hell Autoritmometriya

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Diagnosis Of Disease

for self-observation is very useful data on rhythmic changes in blood pressure during the day.This is a particularly important element of self-rated health among those individuals who have an increased risk of increased blood pressure.

measurements should be carried out within a week 6 times a day every 4 hours starting at 6am.

a healthy person at rest the maximum (morning, afternoon) and minimum (night), systolic blood pressure do not differ by more than 20-25 mm Hg.Art.Increasing this value is preceded by the growth of the average daily blood pressure and has a negative diagnostic value.

Increased blood pressure up to 150/100 mm Hg.Art.at rest reduces the average life expectancy of 16.5 years!

for all people is a characteristic increase in blood pressure during the day and reduced - at night.

However, BP fluctuations are observed not only in the daily cycle, but in a multi-day biorhythms, and also depending on the occurrence of magnetic storms, during which it rises.

Fluctuations in blood pressur

e occur, depending on the lunar cycle - from new moon to the last quarter of the moon blood pressure decreases.

Biorhythms central and autonomic nervous system, heart, blood vessels and hormones also affect blood pressure indicators.

tends to increase blood pressure, as well as changes in the circadian rhythm scientists see genetic predisposition.

In hypertensive disease have a significant impact, and daily fluctuations of certain hormones in the blood plasma.

Blood pressure varies depending on the seasons.

physical activity, the implementation of the charging in the morning, sports - all this affects the state of the human heart - increases the force of heart contractions, heart rate does rarer.

slowing of heart rate - is strengthening of parasympathetic (PNS) and decrease sympathetic tone (SNA), observed at rest.If a person is in a state of fatigue, it begins to appear strengthening SNS tone.

human autonomic nervous system has two divisions: SNS and PNS.

sympathetic nervous system influences the increase of excitation major body systems and parasympathetic - to activate inhibitory processes.

Estimating the prevalence of one or another part of the nervous system of a person can be judged on his physical condition, and the balance of the nervous processes, which is important for health.

There is a fairly simple test to determine the state of the autonomic system, "vegetation index" (VI).

Kerdo Vegetative Index (VI)

• After resting sitting for 10-15 minutes count pulse 4 times for 15 sec;

• the sum of these measurements determine the heart rate for 1 minute;

• then twice, measure their blood pressure at intervals of 20-40 seconds.

where D - diastonicheskoe pressure, P - pulse.Evaluation of the tone of the autonomic nervous system

dosage exercise allow to assess the functional status and physical performance.