Chemical regulators of biological processes

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Diagnosis Of Disease

most important of which is the sun.In winter, it reduced the intensity of metabolism, because the Sun does not indulge us with his attention.His high metabolism reaches summer.In spring and autumn its own laws in these processes.Therefore, the sun gives life and is the cause of several diseases.In each geographical area of ​​the country the impact of environmental factors on human health has its own characteristics.

addition to the changes of the magnetic field of the Earth, the radio flux changes coming from the sun, are unsafe for health and various artificial sources of radiation, electromagnetic waves industrial sources, especially a lot of that in the major cities.

combinations of natural electromagnetic fields with exposure to industry may be strong negative factors affecting human health.

most significant health is air pollution of large cities, which, as shown by research scientists, the change affects the blood cells (their enzyme status), the status of the human lung.

According YP Lisitsyn

(1986), human health depends:

• of Medicine - by 8-10 percent;

• heredity - 20 percent;

• from the environment - 20 percent;

• on lifestyle - 50 per cent;

• on the environment (many scientists believe) depend 80 percent of the most common diseases of modern man.

According to the World Health Organization, the most common non-communicable diseases in industrialized countries are now considered:

• cancer;

• atherosclerosis;

• hypertension;

• diabetes.

These diseases are largely dependent upon the way of life and on the factors that cause damage to the genetic apparatus -.. Carcinogenic, chemical exposures, ionizing radiation, etc. This causes a more rapid aging, in excess of the rate of normal physiological aging.

In recent years, the work to prove that the level of health to a certain extent depends on the occurrence of genetic defects.

Genetics - the science of heredity - began to develop rapidly and take its rightful place in the basic science.

All inherited inclinations transmitted from parents, as well as their ancestors were called genotype, and innate inclinations, which appeared in certain circumstances under the influence of various environmental factors, called phenotype.

famous scientist who has devoted many years to the study of age patterns of development, believes that the successive age-related changes exhaust certain energy reserves, a genetically programmed "potential zygote" - the beginning of the egg after fertilization fragmentation or even genetically predetermined adaptive energy (WH Selye).

IA Arshavskii showed that in the human development process, there are a genetically "stored" energy fund, which is even more uvelichivastsya in the process of development and grows greater, the more pronounced physical activity.But this only occurs when the activity does not exceed the boundaries of physiological features.

That's why especially children and young people need a constant, but within reason, physical activity.Unfortunately, many people understand it quite late and begin physical exercise in only 40-60 and even 70 years, miss the time when physical activity is most effective to increase the stock of its "energy fund".

energy law of physical activity - it is a law inherent and animals, and plants.IA Arshavskii emphasizes that the adult self-renewal processes are a major feature of life.

movement plays an important role in the existence and development of the body and its cells.For human physical activity - it is moving in space, but for the majority of its cells - is the environment, because the blood is moving past the cells, muscle contractions drive the blood to the heart, etc. So that any contraction of the muscles and their active relaxation of the body needs for growth..development and renewal.And this program begins with a zygote.

Observe your little kitten: periodically his many jumps and antics are replaced by the onset of rest and sleep.A small children - they are ready all day to run, jump and climb trees.It is also necessary for their growth.

need for movement is a powerful source of energy necessary for life processes.

Physical activity allows you to create and strengthen the processes of growth, physiological regeneration of organs and systems of the body, and, the activity of the neuromuscular system is, the higher the intensity, and other body systems.

human muscle system, many physiologists call "second heart" of the body.Indeed, muscle tissue is more than 40 percent of body mass for men and 30 percent in women.Muscle activity is regulated by the nervous and endocrine systems, and energy base of this activity is provided by the blood movement and the work of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems.

The state of the neuromuscular system depends largely on the possibility of adaptation of man.The quality of the neuromuscular system, not all people equally: some have a strong muscle mass, in others it is less, one can quickly and completely relax your muscles, if necessary, while others have such ability are mild.Differences

people for their ability to speed arbitrary skeletal muscle relaxation were opened YV Highlands region, which has proved that it is connected with the brake processes of the central nervous system of the person.

It turned out that this ability is largely determines the possibility of human-to-term and long-term adaptation.From these abilities depends on the speed of the recovery processes, physical performance, immune resistance.

People capable in any situation quickly relax your muscular system, fewer are injured, they have fewer diseases of the musculoskeletal system and the surge of the heart, increased stress resistance and better health outcomes.

Athletes with high speed random muscle relaxation are different and higher rates in sport, especially in the hurdles and sprint.

Strong, but hypertrophied muscles worse supplied with blood and thus less workable.

speed arbitrary relaxation of muscles is needed not only to ensure the viability of the athletes - it is important for everyone.

The fact is that in any extreme conditions, stress, disturbed the balance of the nervous processes.

Rapid activation of inhibitory processes allows you to normalize the balance, thereby improving the adaptability of the organism to such influences as the hypoxia (lack of oxygen), hyperthermia (overheating), high physical activity, mental and emotional stress, and hypertonicity of muscles, which in itsturn leads to better coordination of movements, higher efficiency of the heart, improve blood supply to the muscles and energy, t. e. there is an extraordinary increase efficiency and normalization of the human condition.

Studies conducted in the laboratory under the direction of V. Highlands region, revealed that using certain exercises and exposure, you can successfully work on improving the arbitrary relaxation rate and thereby improve their adaptive capabilities.The values ​​of the speed of each person and their change depending on the month, the endogenous . In this paper, for greater accessibility define their zones, the term "individual year" (IG), and is counting from the date of birth.