Change of bed and underwear in the care of patients

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Nursing

Change bed clothes are cleaned regularly, at least once a week, after hygienic bath (if the patient's condition).Under certain conditions linen changed as required.

If the patient is allowed to go, he can produce a change of underwear.If the severity of the disease requires the patient bed rest, change of linen is carried out as a nurse, helped by a nurse.There are several ways to change the bed linen in severely ill.

In the first method, a dirty bed sheet from under the head and the legs rolled roller and removed.Clean sheets, rolled-up on both sides of the rollers, gently fed under the patient's sacrum and then straightened in the direction of the head and legs.On the sheet must be scarring patches folds.

can change a sheet in another way: the patient is moved to the edge of the bed in a position on the side, rolled dirty sheets but the length of the roller, in its place put a net on which roll the patient.On the other side of the bed remove the dirty sheet and spread their net.

Bedding should be changed necessarily two people to the part of the patient was the minimum cost of physical force.Note that bed linen seriously ill, who are forbidden to move, it must be performed with great care.

If the patient is allowed to sit for the change of bed linen nurse transplant it from the bed to a chair, and a nurse perestilali bed.The sheet should be of such size that the mattress has been closed it is not only the top and sides, and the ends.The edges of the sheets do not have to hang, they should turn in under the mattress on all sides.To the sheet was incorrect and no wrinkles were not formed, it can be attached to the edges of the mattress.

Dirty laundry is collected in oilcloth bags and carried out of the chamber.Before sending the laundry linen should be stored in a special room (dirty laundry) in tanks or containers.Sister-hostess department ensures that nurses have always been a separation in store several sets of clean underwear.The nurse, in turn, is obliged to monitor that each morning a nurse but the bank handed over the dirty laundry and got clean.

When changing underwear nurse must bring your hands under the sacrum of the patient, grab the edge of the shirt, and gently pull it to the head.After that, you must raise both hands of the patient, rolled-up shirt at the neck to hold over his head and his hands free.

Put on a shirt in the reverse order.If the patient's damaged hand, first take off the shirt with healthy hands, and then with the patient.Dressing is carried out in reverse order.