Reinovich disease Treatment of folk remedies and methods

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Cardiovascular Diseases

The disease manifests with spastic contraction of the arteries of the fingers and toes.It occurs most often in young women.

Raynaud's disease is almost always develops in the background of the general neurosis or autonomic nervous reactions.It can occur after poisoning with ergot, against the general atherosclerosis or after trauma.It is noted that there is a genetic predisposition to the disease.

When Raynaud's disease in patients occasionally occurs spasm of blood vessels of the fingers and toes.Sometimes spasm captures the tip of the nose or ears.The attack is in its development phase 3:

1. Bleeding nattsev.The tips of the fingers turn white and cold.Bleeding can

stay from several minutes to several hours.

2. If the attack did not end there, comes the second phase - a sharp, burning pain in the affected fingers (or other body parts).The finger becomes bluish, and the patient does not touch it because of the severe pain.

3. In the third phase, the affected finger (or thumb) become red and hot t

o the ogtsup.Blood circulation is restored in them, and fingers take the usual form.

Raynaud's disease attacks sometimes occur several times a day, sometimes there may be 1 time in a few months.

Over time, the skin on the affected fingers Art ANOVA dry, begins to peel off.Nails break easily and usually have a rough outline.

disease can last for years and sometimes leads to gangrene of the fingers.

Treatment of Raynaud's disease is not very different from the treatment of obliterating endarteritis, but this treatment sure to add drugs, calms the nervous system and are used in the treatment of vegetodistonii.

Atherosclerosis of peripheral vessels, traditional medicine recommends the following drugs and treatment methods.

Make a mixture of beeswax, olive oil and water, spread on a piece of cloth and wrap her legs for 2-3 hours daily (Vanga recipe).

Two bags of incense pulverize and mix with 50 ml of normal vinegar.Rub into the affected limb on a daily basis (Vanga recipe).

This treatment can also be used for the deposition of salts (gout, osteochondrosis, deforming arthritis

).The mixture was put on a piece of cloth and apply to the affected area for 1 hour.The pain decreases or goes away after 3-5 sessions.

Ledum palustre.2 tbsp.chopped rosemary herb mix with 5 tablespoons.tablespoons of sunflower oil, to insist in a closed vessel 12 hours on a hot plate (stir!), drain.Serving as an external agent in endarteritis, gout in the form of compresses and foot baths.

Elecampane: '30 crushed dried root per 500 ml of vodka.Infuse for 14 days in a cool, dark place, filter.Take 2 tbsp.spoon 3 times a day.In the course of treatment to 1.5 liters of tincture.

case of violation of salt metabolism, traditional medicine recommends a long time to drink tea from strawberries and strawberry tea out of their flowers and leaves.

With constantly cold soles of the feet to improve circulation need to walk without shoes or Jota least once a day to carry out long-term massage the soles and toes.

Mix equal parts by weight of honey, garlic mush.Insist 7 days in a tightly sealed container in a dark place.Periodically stir.Take 1 tbsp.spoon 3 times a day for half an hour before meals.The course of treatment - 2 months.A month later, repeat the treatment.

Prepare vodka tincture (1:10) rhizomes of ginger, garlic and alfalfa.Mix.Take 1 h. Spoon 3 times a day.

Corn and sunflower oil is recommended to be taken with food (or 1 tbsp. Spoon 2-3 times a day).

When angiospasm many healers recommend the following charges:

1. Fruits of caraway -2 Art.spoons, vinca leaves small -2 Art.spoons, hawthorn root -4 art.spoons,

grass calving white - 6 tablespoons.spoons.All the mix, chop.Spoon collection pour 300 ml boiling water, to insist in a thermos for 2 hours.Strain.Thread 2 cups throughout the day.

2. The herb thyme (thyme creeping) gf -30 -30 herb rue, the leaves of lemon balm - 40 of

Cooking, as in previous recipe.Take 1 tbsp.spoon 3 times a day before meals.

woodwax.It has strong vasodilator action.1 h. Spoon dry grass pour 600 ml of water and simmer on low heat for evaporation to 1/3 volume.Cool, strain.The broth is consumed in a day.Drink 2 tablespoons.spoon 3-4 times a day.

necessary to clean the vessels of salts (Tibetan technique, garlic and alcohol, as described in the chapter "Treatment of atherosclerosis"), to bring salt from the body by the method - cones of coniferous trees and rice (see the chapter "Cleansing the body.").

monthly spending cleansing the body by fasting (1 per week - starvation).

It is recommended to switch to a vegetarian diet.

contrast foot baths.First bath do daily, then at least to improve - through the day.The technique is simple contrast foot baths.2 Take a bucket of water, one hot water (to barely suffered leg), in the other - very cold.Keep one foot in hot water, the other - in the cold for 2-3 minutes.Then change the position of the feet.Do this procedure 3-4 times in the evening, an hour before bedtime.

every day to do exercises for the legs (to take one of the complexes fizzaryadki and focus on exercises for the leg muscles).

disease may be acute and chronic infections, intoxication, vitamin deficiency, physical and psychological trauma, endocrine disorders in the body.

Conditionally vegetative neurosis can be divided into several groups.The first group includes diseases proceeding against the general neurosis.Along with the inherent to these symptoms can be detected and autonomic disorders: tachycardia and bradycardia (quickening and slowing of heart rate), shortness of breath, hiccups, cardiac arrhythmia, diarrhea, constipation, sweating, sexual disorders, etc.

second group vegetative neurosis..are neurosis, which are based on pathological process in the subcortical centers.In these cases, violations occur in certain systems: cardiovascular (hypertension, primary hypotension), breathing (bronhialnanastma), gastrointestinal (gastric ulcer and 12 duodenal ulcer), etc. The nature of the defeat in any case determined by the initial predominance of tone..sympathetic or parasympathetic system.

The third group includes vegetative neurosis vegetative neurosis arising from the pathological process, primarily occurring in the periphery.Observed after local trauma.In these cases, pathological changes are deployed primarily in the local peripheral autonomic nervous apparatus.This group includes local angio-neuroses and autonomic-trophic disorders in the area of ​​injury.

most frequent vegetative dystonia neuroses are.Vegetative-vascular dystonia

occur with severe fluctuations in vascular tone, manifested hypotension (low), hypertension (an increase in) it.There neurocirculatory (vegetovascular) dystonia of normotsidnomu type (without the expressed violations of vascular tone and pressure changes).

Therefore all vegetodistonii divided into 3 groups:

dystonia on hypertonic type;

dystonia hypotonic type;

vegetative cardiopsychoneurosis on cardial type.

When dystonia patients complain primarily of pain in the heart that occur after the experiences of conflict situations.Previously, such patients were diagnosed with "cardioneurosis" or "cardiac neurosis".This emphasized the neurotic nature of the disease, caused by a violation of vascular regulation.

Pain in the heart may occur at an early age.They may be due to various reasons (osteochondrosis, spastic vascular changes, intercostal neuralgia, hypertension and so on. D.), But may be a sign of disorders of the nervous regulation of the heart muscle.

Along with pain in the heart, increasing shgi reduced pressure cardiopsychoneurosis may show heart rate and heart rhythm disorders.

If the main symptom of dystonia are a pain in the heart, speak of cardiac type, with combined options (pain, elevated or reduced pressure) indicate a mixed type.

addition to the changes of the heart in patients, it can be observed getodistoniey shortness of breath, weakness, feeling short of breath, sweating, fatigue.All these phenomena are usually functional in nature and can be eliminated.But we must not forget that vegetodistonii symptoms may be the first signs of incipient hypertension or coronary artery disease, which is desirable to begin to heal the very beginning.

the treatment of vascular dystonia widely used plant and charges that have a calming effect.These include motherwort, belladonna, hawthorn and other herbal drugs.

From pharmaceutical products of plant origin for the treatment of vascular dystonia apply:

valerian tincture.Take 30-40 drops in a glass of water 3 times a day.

dry extract of valerian.Take 2 tablets 3-4 times a day.

Corvalol (valokardin).Combination drug whose action is the beginning of valerian root and peppermint oil, as well as a small amount of phenobarbital (Luminal).Corvalol valokardin and take 30-40 drops for pain in the heart, infringement of falling asleep process, stress, palpitations.

peony tincture uklonyayusch egosya.Take 1 h. Spoon 3-4 times a day.The course of treatment - 1 month;

tincture of hawthorn berries.The liquid extract in vials of 25 ml;Take 30 drops 3-4 times daily before meals.

Tincture motherwort.Drink 40-50 drops 3-4 times a day.By activity exceeds drugs valerian.Take for pain in the heart, heart palpitations and nervous shock.

When neuro dystonia hypotonic type, traditional medicine recommends the following products: tincture of ginseng, devil, lion-ums soflorovidnoy, Chinese magnolia vine.These infusions take 30 drops 3 times a day.

Also useful drugs aralia, gorse dyeing, mustard greens.

order to improve the general condition and increase the pressure when taking neuro dystonia hypotonic type:

Infusion Helichrysum sand: 1 tbsp.spoon in a glass of boiling water.Take 0,5 cup 3 times a day for a month.A decoction of the root

Ononis spinosa: '30 root is ground and pour 1 liter of water.Boil 15 minutes.Drink 1/4 cup 3 times a day before meals.

decoction of the root of Elecampane: 30 g of crushed root pour 1 liter of boiling water, boil for 15 minutes on eating-bom fire, drain.Take 1/3 cup 3-4 times a day for a month.

For hypotensive very useful for breakfast germinated sprouts wheat or other grains.Method of preparation of germs is described above.

very useful juices of various fruits and vegetables.Particularly valuable qualities has a mixture of carrot juice -10 parts, and spinach juice - 6 parts.Drink every day for 1 glass mixture 3 times a day before meals.

good and have a tonic effect on patients baths of oats.The course of treatment - 15 baths for

month, every other day.Baths are taken at a water temperature of 38 ° C for 15 minutes each.

When vegetative neurosis recommend the use of drugs of hawthorn:

1 tbsp.spoon of dried fruits to make a glass of boiling water, to insist 2 hours in a warm place, strain.Take 1 tbsp.spoon 3-4 times a day before meals with vegetative neurosis, hypertension, menopause;

Take equal parts of fruit and flowers, mix.The infusion is prepared at the rate of 1 tbsp.Spoon mixture into a glass of boiling water.Insist in a warm place for 2 hours, strain.Drink 200 ml three times a day for half an hour before meals;

10 g. flowers infuse 10 days in 100 ml of vodka or alcohol, filtered.Tincture to take 25 drops 3 times a day before meals;

2 tbsp.spoon of dried fruits of hawthorn chop, to insist in 100 ml of alcohol or vodka 10 days, strain.Drink 20-30 drops 3 times a day before meals

When neuro dystonia of hypertensive type appropriate to take these plants and fees:

m Infusion of herbs Leonurus: 2 tbsp.tablespoons herb to 300 ml of boiling water.Insist 2 hours, strain.Take 1/3 cup 3-4 times a day.

Tincture motherwort: '10 dry grass pour 100 ml of vodka or 40% alcohol and insist in a warm place for 7 days.Strain.Drink 30 but drops 3-4 times daily.

Infusion of herbs mistletoe ('15 per 200 ml of boiling water).Infuse for 1 hour.Drink 1/3 cup 3 times a day.You can drink sips throughout the day.

Baikal skullcap tincture has antihypertensive properties.Take it 20-30 drops 3 times a day.

magnolia extract liquid.Take 20 drops 3 times a day for 10 days each month as a means to maintain a normal blood pressure.

black chokeberry (fruit).'15 (2-3 tbsp. Tablespoons) per cup of boiling water.Infuse for 1 hour.Drink tea instead.

Prepare the infusion: -15 Baikal skullcap, the cornflower blue - 10 g hawthorn blood-red - 15 g of horsetail -10 valerian - '15 -15, the black chokeberry fennel (Fruit) -10of carrot (fruits) of -10

All the chop, mix.Tablespoon of the mixture pour a glass of boiling water and infuse in a warm place for 1 hour.Strain.Take 1/3 cup 3 times a day.

Grass Cudweed -20 -20 of motherwort herb, the leaves of mistletoe-'20

4 tbsp.Spoon collection pour a glass of boiling water, leave 8:00 in a warm place, strain.I it but 0,5 cup 3 times a day an hour after eating.

In hypertensive disease and neuro dystonia of hypertensive type well to the following collection: leaves mother and stepmother - 10 g linden flowers, the grass dugiitsy -10 -10 -10 g raspberry fruit, the plantain leaves -10 gbirch leaves - 5 g fruits Echinops - 5 of licorice root - 5 of

tablespoon of the mixture pour a glass of boiling water, leave 8:00 in a warm place, strain.Take 1 tbsp.spoon 3-4 times a day.

fruits of blueberry, blackcurrant, chokeberry, barberry ordinary brewed and drunk as a tea to reduce the pressure at neurocirculatory vegetodistonii of hypertensive tipu7.

fresh beet juice with honey (150 ml juice '50 honey).The daily dose of 1-2 cups.The mixture is well supported

blood pressure at a normal level, it is very useful for the elderly;

periwinkle (leaves) -10 of caraway (fruits) -20 g Valeriana officinalis (root) - 20 g hawthorn blood-red (flowers) -20 of mistletoe (grass) -30 of Allchop, mix.Tablespoon of the mixture pour a glass of boiled water, in a warm place for 2 hours.Strain.Take 1/3 cup 3-4 times a day;

most simple duties are:

chamomile (flowers) -30 of Valeriana officinalis (root) -20 of caraway (fruits) -30 g Mix, chop.Spoon collection pour a glass of boiling water.Infuse warm for 2 hours.Strain.Take 1/4 cup 3 times a day;

calendula flowers -40 -30 of valerian roots of peppermint leaves 30 g

Prepare the infusion, as in the previous recipe.Take 1 tbsp.spoon 3-4 times a day.

Two recent collection is recommended to take continuously to patients with high blood pressure, irritable people who suffer from insomnia.

more complex and highly efficient collection of high blood pressure is considered to be the following: grass Cudweed -2 ​​parts, grass motherwort five lobes - 4 parts, fruits boyarysh- ~ nick blood-red - 1 part peppermint leaves - 0.5 parts,pastugivey grass bag - 1 piece, black chokeberry fruit, 1 part todyukropa vegetable garden - 1 part seed flax seed -1 part, strawberry leaf forest -2 parts.All the chop, mix.3 tbsp.spoon mixture pour 300 ml boiling water, to insist in a warm place (tightly) 6 hours.Strain.Take 1/3 cup 3 times a day before meals.

the treatment of all types of vascular dystonia can never forget about hydrotherapy, which can be a major factor in healing.