What can tell your heart rate ?

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Diagnosis Of Disease

Pulse - a mirror of all the processes occurring in the body.Opening the heart and its diagnostic value is attributed to the ancient Chinese medical Vyan Qiao.This wonderful doctor believed that pulse, its characteristics can be judged about everything that happens in the body.

Chinese scientists began to distinguish between 24, 33, 60 or more types of pulses, identifying him by the general condition of the body or the presence of a disease.

Methodology research Pulse was constantly improved.Examines the state of the pulse, and under each of the 3 superimposed on the radial artery fingers.

«concentration point" pulse is radial artery hands.Pulse should be explored overlay 3 fingers in her 3 points.This takes into account the depth of its "bedding", "courage", the presence of "kind heart."

Measurements of the pulse is advantageously carried out on the right and left hands alternately.This, according to Chinese doctors, gives more detailed information.

In order to enable the reader to imagine what a

difference pulse occurs in humans, detected by Chinese doctors give a list of 24 types of pulse:

• surface;

• lukoobrazny;

• free;

• complete;

• string;

• tight;

• large;

• inconspicuous;

• deep;

• gradual;

• viscous;

• rare;

• weak;

• long;

• rash;

• short;

• empty;

• freezing;

• thin;

• intermittent;

• strong;

• moving;

• frequent;

• excessive.

your pulse measurements in different states of well-being, a person can learn to distinguish the quality of your heart, learn about alarms in health.

For example, a healthy person eat meat pies, it took 2-3 hours, and the pulse begins to "often".There are yet no vomiting, rapid pulse but warns of the danger of poisoning.

If a person has a high magneto and suddenly there is a magnetic storm, which affects the blood pressure reduction (especially in people with low blood pressure - hypotension), the pulse immediately begins to thicken, maintaining optimal human blood pressure.

With a sharp increase in blood pressure and pulse changes the character - a man feels his tight beats.

pulse frequency varies during the day.Most researchers the highest heart rate observed at 10 and 18 hours.

maximum heart rate increase after exercise is observed in 13-14 hours - the hours most unfavorable to exercise.At such times not to do massage, balneotherapy and steam bath, as the temperature sensitivity increased.

lower heart rate in relation to the daily average is noted in 13-14 hours and at night (from 3 to 4 hours).

pulse rate for each person individually.The most rare heart rate - 32 beats per minute, and the highest rate is found in paroxysmal tachycardia or after very strenuous exercise - up to 200 beats per minute.

At regular physical education or sports pulse at rest is becoming less - is an indicator of fitness of the organism.

on heart rate affect different phases of the moon.It turned out that the young men and women heart rate maximum is observed in the new moon, and the minimum - at the full moon.Obviously, this is due to the change in gravitational effects.

measurements of heart rate in women and men, the researchers found the differences - women's heart rate is higher than that of men.