myocardial dystrophy Treatment folk remedies and methods

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Cardiovascular Diseases

Dystrophy infarction - a non-inflammatory damage to the heart muscle, which is based on a metabolic disorder.

myocardial degeneration may occur when the following types of eating disorders:

lack of vitamins;

violation of the internal processes of protein metabolism (hepatic insufficiency, uremia, nephrosis, gout);

violation of carbohydrate metabolism processes (diabetes, hypoglycemia, hyperthyroidism);

metabolic disturbance of electrolytes (with a deficiency in the body potassium, calcium, or conversely, when excess calcium);

endocrine disorders (excess steroid hormones, thyrotoxicosis, etc.);

violation of oxygen delivery to the heart muscle (in diseases of the lungs and pulmonary heart failure);

eating disorder of the heart muscle during intensive physical work;

poisoning (carbon monoxide poisoning, digitalis, organophosphorus compounds, and so on. D.).

Clinic myocardial dystrophy is usually erased and has no specific symptoms.In the course of the disease are different symptoms may predomin

ate at different times: the conduction disorder, excitability, cardiovascular failure, not strong pain and other

course of the disease depends on the underlying disease leading to myocardial dystrophy..If the patient is suffering, such as diabetes, it is more pronounced than diabetes, the more pronounced is the myocardium dystrophy.Eating disorders of the heart muscle - a reversible disease and occurs much more favorable conditions such as myocarditis, cardio and some others.

Traditional medicine recommends dystrophy heart muscle following fees and herbal medicines:

Unloading apple diet one day a week.Eat in only 1,5-2 kg of apples during the day.Diet may be modified, added to her cottage.On the day only eat 1 kg of apples, 300 g of cottage cheese.

dystrophy infarction and other cardiac diseases useful potato diet.The patient is given only in 1 kg svezheotvarennogo unsalted potato throughout the day.Eat 5-6 meals in a yogurt.

Fresh salad with onion gruel gruel apples.Take 1 tbsp.spoon 3-4 times a day, in violation of the metabolic processes in the myocardium.

seaweed powder (kelp) is useful to take in atherosclerosis and eating disorders in the myocardium.Drink 1 h. Spoon 3-4 times a day.laminaria powder is also useful in atherosclerosis and hypertension.It reduces blood cholesterol.

Infusion of rose hips with honey is recommended to take healers with the weakening of the heart and eating disorders of the heart muscle.Tablespoon of rosehip insist 3:00 in a glass of boiling water, drain, add a tablespoon of honey and drink in 1 reception.Take 2 times a day for a month.The course is repeated after a month's break.

conduct within a week fasting day one cucumber, eating per day only 1,5 kg of fresh cucumbers and drinking 1 liter of freshly prepared yogurt.

dystrophy infarction, traditional medicine recommends a number of charges:

1) black elderberry flowers - 4 tbsp.spoons of arnica flowers - 4 tbsp.tablespoons rosemary leaves - 6 tablespoons.spoons.All the mix, chop.Spoon collection pour 300 ml boiling water, leave for 1 hour, drain.Drink 2 tablespoons.spoon 3 times a day for half an hour before meals;

2) grass adonis - Article 5.spoons, valerian root -5 art.spoons, lemon balm leaves -10 st.spoons.All the mix, chop.2 h. Spoon mixture pour 300 ml of boiling water and boil in water bath for 15 minutes.Infuse 1 hour at room temperature, drain.Drink 1 tablespoon before meals 3-4 times a day;

3) goldenrod herb, valerian root, bark viburnum, the root of motherwort - just take 4 of Art.spoon to grind, smeigat.Preparation and use, as in the previous recipe;

4) yarrow -20 of hop cones - 20 g of lemon balm leaves - '30 valerian root - '30 All mix, chop.Preparation and use, as in the previous recipe;

5) lavender flowers, herb rue, grass adonis, BOBROVNIKOV grass, leaves of rosemary -only to take on the 4 th degree.spoon to mix, chop.Tablespoon of the mixture pour 300 ml of boiling water and boil in water bath for 15 minutes.Cool at room temperature for one hour.Strain and drink 200 ml before meals;

6) heather flowers, flowers of hawthorn, blackthorn flowers, motherwort herb, lovage root, yarrow.Itogosheyash and application, as in the previous recipe.