Prevention of heart disease

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Cardiovascular Diseases

number of people with diseases of the cardiovascular system, annually growing, and this is one reason for the high total mortality.According to statistics, the mortality from diseases of the circulatory system firmly holds the first place among all other diseases.Second place is held firmly cancer.

It is for this reason, it becomes important the prevention of heart disease."Any disease is easier to prevent than to cure" - so said at the time the largest Russian clinician MJ Wise (1776-1831).Everyone should always take care of your health, take measures in advance to ensure that all organs and body systems are in optimal conditions, given sufficient and nutritious food and not etched artificial additives in food, alcohol and nicotine.

in proper nutrition Prevention of cardiovascular disease is one of the main factors.And it is not a problem of malnutrition is now coming out on top in the occurrence of many diseases and overeating.Nowadays, if a person returns from a sanatorium or rest home, it first ask

s is not "how much you have recovered," but "how much you have lost weight."Today, almost every person uses too much food, and its high calorie is a real concern.After years of research, scientists and nutritionists have come to the unanimous conclusion that the main cause of heart disease is eating a large number of foods rich in cholesterol, which is found in animal fats.Experience proves that vegetarianism.It has long been known that cholesterol contained in meat products, is deposited on the walls of blood vessels, reducing blood flow and increases the load on the heart, often leading to irreparable consequences.Imagine a water pipe.If the pipe is still new, the amount of water flowing through it, would be significantly greater than the amount of water flowing through the pipe, which was used in 5-10 years.Why?Because the walls of the old pipe with the passage of time continuously deposited salt, rust and various impurities.As a result, the lumen of the tube is reduced and the amount of water passing through it - too.The same phenomenon can be observed in the blood vessels.Organ receives less blood, and hence less nutrients.In addition, when reduced blood circulation is reduced cleaning capability, and degradation products are not fully eliminated from the cell.And all this leads to the development of various diseases.

Many tribes living in Africa do not know that heart disease is because their food contains less than 20% calories from fat, as opposed to 40% of the representatives of civilized countries.It has been observed that the higher the welfare of a nation, the greater the uproar mortality from cardiovascular disease.This is explained by the fact that in highly civilized countries consumed large amounts of foods high in protein, cyanocobalamin and pasteurized dairy products.That is why countries such as the United States, Finland, Russia, Australia, Canada, there is a large number of thrombosis and high mortality from atherosclerosis.

In the old days, when people toil to produce their own food, health problems were not.Modern man in enormous quantities absorbs meat food processing dairy products, fats and carbohydrates, and the constant overeating increases the risk of early atherosclerosis.

person suffering from obesity, at any time can go to the other world - and not because it refuses the heart.The main culprit in this case will be the gases in the intestine, impeding blood flow.Well, if disrupted circulation, the heart at any time can stop.

Another major cause of cardiovascular disease is stress.In our turbulent times, the word "stress" associated with the word "life."From stress medication does not exist.After all, most stressful condition - a reaction to external stimulus.But man does not live in a vacuum.It is surrounded by exactly the same people, each of which has its own opinion and achieve something in life.Interests people often overlap, causing their negative reactions and stress conditions.

third reason, which causes cardiovascular disease, are bad habits.People who regularly consume large amounts of coffee and alcohol and tobacco abuse.Scientists have long known that coffee and alcohol destroy digestive system, and coffee, inter alia, also causes increased irritability, anxiety and memory impairment.

And finally, fourth, very important cause of heart disease is a sedentary lifestyle.Man afraid once again take a walk, go down the stairs, go to the walking tour.Cars, elevators, even a second phone in the house pamper the body, deprive a person the opportunity to do too much movement.But "the movement - that's life," as told by the ancient.

Most adults in the world suffer from diseases of the cardiovascular system.People over 30 years of age it is difficult to get to run the hundred meters or 5 kilometers, and if the force is to make the desk worker or a modern businessman, he drops dead at the first ten meters.It is a medical condition characterized by modern man.And the further we move away from Mother Nature, the worse will be our health, the less will be the average length of human life.