Diseases of the respiratory tract

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Diseases Of The Respiratory Tract

among the most dangerous diseases of the respiratory tract include angina.Angina (acute tonsillitis) - an infectious disease with local manifestations of acute inflammation of one or more components lymphadenoid pharyngeal ring, usually the tonsils.Streptococcus, getting into the oral cavity and pharynx with food, water and air, settles on the mucous membrane of the tonsils.At reduced local and general body resistance and high killing power of the microbe may develop the first phase of inflammation - catarrhal angina.This is the initial form of the disease.She characterized by redness and mild swelling of the mucous membrane of the tonsils without any overdubs and raids.

With the penetration of microbes in the tonsil tissue starts festering individual follicles.These pustules may coalesce together to form larger clusters of pus.They are usually located on the mucous membrane of the tonsils, prosvechivaya through it in the form of yellow dots and rounded shape of grains on the background of pronounced re

dness of the mucous membrane, and can not be removed with a spatula.This form is called the follicular tonsillitis.Festering follicles distribution

laid close to the surface and covered with a thin layer of superficial cells, can be opened, leaving the surface of the tonsils quickly heal sores.The second form of purulent tonsillitis, lacunar-characterized by the appearance of gaps in the mouths of filmy purulent raids or inflammatory fluid.On the surface of the tonsils appear islands of dirty gray filmy overlays.These films do not go beyond the tonsils are removed with a spatula freely.The mucous membrane under such overlays red, swollen.Tonsils with lacunar angina take the form of "geographical map".However, in some cases, whole almond covered with a continuous dense bloom.This is called angina fibrinous, or drain.

angina patients are usually treated at home.Hospitalizations are subject to only patients with severe illness or complications, as well as those who have difficult to exclude diphtheria oropharynx.It is recommended bed rest for 5-6 days, mechanically sparing diet, a multivitamin.Treatment consists of making penicillin, because the streptococcus sensitive to this drug.However, depending on the various conditions it is possible to use other antibacterial drugs.It should be noted that the dosage and duration of treatment should be sufficient to prevent complications.For rinsing the oropharynx are recommended concoctions of herbs and disinfecting solutions, including medicinal infusions on beer.