

This is due, according to VF Frolov, low energy efficiency of breathing.The scientist believes that the breath "Buteyko" and breathing "through the tube" gives tangi

ble effect to people with high energy and a reduced sensitivity to carbon dioxide.

For people with weak respiratory and cardiovascular systems of training effect will be smaller.

VF Frolov continued undertaking KP Buteyko and put forward his concept: to increase resistance to exhale, hypoxia and increased carbon dioxide (hypercapnia) simultaneously.The goal - reducing the number of breaths per minute and increasing the stability of hypoxia.

author has developed a special simulator, which allows you to use progressively extend the act of breathing and slows breathing.

scientist believes that endogenous respiration - a new stage of human survival and prolong his life.

manual labor and moderate exercise and nutrition with a predominant content of vegetable and dairy products and small amounts of meat allows residents-mountaineers in conditions of low oxygen content in the air to maintain its efficiency and reproductive function up to 119 years for men and 70 - atwomen.

well-known expert on the study of respiration in humans and the development of techniques "volitional normalization of deep breathing" KP Buteyko believes that deep breathing is harmful.This statement provoked a storm of opposition and bewilderment, because had always said, "Take a deep breath!»

However, KP Buteyko prove its numerous studies and observations of the feasibility of their ideas, their invention.

What is the essence of his method?

The author claims that the maximum permissible level of the minimum concentration of C02 provides normal metabolism in cells.

Reducing C02 with a deep breath in alnsolah leads to disruption of metabolic processes.In other words, C02 deficiency may lead, in turn, to the pathological changes in the organism.

When deep breathing organism begins to mobilize remedies to reduce C02 It:

• starting spasms of blood vessels and bronchi;

• increase in cholesterol production in the liver;

• decrease in blood pressure, which is beginning to affect the reduction in C02 excretion from the body.But:

• spasm of blood vessels and bronchi impact on reducing the flow of oxygen to the cells of the brain, heart, kidneys and other organs;

• reduction of oxygen supply to the brain cells and tissues of the organism causes a lack of oxygen, ie. E. hypoxia. This is because the reduction of C02 in the blood increases due to oxygen and blood hemoglobin oxygen supply to these more difficult in tissue cells;

• oxygen deprivation at an alarming degree the body can contribute to high blood pressure due to the passage of blood through narrowed blood vessels;

• oxygen starvation of the tissues affected by the reduction of oxygen in the venous blood, which leads to expansion of veins, the development of hemorrhoids and other diseases.

Studies have shown that a reduction of C02 in the blood contributes to excitation of the nervous system: increased irritability, insomnia, and there is other trouble.Along with this increased sensitivity to external stress influences.

KP Buteyko believes that deep breathing is a factor in premature aging and disability population.

deepening breathing contribute to excessive emotions, body overheating, stuffy room.Prolonged sleep also contributes to deepening of breathing, therefore, recommends that the scientist does not sleep more than 7-8 hours.

of exercise help to reduce the depth of breathing.Physical activity contributes to the content of C02 in the body, contribute to hardening of the same, cold.

Consumption in large quantities of animal proteins, overeating, alcohol craze enhance breathing.

scientist believes that carbon dioxide - the basis of the power of all life on Earth, it is the main regulator of all functions in the body, the activity of all the vitamins and enzymes.With a shortage of C02 in the body, especially when breathing deeply, vitamin and enzyme activity is reduced, there is a metabolic disorder.

KP Buteyko believes that the disease can be considered as a state where the vital constants deviate from the norm in one direction or another.To cure the disease, it is necessary the constant return to normal.

measurements of breathing in patients, he found their presence deep breathing, hyperventilation and deficit C02.

depth of breathing Reduced to normal and, thus, increase the level of C02 to normal allows to actively combat this or that disease.

However, readers should be warned that the development of techniques KP Buteyko on a specially designed circuit it should start only under medical supervision, which may take place before the start of glubokodyhatelnuyu sample.

In healthy people, the researchers identified a very large range of frequency and depth of breathing - from 3 to 26 (usually 9-16) breaths.

established that inadequate frequent and deep breathing - a consequence of mental reactions, smoking, drinking strong tea and coffee.It leads to a decrease of carbon dioxide in the blood.

And it is not only "garbage" of the body, "black" (as it is called in 1543 Andrew Vesalius, scientist, anatomist, author of "On the structure of the human body"), but the most important regulator that promotes the expansion of the arteries and thusIt improves blood flow to the brain, the heart muscle.

C02 can limit the increase in blood pressure.In addition, increasing the lumen of the bronchi, facilitates breathing, reduces the body's content of hazardous substances for the health - active oxygen radicals, increases blood oxygen levels return tissues.