How to care for hair

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Diagnosis Of Disease

Hair - perfect human decoration at any age.Beautiful hairstyle gives the woman a special attraction.Unfortunately, not always possible to keep your hair in good condition for life.

Sometimes the hair begins to fall out.The reason can serve as a chronic disease of the gastrointestinal tract (gastritis, ulcers, colitis), thyroid disease, and infectious disease.Among other reasons - lack of food minerals: iron, sulfur, B vitamins;errors in diet - excess carbohydrates, fats, acute and smoked products.

Hair loss may be due to the frequent use, sometimes unnecessarily, chemical dyes, especially harmful at a young age.Under the action of such dyes hair outer shell is destroyed, they become brittle and fragile.Not conducive to their growth and the use of alkaline soap (such as economic), varnishes, frequent washing.

Here's another tip: do not unnecessarily wear warm and tight hats - a loss metabolic processes of the skin.But harmful and other extreme - to walk in the winter without a hat: cooling leads to a

narrowing of the vessels in the skin, hair, food deteriorates.When working in the sun, protect your hair easy panamkoy, kerchief.

shine and elasticity of the hair depends on the number and.chemical composition of the fat "allocated by the sebaceous glands of the skin.Healthy hair should be neither too fat nor too dry.

Very dry hair are common in many diseases, but mainly due to incorrect care of them.

method of hair care products depends on the nature and extent of sebaceous excretions of the skin of the head, so you should know what you salootdelenie - moderate, high (thick hair), low (dry).

Greasy hair different high gloss, are often glued to individual strands, quickly contaminated.Often, while trying to wash your hair more often, but as a result of the fat content of hair is only strengthened.

recommended to wash them every 5-7 days, preferably boiled water, any mild soap or liquid shampoos for oily hair type "Sun", "Nettles" and the other containing a degreasing agent action, bath soap, sulfur tar boric thymol, forest.Soap sulfur-tar and tar can cause summer in people with sensitive skin irritation, so this soap is better to use in the fall and winter.

To give hair a beautiful shine, you can rinse after washing them with water, add to it lemon juice or a decoction of chamomile.It is useful to rinse the infusion of equal parts of St. John's wort, yarrow, oak bark, stinging nettle, plantain (1 tablespoon of mixture into 1 liter of hot water, let stand for 20-30 minutes, drain).

When rinsing greasy hair in the water, you can add vinegar (3 tablespoons per cup of water).

Dry hair gradually lose their natural shine and become dull, brittle, sometimes whipped at the ends are split along the shaft in the form of pigtails, dandruff appears.From coloring and perming hair dry condition worsens.

Remember, please: frequent washing dry hair leads to their overdrying, without degreasing and dry hair and skin, enhancing the formation of dandruff.

Dry hair is recommended to wash no more than once in 10-12 days, using lanolin soap, cosmetic, spermaceti.Useful rubbing (for 2-3 hours before washing the hair) cream "Special", "Paprin", "Nolan", "Impatiens" or "cinchona emulsion" - they contain vitamins and other useful substances for the hair;easily soaked up into the skin, they help to reduce dandruff, itching, and drugs that are included in their composition, strengthen hair.

good effect washing of dry hair with egg yolk, rich in fat-like substances (lipids).The egg yolk was mixed with small amounts of tepid water, whisk.This mixture is moistened wet hair, then washed.

Very dry hair is good for a few hours before washing warm vegetable oil to grease.Hair washed in suds and rinsed not very hot boiled water.Now

industry produces numerous shampoos that unlike soap does not give a precipitate with calcium and magnesium salts that are in dissolved form in water.These shampoos can also be used with hard water.They are well-rinsed hair oil, are non-irritating.

suitable shampoo "Egg", "Lanolin," "Emerald", containing the fat component for dry hair.These shampoos can not be used for washing oily hair.

Many shampoos produce on a neutral basis, and they are suitable for any hair (but still guided by the annotation).

when using any hair shampoo is necessary to moisten well with warm water, apply on them a little detergent and create a rich foam.Then rinse with warm boiled water.You can use another way: shampoo (1 tablespoon) dissolved in warm water (0.5 cups), apply to wet hair and rinse with water.

remind you that it is very dry, thin and brittle hair shampooing does not follow.

commercially available and coloring shampoos, which perform a "double" function: make the hair clean, shiny, while giving them color - golden, chestnut, ash, etc. In the selection of shampoos consider your age, the original color of hair, skin and eye color..The resulting shade is easily washed off after two to three-fold washing.Should not be used in the coloring shampoo when the hair was colored with hydrogen peroxide.

applying coloring shampoos, strictly follow the recommendations (they are attached to the tube).It is not recommended to use such shampoos young girls.

Comb your hair as often as possible, always in the morning and evening, for 30-50 times in different directions.Comb should be blunt teeth.If you comb your hair rough (especially dry), they are tied in knots and complex loops.Long hair should be combed from the ends, gradually moving to the top comb.A short hair - from root.Good use of the brush: it smoothes the hair, it promotes uniform distribution of sebum.However, should not be abused with a brush, can cause inflammation of the skin.

When enhanced hair loss seldom comb.

you do not have to be upset by the fact that a beautiful, carefully laid hairdo "affected" by a gust of wind or a light headdress, use a cream for hair styling "lock" lotion "Yakhont" drug or "Lock".

But, perhaps most importantly, to keep good healthy hair: do not forget to observe the regime of work and rest, to spend more time in the air.Food should be varied, rich in B vitamins (meat, legumes, yeast), products containing silicon (oatmeal, toasted bread), sulfur (eggs, milk, millet and buckwheat groats).

on the growth of hair is very bad smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages.

And a few recommendations.From the constant application of varnish hair become dry and brittle.Try the summer for a while to give up the varnish.Secure the hair will help ... brew diluted with water at a ratio of 1: 1.Immediately after shampooing, rinse your hair with this solution and wind on rollers or lay a hairdryer.

Seawater harmful effect on the hair roots.So be sure to pick them up, so they did not get sea salt is needed when bathing.After a swim in the sea water is useful rinse hair with a mixture of lemon juice or vinegar with water (2 tablespoons per 1 liter of water).

Do not brush wet hair, so as not to damage the roots.Wet hair should dry yourself, naturally.Harmful to dry them near gas stoves, electrical appliances, or often use a hot hair dryer.From this hair are cut and broken.We offer composition for thin and fragile hair: one teaspoon of mayonnaise, honey, aloe juice, grated chesnochnika one.Stir, and rub into the skin for 3-4 hours to tie plastic head scarf.Then thoroughly wash the shampoo.

can not do perm on long thin hair, if they have been previously painted.The old "chemistry" should also be cut off.

If fine hair, it is important that the hairdresser first tried on the same strand as the hair react to the composition for a chemical wave, and then choose the appropriate technique of winding strands.

When graying can restore the natural color of hair coloring.Such vegetable dyes like henna, Basma, chamomile, rhubarb and others, not only harmless, but also improve hair growth.Henna is often applied to the leaves Basma, it is possible to achieve the desired color from light brown to black.Strong infusion of chamomile gives hair a yellowish-golden color, rhubarb - light blond.To give your hair a golden hue prepare infusion of chamomile from the calculation: for very light hair - 100 g of dry inflorescences to 0.5 liters of water, and for dark blondes - 150-200 g at the same amount of water.Inflorescences pour boiling water, boil for 5 minutes and insist 1 hour. The washed and dried hair rinsed and dried without wiping.Her auburn hair after rinsing in a strong tea tincture will get a beautiful golden hue.3-6% solution of hydrogen peroxide and perhydrol with ammonia, soap and soda should be used with caution, because they cause brittle hair, dry, make them lifeless.Paints containing urzol, chrome, nickel salts, harmful to the body and should not be used.

Dyed hair is particularly sensitive to the sun - they become dry and brittle.Therefore, it is necessary to protect them with a scarf, umbrella, hat.

garlic is used to strengthen the hair. it contains biologically active substances - volatile - have a detrimental effect on bacteria, and essential oils, irritating the skin, increase blood flow to the sebaceous glands, hair follicles, which helps to improve hair growth, dandruff disappear.

in focal alopecia can recommend the following method.Peeled garlic cloves in a mortar crush on a grater or grinder to make a thick paste.She put on baldness lesions once daily for 2 hours, then wash your hair in the usual way (toilet soap or shampoo accordingly).Such procedures should be done within 7-10 days.This treatment can be repeated two or three times at intervals of ten days.

To improve hair growth, elimination of dandruff garlic can be used once a week for 2 hours before shampooing.For dry hair is better to rub garlic pulp or juice squeezed through cheesecloth, mixed with any vegetable oil, with fat - without adding oil.In any case, this should be long - at least two or three months.

After applying the slurry or garlic juice to the scalp is not necessary to cover it, so as not to cause irritation.There

and preparations based on garlic - garlic tincture and extract of garlic (allilsat).They are also prescribed by a doctor used to strengthen the hair.Tincture is recommended for oily hair, hood - for normal and dry.Apply them as well as the pulp and juice.