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August 12, 2017 17:50 | Cardiovascular Diseases

Pollen is a product that contains everything the body needs.It contains proteins, amino acids, sugar, minerals, vitamins, hormones, fats and flavoring and water.

pollen collected from different plants, different variety of therapeutic properties:

acacia -okazyvaet calming effect;

chestnut (sweet) - promotes good venous and arterial circulation, a positive effect on the liver and prostate;

chestnut decorative -actions circulatory disorders, mainly venous, strengthens capillary network;

rape - has beneficial effects on the healing of varicose ulcers (local applications);

dandelion - a diuretic, a favorable effect on the kidneys, bladder.Laxatives;

apple -okazyvaet restorative effect;has beneficial effects on the myocardium,

blackberry -toniziruyuschee means.Soften cough with lung diseases;

Japanese yellow acacia - thanks to a routine, it is very effective to strengthen capillary walls and protects the body from bleeding, reduces blood clotting time, the system acts on the regulation of cardiac

rhythm.Recommended for tachycardia, rhythm disturbances, palpitations and fragility of capillary walls;

sage - effects on the gastrointestinal tract, diuretic, helps regulate menstruation, enhances male sexual performance;

thyme - stimulates blood circulation, is tonic and antiseptic, increases the potency, has antitussive properties;

linden -uspokaivayuschee, diaphoretic and soothing cough remedy.Pollen lime, especially when combined with honey, relieves tension in the love affairs, increases self-confidence.

Pollen has a beneficial effect on the gastrointestinal tract, restores appetite, relieves fatigue, helps fight against depression and neuroses, neurasthenia, and prostate diseases, diabetes, and finally restores the normal functioning of the heart.

Perga - a natural product with more valuable than the pollen properties, thanks to a mixture of varieties of pollen of different origin, a high content of simple sugars, vitamin K, a large percentage of soluble granules acidity - a significant factor in the preservation and maintenance of metabolic balance in the body.

Royal Jelly - complex in their chemical structure, a substance produced by bees nursing.In appearance it resembles jelly milky pearl color with a delicate scent of fresh apples.It contains protein, fat, enzymes, hormones and the like. D. All these substances are highly valeny for normal development and functioning of the living organism.

Royal jelly is used in diseases of the cardiovascular system, gastrointestinal tract, tuberculosis and other lung diseases, brucellosis, arthritis, hypertension, hypotension, in the treatment of impotence and prostatitis.

particularly useful combination of pure honey and royal jelly ( "Apitonus").

«Aiitonus" is used to enhance sexual excitability, enhancing the function of sexual glands, to stimulate the endocrine and nervous systems.It increases mental and physical performance, it is recommended for nervousness, sharpens the senses work.Apply "Apitonus" for 1 hour. Spoon 3 times a day.

When the appropriate dosage for the prevention and treatment of many diseases will help the combination of honey + pollen + lgatochnoe milk, they can be used:

for Maternal and Child Health;

to save the adult health;

with a deficiency in the body of vitamins and minerals;

with diseases of the stomach, liver and intestines;

with heart disease and blood vessels;

with nervousness, insomnia, asthenic conditions;

of respiratory diseases;

people of all ages to increase potency and sexual excitability;

as a fortifying agent.

Propolis - resinous substance greenish-brown or brown in color with a pleasant smell nochek poplar, honey, wax and vanilla.In combustion emits the smell of aromatic resins.Its antibacterial and antibiotic properties help in the healing of all wounds.Multilateral immunological and antiseptic properties of propolis is widely used in the treatment of many diseases.In addition, it is used in the treatment of diseases of the respiratory tract, the mouth, eyes, in the prevention and treatment of prostate diseases, the cardiovascular system, for improving sexual performance mule;ranks (in combination with honey).

For example, for treatment of chronic bronchitis enough to hold a course of inhaled vapors propolis (2 times a day for 10-15 minutes).To this end, in '60 and '40 propolis wax is placed in an enamel or glass container, put in a water bath and inhale the vapors.Inhalation spend for 1 month.

In folk medicine propolis has long been known as an agent used for the treatment of malignant tumors of the skin, calluses, wounds.When heated, propolis its antimicrobial properties are enhanced.

the treatment of eczema using propolis and oak bark.Prepare a decoction of oak bark (1: 5), to a glass of broth add a teaspoon of 40% alcohol tincture of propolis ('40 propolis per 100 ml of alcohol, leave for 7 days in a warm place, shaking occasionally).This mixture is applied to the skin.

When p07plivOsti legs do the bath, but weaker broth oak bark (1:10) and a liter of broth is added 10 ml of alcohol tincture of propolis.The water temperature is no more than 38 ° C, and the duration of treatment - 20 minutes.To cure enough to hold 10 sessions.

added 1 h. Spoon of honey and rub their skin, or rubbed into the hair roots for the treatment of oily seborrhea of ​​the skin to a glass of decoction of oak bark.

When periodontal disease (gum disease) and dental caries well help Propolis rinse (20 drops

20% alcohol tincture of propolis in a glass of boiled water at room temperature), 2 times a day for 1 month.

Bee venom is used since ancient times for the treatment of rheumatism, skin diseases, hypertension, as a sedative.It stimulates the adrenal glands, is used in the treatment of arthritis, circulatory disorders and as an external remedy for bronchitis and pneumonia.Especially valuable this drug in the treatment of radiculitis, myositis and neuralgic pains.

Wax is a secret bee ferruginous, contains all substances collected from plants.During a collecting acacia wax is white, with a sunflower - yellow, with other plants - reddish or greenish.It is composed of fatty acids, vitamin A, bacteriostatic agents and substances that have anti-inflammatory, softening and wound healing properties.

When pulmonary diseases (bronchitis, pneumonia and pleurisy dry) wax is used in the form of applications.

the treatment of sexual disorders wax is used in mixtures with honey, pollen, propolis.

2500let ago Hippocrates wrote: "Honey, taken with other foods, it is useful and gives the face a healthy look."A great physician Avicenna said: "If you want to stay young, certainly eat honey!".

for cardiac tissue and for general muscle glucose is an essential material.Therefore, honey is often recommended for diseases of the central nervous system, a weakened heart and hypertension.

However, large quantities of honey strengthens the energy expenditure of the heart, so it should take only small portions (1 h. Spoon 3-4 times a day) with cottage cheese, milk, fruit.

In severe heart disease long-term (1-2 months) ingestion of honey in the amount of 25-50 grams per day leads to an improvement in the general condition, normalization of the blood, increasing cardiovascular tone and hemoglobin in the blood.

When neurotic states of the heart along with medications is very widely used natural honey and products from it.S. Mladenov recommends taking with neurotic states intramural color of honey in the following dosages:

morning and evening - 30 g;

afternoon - 40-50 g;bedtime diluted in water in '30 honey and drink.

After 2 weeks of this treatment the patient has a strong good sleep, feeling refreshed, increases efficiency.

From traditional medicine known recipes mixed with honey taken in order to lower blood pressure:

Mix 1 cup juice horseradish, carrot juice and honey with the juice of 1 lemon and 5oml infusion (or juice), rose hips.

The components listed in the previous recipe, add a glass of beet juice.Take 1 tbsp.spoon 3 times a day for 2 months.

hypertensives is recommended to drink beet juice mixed with honey (1: 1), 1 tbsp.spoon 3 times a day.

honey-onion mixture (1 1) is used for the treatment of atherosclerosis, mainly affecting the blood vessels of the brain.Is it 1 tbsp.spoon 3 times a day for an hour before meals or 3 hours after eating.The course of treatment - 3 months.After each month to take breaks to 14 days.

With a weakened heart muscle is very useful to combine the honey with foods containing vitamin C, such as rose hip extract: 1 tbsp.a spoonful of chopped rose hips to fill in for the night in a thermos 2 cups boiling water.On the morning of the infusion of strain, cool, mix with 1 tbsp.a spoonful of honey.Take 1/3 cup 3 times a day before meals.

Eating honey improves coronary and peripheral circulation, lower blood pressure.When vascular diseases legs (endarteritis, Raynaud's disease, varicose veins), coronary heart disease is useful honey garlic: 250 g peeled and crushed garlic in a mortar to fill 350 g of fresh honey, mix well and insist 10 days.Take a dessert spoon 3 times a day before meals.The course of treatment - 1 knead ;.

for patients weakened by a serious illness, it is very useful for the following mixture: 300 g peeled and chopped walnuts, 300 grams of dried apricots, 300 g of raisins and lemon zest 2 is passed through a meat grinder, mixed with 300 g of honey and drink at1 h. spoon 3-4 times a day.The mixture was stored in a refrigerator.

With a weakened heart muscle honey is always useful to be combined with foods rich in vitamin C (rosehips, currants, raspberries, gooseberries t. H.).

for elderly honey is useful also the fact that it is composed of mineral salts and trace elements (sulfur, iodine, potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, etc.).Very important is the fact that these elements are contained in honey in almost the same concentrations as in humans.

should be noted that dark honey is richer in minerals, but in taste is much inferior honey having a nearly colorless appearance.