Wound healing folk remedies

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Diagnosis Of Disease

Rana called tissue damage, accompanied by a violation of the integrity of the skin or mucous membranes.

By type wounding instruments distinguish wounds chopped, sliced, bruised, chopped, torn, bitten, gunshot.

Puncture wounds are applied piercing instrument (needle, bayonet, a knife, etc..).A characteristic feature of them - a large depth with little damage to the skin or mucous membranes, often damaged by deep-lying organs and tissues - blood vessels, nerves, hollow and parenchymal organs.These wounds are very insidious, hook in the early hours do not always give symptomatic organ damage;for example, when a stab wound of the abdomen possible liver injury, stomach, but secretion of bile or gastric contents due to the low value of the wound out there, all released into the peritoneal cavity, and detailed clinical picture emerges through a long period of time: there are severe symptoms of internal bleeding or peritonitis.Dangerous puncture wounds that wounding with a weapon in the tissue depth is enter

ed pathogenic microflora, and wound discharge, finding no way out, it is for a good breeding ground, creating favorable conditions for the development of septic complications.

incised wounds are applied with a sharp object, it is often a knife, glass.These wounds are most favorable in terms of healing, as the number of destroyed cells is small, smooth edges of the wound;She yawns, creating good conditions for the outflow of the contents, for the treatment of wounds.

Chopped wound causes severe sharp object (sword, ax).They are characterized by a deep tissue damage, wide gape, injury and concussion of the surrounding tissue, which reduces their resistance, complicates the process, it contributes to a more frequent development of infections.

contused wounds occur under the influence of a wide wounding weapon or a large mass of the object, which has great speed.Their form is incorrect (meandering stellate), uneven edges.Usually observed in avtotravmah, compression of heavy objects, heavy blows with blunt objects.The presence of a wound in a large number of dead tissue contused wounds makes these particularly dangerous to infection.A variety of bruised wounds are torn and tear-contused wound.

scalped wounds - there is detachment of the skin from the subcutaneous tissue.Such wounds are dangerous because of the shock, blood loss.

Bite wounds cause pets (dogs, cats), rare wild.The wounds of various shapes, animals contaminated with saliva.Especially dangerous wounds after animal bites, rabies patients.

Gunshot wounds are different from all the other character wounding weapon (bullet, fragment), the distance of the victim from the source of injury;in modern conditions when used bullets with an offset center of gravity - an extensive internal injuries when a bullet struck several anatomical regions.Gunshot wounds are a variety of characteristics (through, blind, tangents, etc..).

wounds are divided into aseptic infected and pus.Aseptically - a clean wound, all the rest - infected.If there is a delay with primary debridement (later treatment, the absence of a surgeon, transport for delivery to the hospital), developed infectious complications.

In circumstances wounding divided into surgical (operating) and random (traumatic).

In relation to body cavities (cavity chest, abdomen, skull, joints) distinguish between penetrating and non-penetrating wounds.Penetrating wounds are more dangerous because of the possibility of damage or involvement in the inflammatory process skins cavities and internal organs.

Depending on the anatomical substrate injured distinguish soft tissue injury, bone, major blood vessels and nerves, and tendons.

Clinic .There are local and general symptoms.Local include pain, bleeding, a violation of the affected organ function, of course.Common symptoms:. Shock, infection, severe anemia and other

diagnosis of injured is difficult only in the case of unconsciousness the victim and multiple injuries when a piece of wounds with inattentive survey can be viewed.Paramedic must determine the location, size and depth of the wound, if there is damage to vital structures (in the extremities - the main vessels and nerves in the body - the chest and abdominal organs; on the neck - great vessels, trachea, esophagus, on the head - brain damage).

When wounds in the back of the patient examined in order to establish a spinal cord injury, nochek, in the crotch area - damage reproductive organs, urethra, rectum.

is important to determine the nature of the wound bleeding: arterial, venous, mixed, as in the case of arterial bleeding on the limb should be applied tourniquet;in the case of venous - pressure bandage as a tourniquet in this case will only strengthen venous bleeding.Unfortunately, not only the assistant, but many doctors operate on a "bleeding - the wiring," not bothering differential diagnosis of arterial and venous bleeding.

blood with arterial bleeding scarlet, thrown quite strong, often pulsating jet.With injuries of large vessels heard a sound like buzzing.Here, of course, requires the harness above the wound.When venous bleeding, the blood is dark, not throbbing, but can also pour a stream, but a much lower intensity.Low tourniquet strengthen venous bleeding;very tight tourniquet stops the inflow of arterial blood by passing the nerve trunks, and the bleeding stopped so threatened limb necrosis.If the deep wound to judge of the nature of the bleeding can be as follows: Carefully drain the wound pad, press it for a few seconds and remove.If the wound is instantly filled with red blood - arterial bleeding if slowly filled with blood and dark - venous.

danger of injury are:

• bleeding with the development of severe anemia;

• shock;

• development of wound infection;

• the possibility of compromising the integrity of vital organs.

Emergency care.In superficial wounds processing is performed with 3% hydrogen peroxide solution or furatsilina (1: 5000);

can use a 0.5% solution of chlorine bleach, slaborozovy solution of potassium permanganate.The edges of the wounds treated with 2-5% solution of iodine, impose a sterile bandage, the patient goes to the emergency room.

With deep wounds, bleeding, if it is blood, above the wound rubber band is applied, the time of its imposition is indicated in the accompanying sheet.Harness or applied to clothing or placed under the wound tissue, no more than 1.5 hours. At its correct application of the bleeding stops.If there is a delay in hospitalization, then after 1.5-2 hours harness weaken, to pre-finger pressed against the vessel along its length.Weakened tourniquet is usually 3-5 minutes.In winter, the harness should be kept no more than 1 hour to weaken after 30-40 minutes.The wound is treated with antiseptics (hydrogen peroxide, furatsilin, chloramines).The edges of the wounds treated with 5% solution of iodine is then superimposed sterile dressing.Mandatory immobilization bus limbs.

When venous bleeding - compressive bandage on the wound treated, cold, elevated position limbs.

At wounds torso superimposed gauze cloth (not less than 8 layers of gauze), which is fixed to the skin or kleolom or strips of adhesive plaster.Depending on the overall condition of the victim (collapse, shock), carried out relevant activities.

Pain - analgin solution 50% 2.0 mL intramuscularly or baralgin, ketorol, drug.Hospitalization on a stretcher to the trauma, surgical or vascular compartment, depending on the nature of the damage to be organs and tissues.

With abundant hemorrhage, shock, coma, the patient should be hospitalized in intensive care unit.

Until the wound can only deal with clean hands .The wound was washed with boiled water with some disinfectant -. Manganese, boric acid and other small wounds enough to wash and sleep fine boric acid tie.Or, soak the cloth with pure alcohol or the aloe juice, and tie.

If bleeding from the wound, without stopping, you have to soak a clean cloth in hot water and apply the blood stops flowing.

For large wounds, especially of the head, it is necessary to call a doctor.We just before the arrival of the doctor, without touching the wound with your hands, put on her all the time clean cloth soaked in lukewarm water.

wounds to the knee are very dangerous.If the bone is not affected, it is enough to put a hot compress of alcohol or manganese.But if the cup is concerned, it is necessary to see a doctor.

If the wound is turned on to pull off the top of the skin, it is very painful, but not dangerous.In this case, you can not use alcohol or iodine, and it is necessary to lubricate boric Vaseline or, better yet, rivanolovoy ointment, then fasten.

any dry rag with blood or pus can not tear off, and should always be soaked in warm water with a disinfectant.If the wound rot, ulcers turned out, it is necessary to rinse well, and then put a hot compress of alcohol or any disinfection.And if the house is aloe, simply bind the wound clean cloth moistened with aloe juice, the juice is very good cleans the rotten wounds and heals them.When

with ulcer bottom begins to grow wild meat (bright red mass), it is necessary to put the meat of alum lotion or oak bark (a teaspoon per glass of water).Lotion to change four times a day, until the meat is gone.And then treat the wound as usual.

If the wound has turned into weeping, then sprinkle it well with a mixture of alum and charcoal.But the decay of large and deep wounds need to see a doctor.If

wound around the body suddenly begins to blacken, will be fever, pain, weakness in the whole body, while the blackened space will remain cool to the touch and insensitive to touch, it is the signs of gangrene, ie necrosis of the body.It is necessary to immediately consult a doctor, since rescue from death when gangrene is only possible amputation.In the meantime, put on the wound with a cloth soaked in warm water, and inside to maintain the strength to give the alcohol.When struck by the limb, then keep it in a good way.If the doctor for some reason does not (or will arrive soon), you have to try to stop by the gangrene, which burn with a hot iron (nail) blackened place like this is done by the bite of snakes.

When you have to wash the dirty wounds from damaging the machine, then you first need to wash with gasoline or turpentine (moistened cotton) circumference of the wound and then the wound itself.Then put a bandage.The stronger discharge from the wound, the more necessary it ligate each time washing solution carbolic acid or mercuric chloride (1: 1000), generally with some disinfection, then sprinkled with something, as indicated above, closing soft gauze, cotton, andtie.

From abrasions on his legs, shoe friction, blisters on the heel is good to do a warm foot bath, then apply boric ointment, tie.Or order in the pharmacy a very good ointment: wheat starch and glycerol - 15 g of pure tar - 4 of

useful to have in the house turpentine water for washing wounds, which is prepared as follows: two tablespoons of turpentine on a bottle of water digested.A bottle of this it is necessary to shake the whole week, and then used to wash wounds, pouring boiled water each time.

1. Cover the wound with a clean, dry finely grind this coffee. It stops the blood and heals.

2. Skin and muscle injuries fall asleep fine powder of nettle: need to leaves and stems pour alcohol for five days, and then removed from the alcohol, dried and powdered stoloch.The perfect tool.

3. Also good powder from the root of the plant sup.

4. You can bind to a dirty wound, fresh grated carrots , it cleans well.

5. rotting wounds sprinkled with powder from charcoal.

6. stubborn does not heal, but the wound is not rotting put a clean, ordinary paper lead (from under the tea) and tape up.The wound heals quickly.

7. clotted blood on the wound is soaked easily sour cabbage.

8. When gangrene obkladyvayut sore chewing a thick layer of salt black (rye) bread and knotted.Since several days.

1. Air marsh.

Powder from rhizomes sprinkled suppurating wounds and ulcers.Rhizome is used in admixture with other herbs.

2. Aloe arborescens.External applied aloe juice in the form of lotions and irrigation of wounds.

3. buckwheat.

mashed fresh leaves applied to abscesses and sores thick.

4. Kakalia spear (goose foot).Fresh and dried leaves are used topically as a healing agent for septic wounds, festering sores, boils.In this case, Kakalia impose a thick layer of leaves on the affected area (dried leaves pre-steamed hot water) and perebintovyvayut.

5. Cranberry bog.

for purification and healing of purulent wounds apply fresh juice of the berries in the form of lotions.

6. carrot.

Grated carrot is applied to inflamed skin, purulent wounds.

7. Syringa vulgaris.Fresh leaves applied to the sick area.

8. Horsetail.

herb decoction is used for poultices for festering wounds (a tablespoon of chopped herbs pour a glass of boiling water, boil for 30 minutes on low heat, strain).

9. Blueberries Common.

Infusion of leaves is used for external treatment of wounds.(1 teaspoon of crushed leaves make a glass of boiling water, leave for 30 minutes on a hot plate, drain).

10. Yarrow.

Squeeze the juice from the fresh plant, applied to the wound (to spread).Stops bleeding and healing wounds.Good heals old wounds, festering sores.In winter, the same effect has napar of dried flowers with an admixture of 1/3 by weight flowers chamomile.

summer in the fields or woods to disrupt yarrow, mash it or chew and put on the wound.Change the grass several times a day.The wound heals in 3-5 days.

11. nettle.

Squeeze the juice of the nettle, to anoint the wound, soak a cloth and bandage their wounds.You can stretch your leaves to the juice and apply.Well mix the juice with the juice of the nettle half bedstraw, wash the wound with a mixture of this and put cloth.

12. Resin-sap softwood (pine, fir, pine, spruce).In the woods, "in the campaign one of the finest tools for wounds and cuts. Fresh sap lubricate wounds, ulcers, cracks, splits. Lubricate daily. Healing occurs quickly.

13. Cut a piece of leaf aloe cactus and attach one of the halves to the wound orthe cut. Applying to be sliced ​​side.

14. Apply a compress of infusion of nettle leaves, pre-wash the wound. to fill 200ml bottle almost to the top with fresh nettle leaves, then top up to the top of the 70-degree alcohol, plug the plug and insist on the sun two weeks.

15. mix half and half alcohol with shellac and pour this mixture of fresh cut or sore. the pain stopped immediately. Then dress the wound and cover with a bandage with the same liquid. Keep the bandage 4 days. Even very large cuts heal in 4 days.

16. mushroom raincoat (grandfather tobacco). White mushroom body has a strong hemostatic and wound-healing properties. Cut mushroom, inner pulp applied to the wound.It stops bleeding, and the wound heals quickly, without suppuration.Dusting wounds ripe spores has the same effect as the flesh of the fungus.Disputes are well preserved during storage without losing the therapeutic properties.

17. Plantain.

Fresh crushed leaves of different species of plantain is used in wounds, bruises, burns as a hemostatic and anti-inflammatory agent.Apply and insect bites.The crushed leaves are applied to the juice on the affected area, changing the bandage after 2-3 hours.Grind and mix equal parts of plantain leaves and yarrow.Use as an external agent.Change the dressing 2-3 times per day.

18. Medunitsa.Fresh leaves grind until the juice, apply to the wound, cuts, ulcers, abrasions, bandage.Me twice a day.The people lungwort is considered one of the best wound healing agents.

19. Liquid Novikov.Pharmacy drug.Lubricate the wound once a day.Keep refrigerated.Store in a cool place.Changes daily.