Heart pain

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Cardiovascular Diseases

Pain in the heart may occur in many heart diseases.They may occur angina pectoris, myocardial infarction, kardiosklerosis, myocarditis.The cause of the pain can be cardiac hypertension.As soon as the pressure rise even up to 180 / 100- in the heart there are strong pressing pain, which, incidentally, is not removed validol and nitroglycerine, and means of lowering blood pressure.The faster the pressure is reduced, the faster the pain subside.

Traditional medicine offers to relieve pain following heart medicines herbal remedies:

mixture of tincture of valerian tincture hawthorn (1: 1).Drip 25-30 drops of this mixture, add a little water before drinking, keep the mixture slightly in the mouth.

From pharmaceutical agents use karvalolom, valokordin or valokormidom, validol and, in extreme cases, nitroglycerin.Good relieve pain and Zelenin drops.

At pains in heart do a hot foot bath with mustard for 15 minutes, to place the most severe pain, even in the heart, put a yellow card (coronary heart disease).Y

ou can rub into the area of ​​the heart any irritating ointment (such as "Efkamon" or "Bom-Benge") for 3-5 minutes.

If you have heart pain did not go and sit down and try to breathe deeply.With the power of both hands stroking from the little finger to the elbow (massage heart meridian).Massage the tips of little fingers of both hands.Massaging and do not need to squeeze all the little finger, and only the sides of the tip.

Chewing lemon peel improves heart function.

Prepare collection and take it for pain in the heart area: valerian root -2 parts, grass motherwort -2 part, yarrow - 1 portion of fruit, anise - 1 piece.

tablespoon of the mixture, pour a glass of boiling water and insist 1 hour in a thermos.Drink warm or hot 1/3 cup.

In a fit of palpitations and pain in the heart is recommended to take the infusion of the flowers of cornflower blue.A tablespoon of flowers, pour a glass of boiling water and infuse for 1 hour.Strain.Drink 1/3 cup before meals 3-4 times a day.

Prepare tax: hawthorn flowers - 4 tbsp.spoons, lemon balm leaves -4 art.spoon herb Leonurus - 6 tablespoons.spoons, valerian root - 6 tablespoons.spoons.

All mix, chop.Tablespoon of the mixture pour 300 ml boiling water.For 2 hours.Drink 50 ml with the heartbeat, pain in the heart, insomnia.

Valerian root, root yasentsa grass mistletoe white, walnut walnut flowers, lemon balm flowers.Total take equally, chop, mix.Tablespoon of the mixture pour 300 ml of water, boil water bath for 15 minutes, cooled at room temperature for an hour, drain.Drink in the form of heat 3-4 times a day 1/3 cup with heart pain, cardiac neurosis, hypertension and insomnia.

Prepare tax: valerian leaves -15 g watch trifoliate leaves - '30 peppermint leaves - 60 g Mix.Tablespoon of the mixture pour a glass of boiling water, 1 hour, drain.Drink in the morning and in the evening to prevent heart pains.

sometimes heart pain decrease or even cease if the person ceases to wear underwear made of synthetic fabrics.

Cook collection: hop cones, the grass Shandra -15 -15 -20 g of hawthorn flowers motherwort herb - '30 All mix, chop.2 h. Spoon mixture pour a glass of boiling water, 1 hour, drain.Drink 1 tbsp.spoon 3-4 times a day.

horsetail grass - 2 parts, grass Knotweed - 3 parts hawthorn flowers -5 parts.Tablespoon of the mixture pour 300 ml boiling water, in a thermos for 1 hour, drain.Take 1/3 cup for irritability, insomnia, for the prevention of heart pain and palpitations.

When cardiac pain is recommended to rub fir oil in the left nipple area 3-5 minutes before removing the attack of pain.

Leaves Magnolia Grandiflora: 100 g of fresh chopped leaves pour 500 ml of alcohol.Insist 7 days in a dark place (occasionally shaking), drain.Take 10 drops 3 times a day with pain in the heart, blood pressure and heartbeat.

Black cohosh dauricus.'50 Dried rhizomes and roots of the plant pour 500ml of 70% alcohol and insist week, shaking occasionally.Strain.Take 20-30 drops 3 times a day for cardiac asthma, pain in the heart, neuralgia and migraine.

to prevent thoracic and cardiac pains useful constantly eat figs in any form.

When the pain in the heart and cardiac origin dyspnea mix 5 garlic cloves, 5limonov with skin (without seeds) and 500 g of honey.Insist week, stirring occasionally contents.Take 1 h. Spoon 3 times a day on an empty stomach.The course of treatment - 2 months.

When palpitations, dizziness, insomnia and recurring pain in the heart has a good effect of a mixture of hawthorn fruit with propolis (1: 1).Take 20 drops 3 times a day for half an hour before meals.

infusion of dried lemon balm leaves (2 tbsp. Spoon 30oml boiling water) to take 3 times a day for 0.5 cups.It relieves pain in the heart and the heart stops wheezing.

Bryonia Alba.Tincture of perestupnya (whole plant) relieves pain in the heart, lowers blood pressure and improves heart function.Preparing an alcohol tincture 1:10.Insist 7 days in a dark place, strain and take 30 drops 3 times a day with water..

Baikal skullcap tincture ( "pharmaceutical preparation) At home, prepared in the ratio of 1: 5 to 70% alcohol

Take 20-30 drops 3 times a day with cardiovascular neurosis As a result, improved sleep, pain disappear..in the heart, reduced headaches and blood pressure.