Treatment of joint disease

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Diagnosis Of Disease

can not be absolutely the same symptoms of the disease, and consequently the same recovery.Therefore, the way of treatment, each must have its own.In the process of searching for his treatment of articular diseases and serious reflection on the causes of all diseases unwittingly come to the conclusion that the path to recovery consists of certain stages (phases), and under the conditions that must be adhered to.Improper execution of at least one of them can push the recovery indefinitely or does not give the desired result.These conditions are simple and not burdensome, so it can stick to them if desired, each easily.

Many, having familiarized with the procedure described below, to believe in their healing, gain strength and determination to fight the diseases.Let us believe in the recovery and wish each other the spirit of firmness, strength of mind, joy of life and human happiness

And now about the conditions of the treatment of disease.The first condition - the mental preparation of the patient to

treatment.The goal - the inner spiritual disposition to heal the body, to achieve emotional balance, to assist the body in its fight against disease.This is the most difficult, since, after analyzing his life, a person should try to start a new life and become spiritually richer.It is easy to judge others, much more difficult to impartially look at ourselves, rid, at least temporarily from the narcissism or self-deprecation, overcome inferiority complexes or over estimates his personality.

second condition - the performance of certain procedures for removal from the body of poisons, poison him (wraps, compresses, baths, sauna, massage, etc...).Perform not all but one or two treatments per day for the treatment plan, adhering strictly defined time frames.After a month or two of their intensive application procedure, you must stop giving your body rest for 5-10 days.

third condition - receiving medicines prepared from medicinal plants: infusions, decoctions, tinctures, powders.In poor condition of the body at first, and you can use the tablets prescribed by your doctor, but not for long: a month and a half.Each medicine is used for one or two months, after which it must be replaced by another.For example, the first two months of treatment, the patient drinks a decoction of burdock root, a month or two - a decoction of oat straw and so on.

purpose of reception of medicines is to restore the disturbed balance (equilibrium) of vital forces of the body: metabolic, energy and other processes;the destruction of pathogens and substances.

Selection of medicines depends on the condition of the patient, location of residence and the possibility cook these or other drugs.

fourth condition - the implementation of manageable exercise, the purpose of which is to restore the metabolism;simultaneous massage and the displacement of the tissue of the body of harmful substances;restoring mental balance - acquisition and strengthening of confidence in their abilities and capabilities.From the most simple and soothing exercises without jerks and jumps should be at least strengthen the body, move on to the more serious, with the use of weights, gradually increasing the load.Class times: first - 10-15 minutes, then the interval is increased to 1-1.5 hours.You can not rush time, forcing your body: the result will certainly affect and disease will be defeated.

fifth condition - good nutrition.Food should not overload the body, preventing him to get rid of the disease.It is necessary to eliminate or reduce to a minimum the use of products containing large amounts of uric acid - one of depleting the body components.A large amount of uric acid found in meat of young animals, liver, lungs, kidneys, tongue, liver sausages and salami;in sardines, sprats, anchovies and herring.Uric acid is absent in cereals, vegetables, milk, so when joint problems, it is desirable to eat cereals, fruits and vegetables (especially cabbage, which can be consumed in large quantities and in any form), as well as honey.Try to reduce or eliminate from your diet salty and spicy.However, diets should not be carried away.

Sixth condition - rest and sleep.periodically to release the body to prevent it from overloading any stress, both physical and mental, as well as medicines.The person should rest and from family problems, and of dissatisfaction with their lives.Many positive and negative points are relative.In addition to psychological rest, a person needs daily restful sleep.In the room where the patient must always be clean air, for which it is necessary to periodically ventilate.The bed should be placed so that the patient's head was turned to the east or north.

Treatment should be carried out not just by all areas and stages.

phase (1-2 weeks):

a) preparation of a plan of treatment on hours, days and weeks;

b) harvesting of medicinal plants and the necessary resources;

c) psychological preparation for treatment, consider more Forums stage:

a) the plan should be prepared only after careful study of the entire technique.The plan should be provided as possible, and the possibility of acquiring and preparation of raw materials, medicines (decoctions, infusions, tinctures, powders), necessary for the treatment of the disease, the time of their admission, time and manner of medical procedures, perform physical exercise and so on. Etc .;

b) for the general health of the body and cleanse it of harmful substances is necessary to prepare 6-10 bags of oat straw (the number depends on the duration of the disease and its neglect), 3 of the bag hay dust bag and 3-4 sprigs of pine (can be together and sprucewith bumps).

desirable that branches were always fresh, so it's best to tear them shortly before the medical procedure (for a day or two).Cook also two glass-lined tank capacity 20--40 L zinc bath (to the villagers), an enamel pan with a capacity of 3-5 liters.Oat straw - a yellow stalks growing or mown oats can be used and green grass.A decoction of oat straw breaks growths on the bones, improves kidney function (when using it inside).

Hay trash - the seeds of plants, their leaves and stems that remain under a mop or a haystack;

c) psychological training - perhaps the most important condition for healing.Before the treatment of diseases and to clean the body from harmful substances, it is necessary to purify his soul, freeing it from the severity of superficial, superfluous, what prevents us to live, to see the stars shining in the sky, the kindness of the human, that prevents us to forgive and beforgiveness, to transform evil into good and carry it;people, even if their loved ones.We must try to live in peace with themselves, remember God, checking his every deed with His teachings and the best traditions of his people.

On fulfillment of these conditions depends on the cure of diseases.

psychological point of cure is expressed in the following principles:

1. The desire to heal.Not everyone really wants to be cured: in some way or another likes to be sick, to be seen to be zhaleemymi.Lishi of these "pleasures", give them a life of healthy people, which is often no one cares, certainly some refuse recovery.In fact, this happens: the sick we all remember, a healthy - no.These people talk a lot about diseases, savoring their details.They rely only on the help of traditional and non-traditional medical healers, who have to deal with them every minute, forcing to perform certain actions or procedures.There are also those which, although they consider themselves sick and dreaming to recover, but only after solve all the other problems that may never end.And only a few, leaving all affairs, decide to recover and hope, above all, on its own strength.They can not come to terms with the disease and are experiencing their dire condition.This category of people is closest to a cure.The desire to recover should be filled with every cell in the body of the patient, is the desire to be above all others.

2. Belief in the healing.Vera - a state of complex and ambiguous: in the course of the disease it has gripped the whole being of man, but may gradually fade, or even disappear altogether, leaving a void mortal anguish and indifference to myself, others, illness and everything that itconnected.Is it dangerous.I hope for a second should not leave the soul of the patient.We must firmly believe that any disease, no matter how cunning, brutal and long it may be, is curable.Many people have proven business opportunity to overcome a seemingly incurable disease.

3. Getting rid of bad habits, unnecessary emotions and experiences.You must each decide for themselves whether to give up bad habits (evil, envy, greed, abuse of alcohol, smoking, etc...) Or leave it unchanged, dooming themselves to a new torment.

must try by all means at any cost to get rid of bad emotions: feelings of revenge and smoldering resentment wither the soul, deprived of peace for a long time, or even a lifetime, making it the torture, and the body -

disease repository is necessary to choose andbe able to forgive, you can not only forgive betrayal, but also to remember them all the time - an empty case.

4. Overcoming the temporary difficulties.On the basis of self-observation, diagnosis and doctor's recommendations to plan treatment on hours, days and weeks.This will give the desired result on the condition of completing the chosen method of treatment.If for any reason it can not be one way to treat or do not fit certain prescriptions or medical procedures, should bring it to the end (if not harmful) and get to the next, detailed analysis of previous failures.If my treatment system is not suitable or there are any difficulties in using it (complete or partial immobility, does not allow to perform certain procedures, and so on. P.), You can first use the other methods and recipes, taking into account, however, that they should beuse, not all at once, but one at a time, to choose the most acceptable.Having treated by the method of gradually get rid of the use of medicinal chemicals (after 3-6 weeks of treatment).Perhaps someone will be difficult at first without pills, the pain will intensify and worsen the condition.Do not worry, this is natural: the body has got used to artificial stimulation and independently either not able, or only partially can function properly.Do not interrupt halfway and do not change without the need of the plan, do not go on about the apathy and lack of faith in success.

5. Accuracy and consistency in the application of medical procedures.It is necessary to accurately calculate the load on the body (like a drug, so the physical and mental).In the course of treatment should be aware of the instability of the body in the perception of stress (at different times of the approach to treatment may vary), to listen to his work.Always and in every situation, remember that even if the recovery has come, the body needs time for recovery and adaptation to life a completely healthy person.

6. The correct dosage of physical and mental stress before and after recovery.For complete recovery may take months, maybe a year;It needs time for reflection, not thoughts about the disease.Not only, but also after, throughout life, should regularly (at least once a week), one of the previously used procedures: full bath, body wraps, foot and hand baths, massage, exercise, etc.)...

7. Avoiding past mistakes.After returning from the disease do not forget about the causes that gave rise to it, try to avoid old mistakes and not make new ones.Time - insidiously: the life of a healthy man, full of all sorts of problems, delays, memories of the past are gradually fading away in the mind, like a nightmare.Later, all the incident did not happen at all seems to you.Man forgets that he started a new life, and once again commits actions have led one to the disease.

stage (1-2 months): daily full body wraps, drinking decoctions, tinctures, infusions, perform physical exercise, visiting the bath, taking baths and massages hold (if these procedures are not contraindicated).

purpose of wrapping is to extract from the body of harmful substances.Wearing clothes or turning round in sheets soaked in a special broth, we are expanding thereby the pores of our skin.Broth oat straw reacts with poisons the organism and draws them out into the material which is wrapped body.The result of the positive effect this procedure can be identified by a sharp specific smell emanating from the material, as well as his color.The material used (clothes) should be washed with soap and water after each wrap.

stage of treatment: in the morning, after waking up, take a cold shower or cool for 15-40 seconds, and began to wash the feet from head to toe and back - from head to toe foot.After the shower, who can and wants to perform for the body warming exercise;who can not - again rests in bed for 30-40 minutes to complete warming the body.

three times a day for 20-30 minutes before a meal, you should drink herbal teas (infusions, tinctures, powders take) burdock root, or oat straw or birch buds, and so on. D. But only one of those listed in the annex.After one or two months, receiving (max) infusion (broth and t. D.) Is replaced with another.These decoctions or infusions can be used after a certain period of time again, and "any order,

hour before lunch and dinner, you need to perform physical exercises.However, when the exercise will be carried out with weights, they should be performed once a day or in two days, in the rest of the time they operate without weights.After lunch, it is desirable to relax, sleep or just lie down.For 2 hours before bedtime to conduct a full body wrap.

If you are in the process of wrapping cold (and it happens), you can after the procedure to take a warm shower short, graduating cold douche for 10-15 seconds.After these procedures, once her go to bed.Those who are health permits, wraps should be carried out every day, who does not allow - in a day or in the following way: two days of the procedure, the third day - rest.Twice a week, irrespective of the other procedures (that run its course), you should take a full bath with a decoction for 20-40 minutes and finish cold douche.If someone can not take any baths, wraps or choose other methods of treatment itself.However, they can not fully replace the bath and body wraps.

stage (3-6 months) - carrying out medical procedures that increase the body temperature, softening, burning and removal of substances that a sick body will not be able to remove, improve metabolism, strengthen the body's defenses, etc. The temperature increase..body always causes the acceleration of chemical reactions.

baths are used for 3-6 months (depending on the time course of the disease).Furthermore, it should continue to perform physical exercise and drink a lot of tea from herbs (mint, oregano, thyme, St. John's wort).

stage plan of treatment: in the morning, after sleeping, as before, a cold shower.Three times a day to drink medicine before meals.Baths take half an hour before bedtime.To do this in advance to prepare a decoction of oat straw or mixed broth, brew it for two or three hours and bring to the bathroom, not pouring, but in the bath.Then pour into a bath of cold ^ Ode to a temperature 9-16 ° C (depending on individual tolerability of the cold), quickly undress and sit down so that the water reaches the stomach, on some cloth, folded in four.After 30-60 seconds to get out of the tub and let go of her cold water, the bay instead of the pre-cooked broth pot, bringing the volume of water needed to.Full bath lasts from 20 minutes to an hour, the water temperature from 38 to 43 ° C.Taking a bath at the same time you should drink 3-4 sips previously prepared broth oat straw or burdock root or herbal tea.Volume infusion broth drunk reserves of 200-500 ml.The procedure is necessary to finish the cold douche of the whole body, and then put on a gown and lie in bed for an hour and a half (if the procedure is performed in the afternoon).But it's best to take a bath before going to bed.

desirable after each use of the bath, contrast showers and so on. D. To stand for five minutes on the applicator Kuznetsova.The best way to do it 5-6 times a day.