Remedy for Snoring

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Diagnosis Of Disease

Sokolova from Novosibirsk to share their own experiences: "In far my youth (I'm now 60 years old) also suffered greatly from snoring, but recovered from it quickly and permanently with the help of simple physical exercises.It consists in the following: mouth closed, breathing through the nose.Tighten the rear wall of the language and with the power to delay language to her throat.(If this make your fingers under the chin, you can feel the muscles tense.) This exercise is repeated several times a day, making it 10-15 tongue movements.Gradually weak velum will get stronger, and people stop snoring. "

healing power gymnastics confirms K. Pincus of the Kuibyshev region."After the application of the recommendations of the journal« Health »№ 5 for 1988 (p. 30) I almost got rid of snoring ..." In that recommendation the doctor Yu Fedorov proposes to do such exercises: to pronounce the sound "and" straining with the throat muscles,

soft palate, and neck.Doing this exercise should be morning and evening, repea

ting 20-25 times.A month later, snoring almost stopped.

As you can see, like a recommendation Sokolova.Try it!Harm from it, in any case, will not be.

T. Koshelev from Novosibirsk writes: "Snoring - this uncontrolled deep breath at night.Many have heard about the method of Dr. KP Buteyko.It consists in the volitional elimination of deep breathing.It can be treated by this method and snoring. "And then the author of the letter says that in Novosibirsk have students of Dr. Buteyko who have mastered this technique and a lot of help.

So there is money, and it's up to the fact that there is a desire to learn and to extend the experience.

V. Dmitriev, a professor of MIPT, developed his method of dealing with snoring: it uses a tape recorder with a maximum gain of sound, puts on a pillow next to the snoring microphone, and as soon as sleep begins to snore, his snoring before it is amplified, that the person wakes up instantly.Of course, this method is similar to a well-known anecdote about how the doctor prescribed cough laxative: the patient then was terribly afraid to cough and quickly recovered.But seriously, said V. Dmitriev, the industry could issue a simple and inexpensive device based on this method.

Ya Boruca from Andijan, Assistant of the Department of Childhood Illness Medical Institute, is convinced that snoring during sleep occurs in people who have suffered even minimal heart failure and that is - a reason for serious examination and treatment.

So, some of the ways to combat snoring yet emerged.But there is also a Yugoslav drug "botsoslip", and by a drop in China, and methods of Minsk doctors operating cold ...