Defining human magnetic sensitivity

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Diagnosis Of Disease

There is a fairly simple way to determine their magnetic sensitivity, developed by NR Deryapa, corresponding member of the Academy of Medical Sciences.

You will need magnitofor (sheet applicator magnitonositel) Medical naznacheniya- "ALM".It is sold in specialty stores.The applicator is marketed in the form of sets of different sizes.Its impact is reflected in the improvement of blood circulation, providing anti-inflammatory effects and accelerate fusion of bone after fracture.

Contraindications to the use are blood diseases, pregnancy, alcohol intoxication, heart attack and stroke.

first step is to measure your body temperature and blood pressure (BP) at rest.Then place the foot of bare feet on a large plate magnitofora and small plates attach to each ear and secure with bandage.After 10 minutes, then again it is necessary to measure the temperature and blood pressure.

high level magnitochuvstvitelnoeti possible to ascertain if the blood pressure during the sample decreased by 15-20 mm Hg, and the

temperature increased by 0.6 degrees.

When available opportunities and the availability of the device, which allows to measure the potentials at the end points of the heart meridian (before and after exposure magnitoforami) should take into account the change in the potentials of 8 mA, which also indicates a high magnitochuvstvitelnoeti.

Research conducted by this method, revealed another interesting fact: the change in functional characteristics of a healthy person under the influence of magnitoforov depends on the phase of solar activity in which the person was born.

Lowering blood pressure under the influence of "ALM" for those who were born in the years of maximum solar activity starts earlier in time 10 min., Than those who were born in the years of minimum solar activity.

Therefore, knowing the period of solar activity in the year of his birth, it is already possible to predict the level of their magnitochuvstvitelnoeti - it will be higher if your birth coincided with a year of high solar activity.

Scientists have established that many pathological processes that occur in the cardiovascular system over a lifetime, laid under the influence heliogeophysical situation in the period when the embryo is formed heart.

Observations of Cardiology showed that in 40-60 years in the cardiovascular system of the person undergoing the changes that substantially affect its function: significantly increases the size of the heart, its cavity expands, atrophied muscle fibers.If a person develops obesity, the simultaneous obesity and heart.

deteriorates with age the elasticity of the arteries and aortic distensibility 43-46 years have decreased by 10-30 per cent in relation to the young age.

Even after 30 years, and there are signs of arterio-atherosclerosis and calcium content increases dramatically in the aortic wall, there is a weakening of nerve influences the conduction impairment, violated the metabolic processes in specific areas of the heart muscle, leading to arrhythmia during exercise.

Thus, beginning from the middle age, a person is changing the functional state of the cardiovascular system and myocardial contractility, blood pressure levels.