Asthma and golden mustache

August 12, 2017 17:50 | People's Treatment Of Allergies

If you suffer from asthma, the golden mustache can help to cope with this disease.It can be used in a variety of equipment - tinctures, salves, ointments, both external and internal use.

Due to the unique properties of the golden mustache, recovering viscosity of mucus, swelling and reduced secretion of bronchial mucosa, that improves the functioning of the pulmonary artery.All this can lead to a complete cure of bronchial asthma.Here are some of the recipes used in bronchial asthma, containing golden mustache.

Take about 40 sustavchikov lianopodobnyh shoots golden mustache, carefully chop with a sharp knife, add in a glass bowl.Pour 1.5 liters of vodka and place for 9 days in a dark place.Finished tincture of vodka should have a dark purple color.

During these 9 days is necessary to carry out several preparatory steps to further treatment took place more successfully.Several leaves golden mustache put in a dark cool place.These leaves to chew for 9 days, one day or two.

When infusion is ready, start

the main course of treatment.He is to take 1 dess.l.composition prepared in about 40 minutes before a meal three times a day.It is forbidden to drink brandy and jam.

During the treatment with the composition of the need to prepare for the fact that the very initial stage of the disease the patient gain may occur.In no case do not stop treatment, continue to take the medicine, and unpleasant symptoms disappear after a while.In the final period of the treatment you will feel an unprecedented burst of energy, improve mood, strengthen the body, the dream becomes stronger, and wake up a good appetite, cheerfulness, optimism.

1. Broth from the seeds of anise (15-20 g per 1 liter of water) to drink fresh juice of the golden whiskers

- 5 spoons at chest illnesses hourly on 30-50 ml (wine glass) as a means of thinning mucus andexpectorant, and asthma attacks, bronchitis.

2. Take a sheet of golden mustache length of at least 20 cm, chop and pour 3 cups boiling water.In an enamel saucepan, boil the mixture for about 7 minutes on low heat.Then leave the pan to cool, strain it through a day.7 Take the lemons, peel and squeeze the juice.7 shell eggs clean by films and boil for 5 minutes, then mash.Mix shells with juice, leave for a week, then strain through a fine mesh metal and mix with 2 cups of broth and honey golden mustache.

Separately chop 5 medium garlic cloves, mix with the originally received weight put dishes with a mixture of a week in a dark place.Take the medicine

1 time per day in the afternoon for 4 hours. L.4 reception, making breaks of 10 minutes between doses.The course of treatment - a month or more.

tea rosemary and golden mustache - of 25 g per 1 liter of boiling water, leave, wrapped, 3 hours, drain.Take 1/2 cup 5-6 times a day.Moreover, it is believed that this tea not only provides temporary relief from painful cough and shortness of breath, but with long-term cure (two weeks) use them.It is believed that this tea protivoastmicheskogo well add even when welding '15 finely chopped nettle leaves.This tea drink for the whole day and in the evening again harvested portion of the day.

Golden mustache - 100, in sustavchikov, ephedra (grass) - 40 g chamomile - 200 of birch buds - 60 g rosemary (herb) - 200 g All the chop, mix well.

2 tbsp.l.a mixture of 500 g of boiling water.Insist, wrapped, for 5-6 hours, drain.Take 1/2 cup 3 times a day before meals in the form of heat.

The people use alcohol tincture of the roots of the Golden baleen and bedrentsa with thoracic diseases, especially when coughing.The means of this well-tested and very effective.Apply 20 drops of the tincture on a teaspoon of water.Kidney pine - Part 1, plantain leaves - 1 part, leaves mother and stepmother - 1 piece.4 h. L.mixture insist 2 hours in 1 cup of cold water.Boil for 5 minutes, drain, add 7 tablespoons Juice golden mustache.During the day in 3 admission to drink 1 cup.

decoction of the roots of '30 golden mustache and bedrentsa per 1 liter of drinking water for chronic throat ailments and asthma.

kidneys pine - Part 1, plantain leaves - 1 part, leaves mother and stepmother - Part 1, Golden mustache - 2 parts.4 h. L.mix in 1 cup of cold water.Insist 2 hours. Then boil for 5 minutes, infuse for 15 minutes, drain.Take 1 cup throughout the day in 3 divided doses.

Golden mustache - 50 g thyme (Bogorodsk grass) - 10 g leaves mother and stepmother - 10 g tricolor violet, grass - 10 g nard, roots - 10 g of anise, the fruit - 10 g 6Art.l.the mixture boiled for 10 minutes in one liter of water.Wrap for 1 h. When the broth has cooled, it should drain.Add 4 l.Juice golden mustache.

Golden mustache, leaves - 2 parts, bog rosemary, leaf - 3 pieces, nettle, leaf - 2 parts licorice root - 2 parts.70 g of the mixture pour 1 liter of boiling water, to insist night in a warm place (you can in a thermos), in the morning to withstand 25 minutes in a water bath at low boil water, strain and take 0.5 cups 5-6 times a day to improve breathing (1-2 days) and then going to the reception tablespoons.

To improve bronchial patency: Golden mustache, leaves - 2 parts licorice root - 1 part violet root - 1 part thyme, herb - 4 parts.Cooking on the general rules of the preparation of the infusion.Take 1 cup of infusion per day in four divided doses.

Golden mustache, leaves - 2 parts peppermint, grass - 1 part licorice root - Part 1, caraway fruit - 1 part chamomile, flowers -1 part of a series of tripartite, grass - 1 piece.1 tbsp.l.Pour mixture of 300 g of cold boiled water, leave for 30 minutes in a boiling water bath, infuse for 30 minutes, drain.Take 50-100 g 4 times a day.

Golden mustache, leaves - 1 part anise fruit - 1 part of fennel fruit - 1 part thyme, herb - 1 part licorice root - 1 part pine buds - 1 piece.Cooking on the general rules of the preparation of the infusion.Take 1 cup of infusion per day in four divided doses.

Golden mustache - 1 part of licorice root - 1 part herb series - Part 1, horsetail - 1 part of the hips -1, Helichrysum flowers - 1 part Elecampane roots - Part 1, alder cones - Part 1,the roots of dandelion and burdock 1 part.5 g of the mixture pour 1 cup boiling water, heated in a water bath for 15 min, infused for 45 minutes, take 50 ml 3-4 times daily before meals.Collection may be recommended if not immune forms of asthma.

Vladimir Ogarkov recommended for integrated use with broth applique golden whiskers of clay.The day should be applied on the chest clay cake with a diameter of 30 cm and 1 cm thick. On top of it must cover voschanoy paper (plastic wrap).Furthermore, it should tuck.Use cake again is not recommended.

Many people with asthma use an ordinary sheet of golden whiskers.Leaves should chew if you prevail against a strong cough.In the case of attacks of breathlessness can take 2 tbsp.l.alcohol tinctures.But we should not self-medicate, especially during attacks.Please consult a doctor if you have any allergies to Kallis.