Diets for weight loss

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Diagnosis Of Disease

1st week there 3 times a day instead of breakfast, lunch and dinner for 2 Orange and 3 boiled eggs (boil 12 minutes necessarily).

In the 2nd, 3rd and subsequent weeks have the same food, and to the extent, but beyond that you can have an unlimited amount of raw vegetables and raw fruits.

author of this means losing weight many times used it with great success.He correctly notes that the oranges will give all the necessary vitamins and eggs -. Proteins, etc.

Beauty woman in many respects depends on power.It leads to premature wilting, in particular, impaired right balance of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, and vitamins in the diet.

most calories we get from bread, sweets, cereals and fats.I especially want to warn beginners plump women from unnecessary hobbies sugar and sweets.Sugar undoubtedly useful, but only in moderate amounts.Full its consumption, given the content of all kinds of food, should not exceed 70-80 grams per day.

often eat sweets "by the way", not considering them highly nutritious

foods.Many believe that the body itself to cope with the choice of food.However, the completeness of the majority of women completely refutes this assertion.No wonder they say that an excess of sweet, we feel in the mouth for a few minutes in the stomach - for a few hours, and on the abdomen and hips - for many years.

If you can not do without the sweet, it is better to use products that contain, along with sugar and other beneficial dietary factors, such as honey and jam.Honey contains vitamins, ascorbic acid, trace elements.Useful various varieties of jam, especially blackcurrant.

woman after thirty - forty should avoid sudden changes in the diet.Remember that the outlines of the face and neck, rounded lines and smooth skin to a large extent depend on the normal development of the subcutaneous fat layer and the beauty of the skin - the correct zhirootdeleniya and a favorable composition of sebum.

Those who suffer from red acne, seborrhea or have oily skin, it is not recommended to use honey, chocolate, cocoa, citrus, spices, alcohol, salty and fatty foods.

Aromatic oils for the skin used by women for many centuries ago in Egypt, Greece, Rome ... The composition of aromatic oils and best creams, produced in our time, includes the essential polyunsaturated fatty acids.They are found in vegetable oils, particularly sunflower, corn and soybean.Consequently, one of the most important rules of a balanced diet - daily intake of food with a tablespoon of vegetable oil.

Chronic protein deficiency in the diet quickly leads to early aging signs: skin loses its elasticity, becomes dry and loose, premature wrinkles are formed, the hair becomes thinner and do not grow, lethargy appears.Due to the lack of protein usually develops anemia, pale color of mucous membranes of the mouth and lips.

ruinous protein deficiency and hair.They are constructed of soluble protein - keratin.If the body receives enough protein do not grow hair, thinning.

unpleasant swelling of the skin, especially under the eyes and the eyelids can also be caused by a violation of the principles of good nutrition.

Protein requirements individual, but for younger women with ideal body weight of about 60 kg it is 70-80 g per day, more increasing when exercising.

Remember that wonderful complete protein sources - many animal products: milk, cottage cheese, cheese, meat, fish, eggs.Plant foods - bread, cereals, potatoes - also contain protein, but the quality of food it below.

Vitamins, which are usually denoted by capital letters of the alphabet, is rightly called the alphabet of health.By this definition should add "... and beauty."Yes, the beauty, because many of them lack of effect on the condition of skin, hair, eyes, and so on. N. Of particular importance are antidermativnye vitamins (PP, B6 and biotin), prevents the development of inflammation of the skin, as well as vitamin A is important forhealth is diet.

should not be a substitute for a full meal multiple tea parties or individual dishes prepared in haste (semolina, eggs, etc.).

For women who want to keep the figure and good looks, it is recommended 3-5 times the power, and small portions.If you experience feelings of hunger between meals you can drink a glass of skim milk, a cup of coffee or yogurt.

American experts pay much attention to the justification of the so-called "beauty diet".Here is one of these diets.


100 g fruit juice or fresh fruit, one egg (or cheese), a slice of lean ham with a slice of toasted bread (50 g).A cup of tea or coffee, coffee with milk is preferred.


salad.Cheese and egg.One slice of bread.A small amount of fresh or canned fruit.A glass of tea or yogurt.


salad with vegetable oil, one meat dish.Fruits or dish of them.


glass of warm milk.