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August 12, 2017 17:50 | Diagnosis Of Disease

Man and even the human fetus from conception interacts with the external environment.Of particular note is the solar activity, which is associated with the Earth's magnetic field.

When solar flares isolated flare stream encounters geomagnitosferoy and develops flare geomagnetic storm.

Magnetic Storms has a significant impact not only on the human body, but, as shown by recent studies on the fruit of the child in certain vulnerable periods of development.

Accumulated have enough data about what parameters heliogeophysical situation in different parts of the Earth differently affect the human body.So, in Arctic conditions, according to EI Uzbekova, diseases of hypertensive disease in 2 times higher than those in central Russia.High dependence on the level of solar activity exists for other diseases.

established that the level of solar and geomagnetic activity in the year of birth of the child in particular, as it determines the characteristics of a constitution.

In the last few years, AV Trofimov (Dir

ector of the International Research Institute of Space Anthropology) and AA Gadalova found that various diseases of adults have a relationship with the geophysical environment during embryonic (prenatalnogo) development.

For example, a group of diseases of the respiratory system in humans characterized by an increase in geomagnetic activity during the periods from 4 th to 7 th and 10 th and 37 th weeks of pregnancy (around the 1st, 3rd and 9th months) and reduction of solar activity on the 9th week (3rd month of pregnancy).

Increased geomagnetic induction and solar activity in the 22th and 26th weeks of pregnancy is Heliophysical risk for the development of diseases of the digestive system.

for mental illness characterized by changes in the level of geomagnetic and solar activity in the 19th week (5th month).

Already there is a significant amount of research proving the influence of the phase position of the moon not only in animals, fish and other creatures and plants, but also human.

Scientists from Novosibirsk examined the 3573 case histories of people with various diseases and determined the situation in heliogeophysical environment at the time of the alleged conception taking into account the position of the moon phase.

clearly stood out group of patients, fertilization that took place on the 7th and 21th day of the lunar cycle.

Consequently, to obtain healthy offspring conceived child also needs to be planned.

The data obtained allow us to conclude that the new opportunities for the development of primary prevention methods for diseases using technologies of strengthening or weakening of the geomagnetic induction at different stages of human development.

heliophysical various factors interact with the internal (endogenous) human biological rhythms.

Everyone notices that at different times of day, days, months and even years, the state changes.In some periods it worsens more colds, ailments, in some - a great feeling, a great performance and no colds and diseases.

These changes are due to the fact that in some periods of enhanced metabolic processes and in that time, several reduced immune and adaptive capacity of the human body.During such periods, the negative impact of heliogeophysical factors are more pronounced, and sometimes damaging.

AV Trofimov, together with a group of colleagues found that patients with tumors of the breast is typical situation when the period of uterine development (2 nd, 4 th, 8-th, the 13 th, 17 th19 th, 22 th, 23 th, 25-th-31-th, 33 th and 34 th weeks) there was a significant decrease in geomagnetic activity.

Numerous studies of various tumor diseases have allowed scientists to conclude that the magnetic and electromagnetic fields can be a means of correction prenatal geo-ecological imbalance in certain types of benign tumor diseases.

Analysis heliophysical situation during prenatal development revealed that a variety of disorders of speech development in children are associated with a significant decrease of the geomagnetic field induction and an equally significant increase in solar activity in the 2 nd, 4 th, 7 th, and the second,14th-29th and 31st-37th week of prenatal development.

was found that persons using psychoactive substances in certain weeks of fetal development (at the 2nd-b-th, 7-th-12-th and 14-th-16-th, 18 th, 22 th,24 th, 26 th, 28 th and 29 th weeks) were in a combination of high geomagnetic induction, and relatively low solar activity.

Scientists believe that izmeneshhe geliogeofiziches Coy conditions in specific periods of prenatal human development can lead to a change in the threshold magnetic sensitivity and functional activity of different brain regions and other systems and serve as a previously unknown risk factor of dependence on psychoactive substances and the development of drug addiction.

Comparing groups of patients with different types of mental status, scientists were convinced that the magnetic situation in the prenatal period of development in individuals with psychosis and non-psychotic mental disorders is unequal.

Patients with mental retardation was a decrease of geomagnetic induction in the prenatal period on the 3rd, 19th and 29th weeks of fetal development.

Scientists working on the problems geopsihologii believe that the mental health strategy for the nation's scientific and organizational solutions should be decisive.

JH Zaichenko and NE Ordyan established the role of hormones in the mother's offspring formation of psychophysiological status.

Scientists have proved experimentally that maternal stress during pregnancy is primarily the change of secretion of adrenal hormones that have a huge impact on the development of neural structures.

In addition, the ratio of change in the blood of male (androgens) and female (estrogen) hormone.Such changes may affect the subsequent development of the offspring, especially if the brain is exposed to such influence during the period of sexual differentiation (in the last third of pregnancy).These studies were conducted in rats, but they give some explanation of the appearance of people with perverted sexual tendencies.

All studies give grounds to speak about the fact that many diseases and health levels are formed in the womb and begin to manifest themselves in the process of growth and development.

This means that the fight for the health of the nation should start from the moment of conception of the child, to strengthen resistance to stress and adaptive capabilities of the woman who wants to become a mother.This training (physical and psychological) should be done before the woman becomes pregnant.

Every woman who wants to have a healthy child, must first take care of their health, using simple tests to determine the parameters of his health.

healthy and stress the mother can protect her child from the negative influences of the environment, both from the social stresses, and from geliogeo-physical effects.

The struggle for health of the nation in the new century should include the planning and conception of the child, taking into account the most favorable periods for the development of the fetus and the first months of life.

In the embryonic period are considered to be critical periods 1, 3, 5, 7 th month, and particularly the 9th, that is, the month before the date of birth.

even numbered months uterine period characterized by the manifestation of physical activity, which is necessary for the subsequent increase in the intensity of metabolic processes, the formation of organs and body systems.

Critical periods - it is the most vulnerable to the external environment slots in the body's development.

Knowing this pattern, the mother of the unborn child may be more cautious about their actions and deeds, avoid stress and fear, especially in the first 3 and last 3 months.

child planning, conception timing should be carried out taking into account months of the calendar year.

Many dealing with purebred puppies, you know that the "winter roads" are reluctant to take, they are less viable, because born in the difficult months of the year, when less than vitamins, solar radiation, light.

In ancient Russia has always celebrated weddings in the autumn months, and a lot of heroes was then.After the summer the mother's body is rich in vitamins, more prepared for childbearing.

birth of the child in the spring also has its advantages: sunlight, air temperature increase, a variety of food, rich in vitamins.

known researcher of the practical benefits of the church calendar for health NI Moses found that not to be in March to plan a child, because a large percentage of detected defective children conceived in this month, as it is rich in the most unfavorable March heliogeophysical surprises, magnetic storms andm. p.

most favorable time for conception is the second half of the growing phase of the moon.

At this time, according to scientists, the most favorable environment for the correct gravitational formation of the locomotor system.Born in this period is also beneficial for the child.Putting premature infants in conditions that exclude the effect of gravity, it gives a good effect.

Modern scientific studies suggest that many traits of the unborn child is already formed in the womb.

mother - an intermediary between the child and the outside world.Mother - the first child earthly universe.Are formed in the womb man constantly detects and sensations, thoughts and emotions of the mother.He gets the first information that has been able to affect his personality.

This fact recently discovered by scientists, but even in ancient civilizations were aware of the great importance of the period

pregnancy for the child and the woman.In China, there are even special clinics, where pregnant women surrounded by attention, peace and beauty.

researcher from France A. Bertin reported the results of scientific studies showing that in 5-6 months fetus already perceives sounds, sound information is recorded in the memory cell.

Experiments on introduction of choral singing in hospitals have shown that it strengthens the mother's nerves, which then gives birth to a healthy, cool kids who can quickly adapt to any situation.

established that if the father is constantly talking to the unborn child, after the birth of the baby recognizes his voice.

mother's voice in an even greater impact on child development.It is reported a case where a doctor removes stress in children and adults, bringing them back to equilibrium by listening to the mother's voice that are presented through a liquid medium.

established that the fetus perceives music, which sounds in the room.It turned out that the works of Mozart and Vivaldi calm and rock music causes the baby just rage.

The child is emotional and trace the mother.Carrying a child with love, in communion with the fruit, nature, beautiful pictures - all this affects the formation of personality and is stored in later life.

Scientists have conducted a survey of 500 women, and those who did not think about the importance of carrying a child, had children with a weight of not reaching the average, with disturbances in the digestive system, the children were more capricious.

woman with poor health, low adaptive capacity will not be able to reliably protect the unborn child during pregnancy.Therefore, every woman wants to have a healthy baby , should first of all look after their health, for their way of life, exercise, improve their ability to handle stress.This is the first step in the struggle for healthy offspring, for the health of the nation.

To assess their health include tests developed by scientists in many countries.Using them, it is possible not only to assess but also to make timely in his life certain adjustments to remedy the situation.

Based in the idea of ​​health as a property of the organism, which can be quantified, it is possible to formulate and to classify health assessment methods:

• simple and complex;

• assessment and self-esteem;

• determining the level of health for a comprehensive assessment of the individual parameters of the body at rest and after exercise;

• assessment of the state of the body during periods of increased intensity of exchange processes ( "risk").

Know how the body functions and methods to assess its condition, you must, as a decrease in the level of health can be identified by tests long before they begin to develop the disease, and there will be explicit symptoms.

Unfortunately, at the present time in the media marketed various pills and to improve the quality of health, and weight loss, and for the "fat burning", etc. All this makes you think that a tablet -.. Is not the solutionproblems that person must consciously and competently maintain their health.

especially careful to unnecessary use of various "miracle" means need to treat young people who start a family.

The fate of the unborn child is determined long before his birth, and a significant effect on his state of health is determined by the condition of his mother before conception.

Scientists estimate that the accumulation in the body of 4-5 kg ​​of excess fat begins to create hazardous to the body shift in metabolism, which may have to provide the development of atherosclerosis.This weight gain occurs by the age of 30.Obesity occurs, usually as a result of over-eating.

established, the older the mother, the child's going to have, the more possible it has a shift towards obesity.

According to VM Dilman, in women aged up to 21 years the thickness of the fat folds in the iliac bone was 3.3 ± 0.3 mm, and in the examined group of women aged 25-31 years have 8.5 +0.7 mm.Consequently, already showed some signs of metabolic disorders.

installed quite an interesting fact: the more stout woman during pregnancy, the greater the weight of the child at birth.

Many enjoyed the large weight of a newborn baby, but ... the scientist believes that a large fruit - this is more "old" fetus.In this case, the weight of the fetus does not correspond to his chronological age.The gynecologist-endocrinologist R. Klimek says that this fat fruit begins to age rapidly, has not yet been born.

higher birth weight, the more rapid is its "aging" and the accumulation of fat, notes and VM Dilman.

determined and that the sooner the body weight after birth reaches a critical level, the earlier the inclusion of the reproductive cycle (conception abilities) - a feature of accelerated development.

And this, as shown by the results of the above studies scholar, leads to the fact that women who have previously included the reproductive function, then the breast and endometrial cancer often suffer from cancer.

was found that the higher the birth weight, the greater the intensity of the process of age-related increase in the concentration of cholesterol in the blood.

Healthy full generation can be when it will be offset by the risk of congenital diseases, and to prevent degeneration of the nation is possible only if the necessary measures even before the baby is born.First and foremost is the health of future parents themselves.

VI Belov gathered extensive information on that subject, when one of the parents has any irregularities in health (this is obesity, alcoholism, etc..), The risk of having a disabled child up to 50 percent.

If health disorder affects both parents, then the risk increases to 90 percent.

According to the well-known expert on age physiology IA Arshavsky, now a lot of children born preterm and with genetic defects.

most optimal times of conception in women 21, 23, 25, 27, 29, 31, and for men - 24-25 years, 27-28 years, 30-31 years.