Lumbago Treatment of folk remedies and methods

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Diagnosis Of Disease

Lumbago - bouts of severe pain in the lumbar region of the back, which are due to muscle diseases.Otherwise - lumbago, inflammation of the lumbar muscles;It appears mainly as a result of a cold.

Improper posture while lifting weights or awkward movement, traumatic spine - is generating its causes.Sometimes it happens and in pregnancy.In some cases, people are not even able to stand a few minutes straight.Often, after such pains develop sciatica.Pain may also indicate loss or displacement of the intervertebral disc.

Bed rest, heat and massage - that will help to relieve the pain, limiting movement of the spine.

Symptoms: usually begins with a sharp "sweep" of low back pain.Any movement of the affected muscles causes acute attacks of pain.Muscles tense and painful, can neither bend nor straighten up, movement is limited.

What's going on?Most often it arises against lumbago trauma and infectious diseases, especially such as angina and rheumatism.There is also lumbago when lifting heavy loads or aw

kward sudden movement as a result of overloading the spine muscles.Hypothermia may also be a cause of lumbago.

Typically, the pain go away within a few days, but sometimes last for several weeks.

What to do?For the treatment of lumbago recommended rest for several days.Sleep should be on a flat and hard bed.You can lie on your back, lifting the bent leg on a pillow in order to relax the muscles of the spine large.If the infringement nerve doctor prescribes massage.

Recipes. Folk medicine recommends for relief and pain relief attach to the sore spot of fresh burdock leaf.Another effective way is frozen to ice infusion of sage, which rubbed the sore spot.

Lumbago gives strong shooting pains in the lumbar region, which do not allow to rise or change position.In this case, well help these simple home remedies:

1. Assemble the chaff (small remnants of flowering hay), engage in a bag, boil under the lid.Then this bag of sex, always hot, applied to the affected area several times within an hour.The pain subsides.

2. Take a sheet of agave, cut it flat, breaking off the thorns, leaf juice to rub the lower back.Rub gently at first, as the sensitive skin agave juice acts very strongly - stings and burns, but such a reaction is of short duration.If the skin does not react badly, it can be rubbed firmly once or twice a day.After rubbing not need any special warming

3. A little less body helps attachment on the lower back of grated horseradish, it is removed when it begins to bake.Sometimes a similar pain arises is not cold, but from the turn of the trunk failed, in which there is impairment of the nerve as a result of the shift of the vertebrae.This pain is very slow (several weeks) under the influence of a special massage.But you can use folk remedy: to seize hold of the high bar, catch up and soon "collapse" down themselves very strong shaking.The nerve is released.Can this treatment be done with the help of another person, which should take you under his arms and immediately sank to the floor.

4. Lemon, fruit, juice.Lemons are used in folk medicine in many countries under a variety of diseases, such as lumbago, acute rheumatism, gout.

• Take a hot bath.Dissolve or 6 drops of mustard oil and rosemary or oregano and thyme oil in a small amount of shampoo and pour into the tub until it is filled with water.

• Prepare a poultice linen: about 45 ml (3 tablespoons) of flaxseed oil and 5 drops of juniper, mustard, oregano, pine, rosemary or thyme.Keep at least 10 minutes.Take a few poultices day.You will feel relief quickly.

• Prepare a massage oil (used after a poultice): 6 drops of one of the above-mentioned oils dissolve in 10 ml (2 tsp) almond oil with 2 drops of wheat germ oil.

• It should be a few days of bed rest.Enclose under knees large sofa cushion - let your back rest.

• warm clothes, the back should always be warm.Cut into pieces of an old sweater - cashmere or lambswool - and wrap them back.

lumbago best prevention - avoiding hypothermia.